The Walking Dead Season Five Finale: Conquer

Last night the final episode of The Walking Dead’s fifth season aired. It was a special 90-minute episode and if you have not had the chance to see it yet, you need to. You really, really need to. It was one of those rare episodes that left us all sitting on the edges of our seats, hearts pounding, shouts of joy, triumph, anger, and disbelief ringing in the air.

I will try to avoid spoilers for those of you who haven’t had the chance to see The Walking Dead Season Five Finale, Conquer but it’s hard to describe this episode without some potential spoilers. Suffice it to say, it is always darkest before the dawn and this episode reflects some of that but it also shows that people can learn. They can listen and adapt. It’s not always in good ways, mind you — some of them have gone completely crazy — but, to paraphrase Heinlein, man is the animal that groks and we see plenty of learning, understanding, and applying in Conquer.

In this finale, we also see a fan favorite who finally turns up with some surprising skills and ideas. We also get a good look at some of the challenges that our friends will face in the season to come — both internal and external. There’s still no word on a cure or the exact cause of the Walker Plague (though there are rumors that the cause will be addressed in the spin-off). So now, it’s time to wait on pins and needles until October when season six premieres!

Wrapping Up the Week

It’s been another fun and interesting week in the world of tech. It started out with a lesson between a teacher and a student over whether or not being a video game maker is a “real job.” This has led to a bit of back and forth throughout the tech industry over the status of innovators and makers in our world and whether or not these people are really valued and encouraged when so many people are encouraged to go into “safer” careers like accounting, law, and medicine. In addition to this debate, law and policy have been making big headlines this week with the TWC merger a major story and with the on-going debates over net neutrality and the FCC as well as concerns over online privacy.

All of these stories and more were featured in our Twitter feed this week. However, if you’re not following us on Twitter, we’ll recap the highlights for you below!

That’s all for this week, everyone! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again next week!

Throwback Thursday: Outdoor Games

Throwback Thursday: Outdoor Games

Now that spring is well and truly here, it’s time to get outside a bit and enjoy the warmer weather and the budding flowers. Spring is a chance to see the world born anew and to remember some of the great fun we had growing up, playing silly outdoor games (some of which we made up on the spot) outside while the adults stressed themselves out doing that crazy “Spring Cleaning” thing. I don’t know about the rest of you, but some of the best fun I had involved mixing the old and the new during the spring, which gives us something to look back on this Throwback Thursday.

1) Hide and Seek meets Legend of Zelda — This game would last from morning until our parents were shouting at us to come inside for supper. My best friend and I would pair up and tell another friend of ours to go hide (she always went and “hid” at her other friend’s house). Then the two of us would set out on a epic quest to explore every nook and cranny of our neighborhood, armed with our wooden swords (sticks we picked up from under a tree) and our imaginations. We fought fierce monsters, tamed savage beasts, found all kinds of treasures, and would “rescue” our friend sometime around mid-afternoon at which point the three of us set out on the Second Quest (which was the same thing only this time with even more fun).

2) Robin Hood — We saw the movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and fell in love with the idea of a city built in the trees. So, we spent an entire spring and summer trying to build one out of ropes, vines, and tree branches. It didn’t work but it was a lot of fun!

3) Red Martian Rover — Four kids + a lot of bungee cords + a lake + a lot of rocks + a vague understanding of the physics of ballistics = Best game ever. We really thought we could get enough cords to launch one of us into space.

What were some of the things you used to do with your friends as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!

So, Just What Is An OLED Anyway?

So, Just What Is An OLED Anyway?

With the BracketBall madness underway, you’ve probably heard about LG’s curved OLED smart TV — rated as having the “Best Picture Ever” by C|Net. Most people can figure out what a curved screen is and, these days, it seems like everything is “smart.” However, most people don’t know what an OLED is or why it’s a big deal. After all, a screen is a screen is a screen right? There are some energy savings and maybe some color balance issues but, overall, one screen is just as good as the next… or isn’t it?

If life were that simple, we’d have warp drive already. Alas, it is not so. The difference in screens does matter and OLED screens are one of the best choices for television screens out there with the current technology (we’ll let you know when holodeck technology hits the market). Traditional LED screens use light-emitting diodes to display a broad (near infinite) range of colors. Each diode is one pixel (roughly) and, taken as a whole, the screen renders a beautiful picture with rich color depth where the blacks are truly black. However, these screens do require a backlight which makes them bulkier, much like LCDs. OLEDs use an organic substrate, allowing them to be made much thinner and with less bulk than an LCD or plasma television but while keeping the same screen size (something that traditional LED screens had a hard time keeping pace with).

Bear in mind that the “OLED” refers only to the display — the screen — the rest of the features we’ve come to expect with televisions — the ability to connect to our Blu-Ray players, to hook up to our satellite/cable boxes, to handling our remotes and more. For further information on LG and OLED technology, be sure to read our in-depth OLED Technology information page!

Wrapping Up the Week

Wrapping Up the Week

This week has been a busy week in the world of tech and gadgets. Law, privacy, and security have been the big headlines this week in the industry but basketball has been a major trending topic in the social media world as everyone lines up their brackets. We ourselves have kicked off our own BracketBall Madness with our friends at LG. Be sure to check it out and join in for your chance to win an awesome 55″ curved OLED TV! Regardless of whether or not you join in, let us know how your team is doing in the brackets — we love hanging out with our Tweeps, after all. ;)

Without further ado, we’ll recap the highlights from this week’s Twitter feed below for those of you who are not following us on Twitter!

That’s all for this week, everyone! Have a great weekend and be sure to check out the equinox if you can. We’ll see you again next week!

Throwback Thursday: H2G2

Throwback Thursday: H2G2

This Throwback Thursday, we’d like to look back at one of the most beloved sci-fi adventure stories of all time: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This incredibly endearing, very quirky, extremely British series written by the late Douglas Adams is an essential for any library. There have been several official editions published over the years and comparing the notes in the front is a good afternoon’s fun considering that, like the events of the books themselves, none of them agree, they contradict each other in places, and yet, they somehow all come together to form a coherent narrative that is humorous and insightfully entertaining.

I cannot say enough good things about this series.

There have been several attempts to make The Hitchhiker’s Guide (aka “H2G2″) into a film, none of which have really succeeded. It’s simply not a series that translates well into film. That said, if you read the books (and you really should read the books. You should stop reading this blog right now, head to the book store nearest you, go to the science fiction section, get the books, purchase them, and then commence reading them post haste), you’ll understand why. The characters are a little too complex and the adventure is far too epic in scope for a film to capture. You really do need your imagination (and perhaps your towel) with this one and, trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

So, if you haven’t already gone to the bookstore and gotten your copy, go now. Right now. Grab your towel (you always need to know where your towel is, after all) and go pick up a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s the lovely book with “Don’t Panic” helpfully written on the cover.