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A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)
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eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)

Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty
Elocity A7 is a 7-Inch Internet Tablet for Android 2.2, powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 with Capacitive Touch Screen, and 1080p Viewing. With Android's open source platform, designers all over the world have been creating apps for virtually every imaginable fun

eLocity 7-Inch Internet Tablet for Android 2.2, powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 with Capacitive Touch Screen, 1080p Viewing and 3-Axis Accelerometer for 3D Gaming

This revolutionary new Internet Tablet from eLocity combines the power of a lightning-quick PC with the functionality and mobility of a smartphone to create the ultimate technology companion. More powerful than any smartphone and faster than the iPad, this sleek unit is has the fastest mobile CPU available today - NVIDIA's Tegra 2, Dual ARM 9 CPU (1GHz clock speed) with 8 separate processors that can run independently or together for maximum performance. Built for the Android 2.2 operating system, this versatile device allows constant access to the web with built-in Wi-Fi and can be customized in virtually unlimited ways through thousands of Android apps available online. Power and speed are key features, but equally impressive are the bright, crisp 7-inch screen and the HDMI output that allows you to send HD media to a big screen TV in true 1080p high definition. And the 3-axis accelerometer will bring your games to life? arcade style. Enjoy your favorite movies, music, or 3D games on the go and never worry about power ? with up to 5 hours of video or a hundred hours of music on a single charge of the 2-cell Lithium Polymer battery, this affordable tablet will probably outlast you!

The Freedom of Android
Although the eLocity A7 Internet Tablet comes ready for use with a selection of pre-installed applications for Android 2.2, it can be customized with third-party apps available online. Because it is an Open-Source platform, the number of applications designed for Android has skyrocketed. Almost 75,000 apps are currently available, ranging from Sip Phone to map and email utilities to apps that allow you to work with Microsoft Office files. Most of the apps are free to download and can be modified relatively easily. With Open-Source flexibility, you have the power to create your own applications or tailor existing apps to suit your own personal tastes. Now that?s freedom!

High Resolution and 1080p Viewing
With a high-resolution 800 x 480 capacitive touch screen and the fastest mobile processor ever - NVIDIA's Tegra 2, Dual Core 1Ghz CPU - eLocity?s A7 Internet Tablet was made for multimedia. Watch HD films in the palm of your hand or output them in 1080p for a big screen experience with a quick and easy HDMI connection. The 4GB internal high speed flash memory can store up to 4 feature films, 40,000 photos, or 2,000 songs for countless hours of entertainment. For accessing unlimited media, the unit offers 2 different options for expanded memory. A micro SDHC slot supports memory cards up to 32GB and a USB 2.0 port supports flash memory devices up to 64GB, increasing your media storage to nearly a million photos, 48,000 songs or up to 96 movies at any given moment. Watch videos in the most popular formats, even in 1080p. Supported codecs include H.264, MPEG-4, DivX and Real Video with MOV, FLV, MP4, AVI, and MKV file formats. With such versatility, you may wonder if this is a media player or a computer server? with the HDMI output for true 1080p viewing, the eLocity A7 Internet

Tablet is both.
For accessing unlimited media, the unit offers 2 different options for expanded memory. A micro SDHC slot supports memory cards up to 32GB and a USB 2.0 port supports flash memory devices up to 64GB. Watch videos in the most popular formats, even in 1080p. Supported codecs include H.264, MPEG-4 and Real Video with MOV, FLV, MP4, AVI, and MKV file formats. With such versatility, you may wonder if this is a media player or a computer server? with the HDMI output for true 1080p viewing, the eLocity A7 Internet Tablet is both.

3D Gameplay at Your Fingertips
NVIDIA sets the gold standard for gaming, and that?s what you get in this powerful package. The eLocity A7 Internet Tablet is a gamer?s delight, packing processing speed that can easily power the most demanding 3D games available for the Android platform. Enhancing your experience is a 3-axis accelerometer that puts you so close to the action you feel it. And now there?s no need to strain your eyes on tiny smartphone screens. For the first time, game play in 1080p true HD is possible with the HDMI output. Quick and easy access to the Amazon gamestore offers endless choices ? you might never want to put the tablet down, and with a feather weight of only a single pound, you won?t have to.

Apps Galore
Whether you're a social networker or an on-the-go office worker, there?s an Android app for you. The eLocity A7 Internet Tablet lets you stay connected and productive in the ways that matter most. For social networking, popular sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are as easy to reach on the Tablet as they are with a conventional computer. If productivity is the key factor for you, you?ll like the Adobe PDF Reader app and the Documents To Go app that allows you to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. And let?s not forget shopping? Android applications are available to take you almost any place you want to go, including apps for the Amazon store and a special app for buying Amazon MP3 downloads.

Surfing the Web
All roads might lead to Rome, but how do you find the World Wide Web with a computer tablet? With eLocity's A7 unit, browsing is both easy and beautiful. The unit supports Flash, so you?ll be able to view web content the way it?s meant to be seen! Several browsers are available to send you on your way, and the high-resolution touch screen displays websites in crisp and vivid detail. The Android default browser is a powerful utility that loads pages faster than Safari, supports Flash unlike Safari, and does everything you need a browser to do. Excellent third party apps like Dolphin and Opera Mini offer alternative browsing options. If you're tired of scrolling and zooming on your mobile phone, it?s time to see what this powerful 7-inch tablet can do!

An Endless Jukebox
Storing thousands of songs is a great start, but we know that accessing what you want when you want it is important. That's why the eLocity A7 Internet Tablet allows you to create playlists for all occasions as desired. Want to mix and match formats in a single playlist? You can! A wide range of audio formats are supported, including MP3, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC, AAC and non-protected WMA files. The unit comes with earbuds so you can enjoy your tunes in solo mode, but it also has built-in stereo speakers that allow you to share your music wherever and whenever you like.

A Wireless Wonder
Constant connectivity with 802.11b/g wireless and Bluetooth offer maximum performance, and with the wireless status screen giving you information at a glance, it's easy to monitor and manage connection settings for VPN, Bluetooth and Mobile Networks. There's even an Airplane Mode that allows you to disable all wireless connections in a single place! The eLocity A7 Internet Tablet's unlocked card slot provides a breath of fresh air to most users who have been tied to specific networks with long contracts and expensive termination fees. Now you can flip from network to network, depending on which one suits your convenience. Download and upload speeds are dependent upon the network, location and traffic.

Touch Screen and Keyboard Control
Capacitive touch responds to your slightest command. No need for a stylus here, just take advantage of a screen that actually responds like it's supposed to! Experience the next generation convergence of desktop efficiency, communications and multimedia entertainment. Designed for maximum performance and ergonomic effect, the Internet Tablet has a virtual keyboard that makes it easy to send email, surf the web and perform countless other everyday activities.

Full PC Functionality
Ever experienced the fact that size does matter? Compromising on performance and speed when going for small? Welcome to the new world of ANDROID - where small is beautiful and POWERFUL too! Hundreds of apps are available to meet your needs. Documents To Go allows you to view and edit Microsoft files. Productivity continues with Adobe Reader for PDF files. For social networking, MySpace Mobile and Facebook are just two of the apps available. How about shopping? It?s easy with the Amazon.com app, and there?s even an app for downloading music from Amazon.com. If you?re a reader, you?re in luck. eBooks are easy to read in a vertical format with the A7's high contrast display.

Photo Mania
Upload, organize and view hundreds or even thousands of your photos on the bright, crisp 7-inch screen. Create a slide show with photos and music and use the tablet as a digital photo frame or send high-resolution images to your big screen TV with the HDMI output. With an archive in hand, you?ll never leave home without photos of your loved ones ever again. Pictures can be uploaded directly through the USB port, the micro SDHC slot or through the Wi-Fi internet connection via any file transfer utility. JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG image file formats are supported.

HDMI out ? connect your tablet to your TV and experience 1080p video playback! Does this make the DVR along with the other boxes near your TV belong to the stoneage?

Plug 'n' Play
Finally a product that is ready to kick off from the word go ? open your package, charge it up and you?re on your way! No installation CDs, no signups, just experience your android!

Power Packed
No more do you have to contend with different gadgets. This tablet is an e-Reader, a Desktop computer, a travel companion, a jukebox, a personal movie pass, a video phone, a browser and yes even an Office!

Video Conferencing
Remember those old sci-fi movies that predicted portable video phones of the future? Well, the future is finally here! With its 1.3 megapixel webcam and crisp viewing screen, eLocity's A7 Internet Tablet lets you see who you are talking to? regardless of where you happen to be. As long as you've got a Wi-Fi signal and an online friend with a webcam to talk to, you?re set. And with the 7-inch screen giving you clarity and maximum detail, the person you're talking to will actually look like the person you are talking to!


  • NVIDIA Tegra II T-20, 1GHz, 1MB L2 Cache
  • 512 MB DDR2 RAM
  • Android 2.2 Operating System
  • 4GB High Speed Internal Flash Memory
  • 7" Capacitive Touch Screen, 800x480
  • 0.5W Stereo Speakers
  • 1.3MP Webcam
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack
  • 802.11b/g Wireless
  • Bluetooth 2.1 Enabled
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Port
  • 1 x Micro SD Card
  • 1 x HDMI 1080p Output
  • Docking Port
  • 8.2" x 4.8" x 0.5", 1.02 lbs


  • 1 HDMI output
  • 1 USB 2.0 input
  • 1 MicroCard input
  • 1 Docking Port
  • 1 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output

12 months for parts and labor backed by Stream TV's toll-free phone and online support

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eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)

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3 out of 5 stars   Good for Internet Surfing & Media Player
By Rick D (Atlanta, Ga.) April 22, 2011
Review submitted for eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black) (ELTA7040)
Verified Purchaser
Pros: Fast processor, Light and very portable, HDMI port, USB port, Micro SD card slot, Good for Internet Surfing
Cons: Short Battery Life 2hrs, Cannot Access Droid Marke, Slow Star-up, Does Not Support Skype
Other Comments: Very fast processing unit and great for surfing the internet. I was quite impressed with how fast it processes. Very good quality look and feel. This was my first experience with Adroid Operating Systems but using this unit was pretty easy to pick up. Buttons and accessories are placed well and convenient on the unit. The 7" screen(actually it is 6 x 3.5")in size appears to me to be adequate and and the actual quality & resolution is good but for me I have discovered that the larger screens in the 8- 10" sizes are most optimal. The touch screen is quite responsive (a little too responsive at times)and takes a little getting use to with the zoom in & out and scrolling features. If you have big fingers like me then you will be zooming out allot.Downloading and running applications are when you run into problems with this unit. Clearly there were remaining bugs & issues to be worked out with the Android 2.2 operating system and I doubt if there will be any further improvements as Droid 3.0 is already out. I am only moderately techno so I do not like multiple techno issues and you will have them in this unit. I travel a lot and really need a tablet that can run skype. Although it is advertised to run skpye and has a front facing camera this unit does not support skype and that was dissapointing as well a making the camera useless. The battery life is relatively short(about 2hrs)and there is no USB Re-Charging even though you have a USB port. That was also really diappointing. The start up(from off)is quite slow for such a fast processing unit. You cannot access the Droid Apps Market with this unit but you do have access to Droid Apps via Getjar. It is not the same as the Droid Market and does not have as many apps.I also have trouble with this unit when replying to emails in my Gmail account. The message body is very difficult to type in and often would not allow me to type in the message body and thus I was never able to reply to any email with a return message.I had very little luck with Elocity Customer service and found them to be quick to respond to your question but very general and unhelpful in the responce to technical problems with the unit.Overall I think for the price (I paid [$]) this is a great unit for internet surfing, media player and e-reading but does not messure up in most other areas. If you are very Techno savy then at a much lower price than Ipads or Moto-Xoom you can deal with the issues of this unit and it will be a great buy. If you are not techno savy then you are like me and need a fully funtional unit that can run Apps with few issues so you'd be better off spending the extra money and getting the more advanced units with Droid 3.0 or the "Un-Flash-able" Ipads. I'm returning this unit as it does not meet my needs (what a shame as I also have a great leather case for it with a buit-in keyboard).I would not have purchased it if I had known despite the advertising of Video Chatting it does not suppport Skype and the emaill issues in my Gmail account doomed this unit with me. I have stepped up to the new Motorola Xoom and it is a fantastic powerful multipurpose unit and meets all of my needs. Of coarse I paid much more for it but it was well worth it. It has yet to fail in anything I was not able to do with the Elocity A7 ad gives me so much more capability and functions.
I recommend this product Yes, I recommend this product
Merchant Response:
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