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DMC-TZ3A Lumix 7.2 mega-pixel Digital Camera (Blue) w/ 10x Optical Zoom
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Panasonic DMC-TZ3A Lumix 7.2 mega-pixel Digital Camera (Blue) w/ 10x Optical Zoom

Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty
The DMC-TZ3 is more compact than the previous model (DMC-TZ1), and has been given a more luxurious touch with its stylish design and metallic, stainless-steel exterior.

Ultra-compact with Luxurious Exterior
The DMC-TZ3 is more compact than the previous model (DMC-TZ1), and has been given a more luxurious touch with its stylish design and metallic, stainless-steel exterior. Newly integrated lens barrier takes the place of the lens cap, to ensure that it never gets lost again. This is a camera that you will want to take with you always.

The 28mm Wide-angle 10x Optical Zoom LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR Lens
The DMC-TZ3 features a 28mm wide-angle 10x optical zoom Leica DC lens (equivalent to a 28mm-280mm zoom on a 35mm film camera) in an ultra-compact body. With the wide-angle lens, you can get all your friends in the picture or capture an expansive landscape in a single shot. And with the high-power 10x optical zoom, you can get clear, beautiful shots even when you can't get close to your subject. The lens unit comprises eleven elements in nine groups, with three aspherical lenses, including dual-sided aspherical meniscus lens, to achieve high optical performance while preserving compactness. The dual-sided aspherical meniscus lens represent a major achievement in mass-produced lens elements, and enable the remarkable 28 to 280mm range of focal lengths in this compact body. Inheriting the fine rendering and outstanding quality of the LEICA ELMAR lens, this easy-to-carry camera delivers beautiful pictures any time, any place.

28mm Wide-angle with Multiple Aspect Ratios
Conventional cameras generally use almost the entire CCD area when recording an image, and the angle of view may be altered regardless of the photographer's intention. The DMC-TZ3, however, incorporate a 1/2.35" CCD with a total of 8.50-megapixel. This CCD, which is larger than those in conventional 7-megapixel and 6-megapixel class cameras, can reproduce images shot with the lens set from 28mm to 280mm in any of three aspect ratios - 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 - so you can always capture dynamic, richly expressive shots with a wide perspective.

MEGA O.I.S. Prevents Blurry Shots Caused by Hand-shake
The MEGA O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer) compensates for the blurring caused by hand-shake. It is now featured on the entire LUMIX range, and is highly popular with users around the world. Even slight hand-shake movement is accurately detected by a sampling frequency of 4,000 times per second, and compensated to produce sharp, clear images. This is true, of course, for zooming and macro shots, which are especially susceptible to hand-shake, but it also lets you shoot in dimly lit rooms or evening illumination, without a flash, to preserve the mood. In short, it lets anybody take beautiful, blur-free shots with ease.

Intelligent ISO Control Prevents Blurry Shots Caused by Moving Subjects
When the Intelligent ISO Control (I.I.C.) in LUMIX cameras detects subject motion, it automatically raises the ISO setting and increases the shutter speed to prevent motion blur. On the other hand, when the subject is still and no movement is detected, it lets you take beautifully natural photos with a low ISO setting. Have you ever mistakenly used a high ISO setting to take a photo of a subject standing still? If so, you may remember the noisy, grainy result. Or, if you have tried snapping a moving subject at a low ISO setting, your photo was probably spoiled by motion blur. Intelligent ISO Control gives you stunning images with ease because there is no need for complicated settings.

Blur Indicator
Blur Indicator lets you confirm that the camera is precisely detecting hand-shake and motion blur separately.

High Sensitivity Mode ISO 3200
Selecting High Sensitivity mode from among the Scene Modes allows the sensitivity to be raised all the way up to ISO 3200. This makes it possible to take sharp, blur-free shots of active children or pets even in indoor settings with limited light.

Venus Engine III
Venus Engine III in the DMC-TZ3 allows high-sensitivity recording up to ISO 1250 at full resolution. The noise reduction system is also greatly improved while maintaining high resolution. It removes noise at the processing stages in series. First, critical noise is roughly undraped and the chromatic noise and the luminance noise are separated so they can each go through a supplemental noise reduction process that appropriately minimizes the remaining noise.

Super-fast Shutter Response
We slashed the release time lag to 0.006 second minimum by increasing both the circuit speed itself and the point at which the shutter release signal is detected. We also shortened the shutter interval to around 0.5 second (minimum)*. These improvements help make LUMIX an extremely quick, responsive camera that's a pleasure to use.

Scene Mode
Versatile Scene Modes are another great LUMIX feature. And the Scene Mode list display makes them even easier to find. In addition to the new Sunset and Pet modes, you can choose from a total of 20 travel-enhancing situations, including Underwater (Use together with the optional marine case) and Aerial Photo, for settings that match your subject. Animated moving icons make mode selection even easier and more fun.

Mode Dial - Mode Position Display
This single, easy-to-understand mode dial lets you easily switch between shooting, viewing, and printing. In addition to shooting the easy way with Simple Mode and viewing or processing your shots with Playback Mode, you can use the handy Clipboard Mode when traveling, or select the new Direct Print Mode for connecting directly to a printer. As you operate the dial, large animated icons appear on the display, making it easy to find the mode you want.

AF Metering
Choose from five focus methods to match the shooting conditions of your subject.

  • 9-point AF: For general shooting conditions. This mode gives you a sharp focus for a variety of picture compositions.
  • 3-point high-speed AF: This mode prevents the system from mistakenly focusing on the area between two subjects in a horizontal composition.
  • 1-point high-speed AF: The AF time has been dramatically reduced to achieve outstanding focusing.
  • 1-point AF: Although screen-freeze in high-speed AF is now minimized, you can select this mode to totally eliminate it when you are focusing on a fast-moving subject.
  • Spot AF: This mode keys the focus to a small area within the frame.

Continuous AF
Clear, sharp focus even for moving subjects.

MEGA BURST Consecutive Shooting, Unlimited Consecutive Shooting
With the DMC-TZ3 you can snap off consecutive shooting at 3 frames or 2 frames per second with full resolution. In addition, the Unlimited Consecutive Shooting function lets you continue shooting until the memory card or built-in memory is full. You can take a series of shots, then choose the one you like best and delete the rest. (The focus and exposure are fixed at the first frame.)

Function Button
The Function Button gives you shortcuts to frequently used menu settings. When shooting, this single button lets you turn consecutive shooting on/off, make white balance adjustments, set the ISO sensitivity, aspect ratios and image size, and select the compression format, while you continue to view your subject on the LCD.

Easy to See Large 3.0" High-resolution LCD
The large 3.0" high-resolution LCD has a total of 230,000 pixels for high resolution. The difference is easy to see. Its large size lets everyone view the images together, and its crisp clarity is great for both shooting and playback.

Dual Image Playback
New utilizing large 3.0? LCD, you can playback 2 photos at the same time and compare them.

High Quality Wide Aspect VGA Motion Picture Mode
In addition to standard VGA (640x480) at 30 fps motion image recording, the DMC-TZ3 also records stunning full-size movies in 16:9 wide-aspect VGA (848x480) at 30-fps, enabling you to view them on your wide screen TV. The brightness level of these motion images is also enhanced as a result of the pixel-mixed readout method performed by the CCD.

The new Clipboard function has been added to the mode dial. It is incredibly handy for the maps and time schedules that are so important when traveling. These documents are cumbersome to hold, but when stored in a bag, they can be difficult to find. By snapping photos of them and adding them to the clipboard, you can retrieve them instantly with the mode dial.

Date Stamp
You can also print the date on your photos. In addition to the ordinary recording date, you can choose Baby or Pet mode from among the Scene Modes to print the age of a child or pet by inputting the birthdate in advance, or use the Travel Date Setting to print which day of the trip each photo was taken on. These dates, which can be helpful when making a photo album, can be stamped on photos whether you print them yourself at home or have a photo shop do them.

Built-in Memory 12.7MB
Take photos even when you don't have an SD/SDHC Memory Card on hand. The built-in memory holds up to 12.7 MB of image data, which you can later copy to an SD/SDHC Memory Card or PC. You can also copy images from a memory card or PC to the built-in memory, and view them on the LCD anytime you like.

Other Features:

  • Shooting Information Display:  In addition to basic information like the remaining battery strength and the number of shots that can be taken, information about the mode setting is displayed. When the shutter button is pressed halfway, the focusing condition, aperture, and shutter speed are displayed.* This lets you check them before you shoot.
  • Composition Guidelines:  You can use composition guidelines from two patterns according* to the shooting subject. And guidelines can be shown at the same time as other information and icons.
  • Real Time Histograms:  This graph, which can be displayed in the LCD as you line up the shot, shows the status of the exposure and contrast in real-time.
  • AF Assist Lamp: Provides extra lighting as a focusing aid for slightly dark situations where AF focusing would ordinarily be difficult.

  • ISO Sensitivity Settings:  You can choose the light-receiving sensitivity from Auto, I.ISO, 100, 200, 400, 800, or 1250.
  • White Balance: Choose from six preset white balance settings: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Halogen, and White Set. This is handy when there are several different light sources and it's difficult to get the exact coloration you want.
  • Color Mode: Choose from five or seven preset Color Mode settings: Cool*, Warm*, Black & White, Sepia, Natural, Standard, and Vivid.
  • Exposure Compensation: Adjust the exposure setting to create a particular image. (1/3 EV step, -/+2 EV) This is also effective for backlight compensation. And you can show the control indication on the display with a single button.
  • Self Timer: You can use either a 2-second or 10-second setting.
  • Economy Mode: This mode saves battery power by turning off the LCD after a certain amount of idle time. There are two economy levels to choose from.
    Level 1: The LCD turns off when the camera has been idle for 15 seconds.
    Level 2: Same as Level 1, plus the LCD turns off when the camera has been idle for 5 seconds after you've taken a shot.
  • Flash: Choose the ideal flash for almost any situation. Auto; Auto/Red-eye Reduction; Slow Sync./Red-eye Reduction; Forced On/Off; Forced On/Red-eye Reduction
  • Auto Bracketing: This lets you pick the best shot from different, automatically graduated exposures. (+/-1/3 -1 EV step, 3 frames)
  • Audio Recording / Dubbing:  Add 5 seconds of sound to pictures as you shoot. Or, if you prefer, add up to 10 seconds of sound after shooting.
  • Light metering: The light can be measured in three ways as a guideline for exposure: Intelligent Multiple, Center Weighted, or Spot. Simply switch the metering method to match the shooting scene or your shooting intent.
  • World Time Setting: This setting lets you display the local time of your destination when traveling abroad. You simply select your travel destination, and the camera calculates the time difference from the time in the clock setting and displays the local time. You can set the time and date for 74 locations across the world.
  • Travel Date Setting: By setting the departure day when setting out on a trip with LUMIX, you can display which day of the trip each photo was taken on while viewing. Great for organizing your travel photos.

  • 9/25 Multi Display and Calendar Display: The large LCD allows the display of images even in tiny thumbnail size. Playback of 9 or 25 frames is possible on a multi-split screen in addition to the normal 1-frame playback. This helps you to search for the image you want out of a number of images stored on the SD/SDHC Memory Card, even if there are many images. LUMIX also features the Calendar Display. It shows the day that each shot was taken, which makes it easy to group and play back all of the shots taken on a particular day.

  • Auto Review: This function shows you an enlarged view of the image right after you shoot, to make it easier to check the focus.

  • Protection: One or more shots can be set from the menu to protect them from being accidentally erased.

  • Favorite image Slideshow / Slideshow with transition effects: You can place virtual checkmarks on your favorite images to group them together, then make a slideshow with only those images or delete the ones without checkmarks if you no longer need them. And you can select effects for transitions between slides.

  • Auto Angle Detection:  This function detects and records whether the photo is being shot horizontally or vertically, then automatically rotates all vertically framed images during playback so they can be easily seen on the LCD or TV screen. If you want to rotate the image for some reason, you can use the Image Rotation setting on the playback menu.

  • Trimming and Resizing: Lets you trim the image, or reduce the amount of image data.

  • DPOF Settings: You can automatically record the information you need when having prints made by a commercial printing service, or on your home printer. Simply specify the images you want to print, how many copies you want, and what kind of information you want to be output with them, and save the information onto the LUMIX memory card. Then you just insert the memory card into the printer and start printing. When using a commercial printing service, all you have to do is send them the memory card. It couldn't be much easier.

Included Software:

Lumix Simple Viewer - The included LUMIX Simple Viewer makes it super-easy to upload, view, and print the images you have taken. The uploaded images are displayed according to their date, so they are easy to search for. The date can also be set to be printed on each photo.
This image viewing software lets you upload photos, organize them in categories, process them, and print them. It also converts RAW data files from LUMIX into JPEG files.

ArcSoft Software: This software features a variety of functions, such as viewing and editing images. (ArcSoft PhotoImpression, ArcSoft PhotoBase, ArcSoft PanaramaMaker)


11 elements in 9 groups
(3 Aspherical lenses / 4 Aspherical surfaces, 1 ED lens)
Optical Image Stabilizer MEGA O.I.S. (Mode1 / Mode2)

Extra Optical :

4:3 Aspect Ratio: 12x for 5 Mega, 15x for 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.0 / 0.3 Mega
3:2 Aspect Ratio: 12.6x for 4.5 Mega, 15x for 2.5 Mega
16:9 Aspect Ratio: 13x for 3.5 Mega, 15x for 2 Mega
Digital: 4x Max. 40x combined with Optical Zoom without Extra Optical Zoom) (Max. 60x combined with Extra Optical Zoom)
Focal Distance f = 4.6 - 46 mm (35 mm Equivalent: 28-280 mm)
Focusing Area Normal: Wide 50 cm (1.64 feet) / Tele 200 cm (6.56 feet) - infinity
Macro / Simple Mode / Intelligent ISO / Motion Picture / Clipboard: Wide 5 cm (0.16 feet) / Tele (excepted tele end) 200 cm (6.56 feet) - infinity
Tele Macro (at tele end): 100 cm (3.27 feet) - infinity
AF Metering 1-point / 1-point high speed / 3-point high speed / 9-point / Spot
AF Assist Lamp Yes
Camera Effective Pixels 7.2 Megapixels
Image Sensor 1/2.35", 8.50 Mega Total Pixels CCD
Primary Color Filter
Focus Auto Focus System, Normal / Macro (Dial), Continuous AF On / Off
ISO Sensitivity Auto / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1250
(High Sensitivity Mode: 3200)
White Balance Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Shade / Halogen / White Set
White Balance Adjustment (+/-10steps, except for Auto Set)
Exposure Program AE
Exposure Compensation 1/3 EV step, -2 - +2 EV
Backlight Compensation Yes (at Simple Mode)
Auto (AE) Bracketing +/-1/3 EV - 1 EV step, 3 frames
Light Metering Intelligent Multiple / Center Weighted / Spot
Scene Mode Dial:
Simple, Normal Image, Macro, SCN1, SCN2 (Portrait, Soft Skin, Scenery, Sports, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Self-portrait, Food, Party, Candle, Fireworks, Starry Sky, Beach, Aerial Photo, Snow, High Sensitivity, Baby1, Baby2, Underwater, Sunset, Pet), Motion Picture, Playback, Clipboard, Print, Intelligent ISO
Shutter Speed 8 - 1/2,000 sec
Starry Sky Mode: 15, 30, 60 sec
Aperture Wide: F3.3 / F8.0 (2 steps)
Tele: F4.9 / F11 (2 steps)
Self Timer 2 sec / 10 sec
Auto Review 1 sec / 3 sec / zoom
Review 1x / 4x / 8x
Color Mode Black & White, Sepia, Cool, Warm, Natural, Standard, Vivid
Recording Format Still Image: JPEG (Design rule for Camera File system, based on Exif 2.21 standard), DPOF corresponding
Image with Audio: JPEG (Design rule for Camera File system, based on Exif 2.21 standard) + QuickTime
Motion Images: QuickTime Motion JPEG
Recording Image Size Still Image
4:3 Aspect Ratio: 3,072 x 2,304 pixels,
2,560 x 1,920 pixels,
2,048 x 1,536 pixels,
1,600 x 1,200 pixels,
1,280 x 960 pixels,
640 x 480 pixels
3:2 Aspect Ratio: 3,216 x 2,144 pixels,
2,560 x 1,712 pixels,
2,048 x 1,360 pixels
16:9 Aspect Ratio: 3,328 x 1,872 pixels,
2,560 x 1,440 pixels
1,920 x 1,080 pixels
4:3, 3:2, 16:9 Multiple Aspect Ratios
Image Quality Fine / Standard
Motion Picture *
(QuickTime Motion JPEG)
4:3 Aspect Ratio: 640 x 480 pixels, 320 x 240 pixels 30 fps, 10 fps
16:9 Aspect Ratio: 848 x 480 pixels 30 fps, 10 fps
(Max. recording time depends on Memory Card Capacity, Max. 2 GB for a motion picture)
Creating still pictures from a motion picture
Burst Shooting Mode Full-Resolution Image, 3 frames/sec or 2 frames/sec
Full-Resolution: Max. 7 images (Standard Mode) / Max. 5 images (Fine Mode)
Unlimited Consecutive Shooting Yes
Easy Zoom/ Zoom Resume -/Yes
Still Image Rec.w/ Audio 5 sec
Audio Dubbing Max. 10 sec
Real-time Histogram Yes
Composition Guide Lines Yes (2 patterns)
Built-in-Memory 12.7 MB
Scene Mode Help Screen Yes
Auto Angle Detection Yes
Travel Date / World Time Yes / Yes
Date Stamp Yes
Built-in-Flash Auto, Auto / Red-eye Reduction, Forced On, Slow Sync. / Red-eye Reduction, Forced Off
0.6 - 4.2 m (Wide / ISO Auto), 1.0 - 2.8 m (Tele / ISO Auto)
LCD 3.0" Polycrystalline TFT LCD (230 K Pixels)
Field of View : approx. 100%
Power LCD Mode, High Angle Mode
Playback Mode 25 - thumbnail display, 9 - thumbnail display, Calendar display, Zoomed playback (16x Max.), Image rotation, Slide show(duration is adjustable, also manual controllable), Playback of favorite pictures, Out-of-frame display, Dual display, Creating still pictures from a motion picture, Resizing (selectable number of pixels), Trimming, Protection, Aspect conversion, DPOF print setting
OSD Language English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Netherlandic, Thai, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, Japanese
Recording Media Built-in Memory, SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, MultiMedia Card
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Interface DC Input, AV Output (NTSC / PAL), USB
Direct Print PictBridge
Power Li-ion Battery Pack (3.7 V, 1,000 mAh) (Included)
AC Adaptor (Input: 110 - 240 V AC) (Optional)
Battery Life (Approx.) 270 pictures(CIPA standard)
Included Software LUMIX Simple Viewer, PhotofunStudio -viewer-, ArcSoft (PhotoImpression / PhotoBase / PanoramaMaker), USB Driver
Dimensions (Approx.) 4.20" (W) x 2.37" (H) x 1.47" (D) (105.0 x 59.2 x 36.7)
Weight (Approx.) 0.51 lb. (232 g)
0.57 lb w/ Battery and SD Memory Card (257 g)
Standard Accessories Battery Charger, Battery Pack, Battery Carrying Case, AV Cable, USB Connection Cable, AC Cable, Strap, CD-ROM
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