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OLED TVs work by using only red, green, and blue light to create an image on your screen by putting electricity through specific materials that glow in these colors. No other technology out there can create light like this.
Because of this, OLED TVs are thinner, lighter, and more efficient – and they perform better, too – better than any other technology on the market. Each and every pixel can be faded out to create a complete black. This makes for an unbounded disparity ratio, and it’s not just marketing propaganda – it works.
It’s difficult not to get excited about OLED TVs. They tick all the boxes of a dream television: impossibly slim, incredible contrast for greater picture definition and, possibly best of all, they are extremely energy efficient, making them cheap to run and beneficial to the environment.
Currently, OLED TVs come in two varieties: RGB and “White.” RGB works similarly to a plasma model, using separate blue, green, and red subpixels. White, on the other hand, sandwiches together red, green, and blue materials that create a white light when powered up. The white light passes through a color filter and creates colored subpixels. Another great advantage is that it is easier to scale to different screen sizes as well as to 4K resolutions. Many models come with a built-in WiFi, as well as HDMI and USB inputs for full compatibility with your other media devices. has a range of these products at affordable prices. We stock quality brands and pride ourselves on offering a top selection of low-priced electronics and home goods. Our buying power means you can take advantage of great savings and free shipping.
Since televisions are large items, we take every measure to ensure your order arrives safely and in perfect condition. Our delivery service allows you to open and take a look at your new purchase before signing for and accepting it.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer care department who will be happy to help you.
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