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General Brand LCD/Lens Cleaning Pen HF-LPEN
Clean & Protect your Lens or LCD.
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General Brand Professional Lens Blower
Protect your camera and lens and take smear free photos. The Professional Blower produces a strong burst of air and is the perfect tool for removing dust or dirt particles from delicate electronics.
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General Brand 1 Piece Micro Fiber Cloth
comes complete with 1 high quality micro fiber cloths to clean and protect your precious equipment. Perfect to clean LCD screens, lenses and all high-tech optics.
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General Brand 3-Piece Cleaning Kit
Includes cotton swabs, spray, and cleaning cloth
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RCA RD1006 D4+ Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid System with Dust Brush
D4+TM Fluid Safely removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from vinyl record surface without scratching, Ideal for all vinyl records, Includes unique microfiber pad, mini dust brush, 1.25 Oz cleaning fluid, and storage bag, Easy And Safe To Use
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Trisonic Laser Lens Cleaner for DVD/CD Players - TS-3146B
CD/DVD/VCD Cleaner Includes Lens Cleaner! Includes 1 Bottle of Cleaning Solution High Quality & Effective
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Vivitar LCD Screen Cleaner w/ Micro Fiber Cloth and Cleaning Brush VIV-LCD-822
LCD Cleaning Kit w/ Micro Fiber Cloth & Cleaning Brush Alcohol and ammonia free Reduces static electricity that attracts dust Lint free - wont scratch or streak your equipment Tested for guaranteed highest quality
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Audio-Technica Anti-Static Record Brush - AT6011
Removes harmful dust and contaminants from your vinyl records Conductive synthetic fibers help to dissipate static Increases the lifetime of your cartridge and improves your listening experience by reducing surface noise
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Whitmor Commercial Laundry Butler - 6894-3964-BB
This Laundry Butler is a wonderful helpmate to those who have trouble maneuvering traditional laundry baskets and hampers or for anyone needing just one more hand.
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General Brand 5-Piece Deluxe Digital Camera Starter Kit
Includes: Microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 screen protectors, Lens blower, Lens pen, Cleaning fluid
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Metropolitan Vacuum Datavac 3 Toner Vacuum with Carrying Case - MDV-3TCA
DataVac/3 METRO DATAVAC/3TA Black Body/Black Attachments. Includes: Deluxe Power Unit (1.17PHP Motor) Assembled with Toner Filter Disposable Bag, Permanent Cloth Bag, Cord Storage Halo, 6' Flexible Hose, 2-20' Extension Wands, Pik-All Nozzle, Powerizer,
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Metropolitan Vacuum Datavac Electric Duster - ED-500
DataVac Electric Duster 500 includes: 220 V 500 Watt, 0.75 PHP Power Unit, 7/8" Air Concentrator, Air Flare, plus 4-piece Micro Cleaning Tool Kit all in a High-impact self sell, 4-color display carton. More effective than Canned Air or Air Dusters. More
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Bissell BigGreen Commercial 49G5-1 Carpet Cleaner, Advanced Formula, Triple Action, 52oz
Bissell Advanced Formula Carpet Cleaner battles stubborn stains, tough odors, Scotchgard protection.
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Metropolitan Vacuum Datavac Pro 2 Computer Vacuum Blower - MDV-2BA
DataVac Pro Series/The Next Generation METRO DATAVAC/2 Black Body/Black Attachments. Includes: Deluxe Power Unit (1.17 PHP Motor), Cord Storage Halo, 3' Flexible Hose, 2-20' Extension Wands, PikAll Nozzle, Powerizer Air Maximizer, Crevice Tool, Dusting
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