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Automatic frequency scanning 10 compatible user-switchable channels UHF frequency ranges Powered antennas and other in-line RF devices True Diversity reduces dropouts Tone Lock tone squelch system
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Made from all steel construction Sturdy, stable, tough, and durable Foldable, convenient to carry Can be mounted on the announcers table Double-braced arms
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Digital 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation for ultimate sound quality and dependable performance 2.4 GHz range - completely free from TV interference Three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time, & space
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At, we have a wide range of microphones for sale to complete your in-house recording studio, touring gear, gaming setup, or DJ equipment. We know that the needs of music industry professionals are diverse, but with so many styles and options to choose from, we are sure to have something to suit your needs.

Microphones are essential to ensuring high-quality sound that will be both clear and audible. Mics serve a multitude of purposes, including adding commentary to a video, giving a presentation at the office or school, leading church services, acting as a DJ for a wedding or other event, or simply singing along to your favorite tunes at karaoke. There are many technical specifications to consider when browsing for new microphones, and it’s best to determine your requirements beforehand. First, you must decide if you want to hold the device while you speak. If you are going to need your hands free, you may want to consider a clip-on mic. This allows you to freely use both of your hands while still projecting your voice for all to hear. This is especially great if you are giving a presentation, such as a cooking class, where you want everyone to see and hear what you are doing without having to take long pauses while you pick up and put down your microphone.

Once you decide whether or not you want a hands-free microphone, you’re next decision is if you’re going to be connected to a speaker via a wire. A battery-powered wireless option is available for those people who need to roam or walk across the room as they speak.

There are, of course, other kinds of microphones as well. Computer microphones make it easy to communicate with others via the internet, or add voiceovers to a video or presentation already uploaded onto your computer. Camera mics make it easier to pick up sound when shooting a video; and they attach right to the camera, so you do not need an extra hand to hold them.

Everyone who needs their voice projected, or to record audio, will need a high quality mic. The team at understands the various features and models of every microphone. With our wide selection, we are sure to have the right mic for you, at a price that won’t break your budget.