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HDR10, HDR10+, HLG Support 4K UHD 3840x2160 Curved LED Panel Motion Rate 120 Technology Wi-Fi and Ethernet Ready Works with the Google Assistant and Alexa Screen Mirroring Technology 3xHDMI / 2xUSB PurColor
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What is a Curved TV?

Curved TV’s are exactly what they sound like, a TV that’s curved inward at the center, so the left and right edges are closer to the viewer. These TVs are the latest trend in TV technology, but some people don’t know the differences between them and a normal flat screen TV, other than the obvious curve. There are, of course, some benefits and advantages that curved screens have over flat ones.

What is the Benefit of a Curved TV?

One of the benefits of curved TV is that the curved screen brings the edges of the display closer to the viewer’s peripheral vision, providing additional depth, and a wider field of view. This results in an improved viewing experience and makes everything feel more cinematic. It’s also good for your eyes as you won’t have to move them as much. Therefore, the overall benefit of a curved TV isn’t just to be aesthetically pleasing, but to also improve how immersed you are when watching.

Pros and Cons of Curved TV

Curved vs flat TV is the debate that will typically come up when looking for a new television. There are plenty of reasons to buy even a cheap curved TV. When looking at the real world, we don’t perceive everything as a flat “screen”. Because our eyes are rounded, we have peripheral vision that allows us to view around our sides. By curving the edges of the screen, the curved TV replicates this “real world feeling”, making you feel more immersed in what you’re watching. Another advantage of curved TV over flat screen TVs is that you feel like you’re experiencing a wider field of view. The downside of curved screens is that this effect only works when you sit in front of the TV set. If there’s a large amount of people in the room, or you’re viewing the TV from an angle, the immersion won’t exist. To help rectify this issue, you should consider buying a bigger sized TV, as having one of the largest curved TVs available will go a long way to help solve the problem. Another added benefit of curved TVs is the reduction of reflections on the screen thanks to the concave shape of the screen. So, the answer to the question of curved TV vs flat screen? The choice is yours, but the overall advantages of owning a curved TV can’t be ignored.

Can You Mount a Curved TV

While it’s certainly possible to mount your curved TV on a wall, most owners would agree that they look better on a table or stand, as when they’re mounted they jut out due to their curved nature. Even though curved TVs generally look better than flat TVs, having them on a wall looks awkward, especially if you have a casing for the TV, which makes it look even thicker.

Is a Curved TV Worth it?

When asking yourself “Should I get a curved TV?” you should consider if you want a television that stands out above the rest. The design of a curved television attracts attention in the living room, and is great at sparking conversation. After all, everyone is used to seeing a flat screen TV, and a curved screen will turn some heads. Not to mention, having a curved TV increases your overall immersion. The decision whether to upgrade to a curved screen or not is yours, but it’s hard not to acknowledge the benefits. has a variety of the best Curved TV deals at affordable prices. We stock top brands and pride ourselves on offering a great selection of low-priced electronics and home goods. Our buying power means you can take advantage of great savings and free shipping.

Since televisions are large items, we take every precaution to ensure your order arrives safely and in perfect condition. Our delivery service allows you to open and take a look at your new Curved TV before signing and accepting it. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer care department who will be happy to help you.