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Wireless Bluetooth streaming Plays up to 12 Hours on Full Charge IPX7 waterproof Pair multiple speakers with PartyBoost Premium JBL sound quality
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Built-in 3-channel digital mixer Backlit color LCD screen provides easy access to functions Universal JBL Pro Connect app control Bluetooth 5.0 streaming Two ergonomic handles simplify transport Built-in pole mount
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Powerful 20 Watt sound output Compact size (4-8 in) so you can take the music anywhere you go 12 hours of music play time per charge
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Best Speakers for Music

When you want to hear your favorite songs playing while you’re on the go, then it’s time to invest, and buy the best portable speakers you can find. They’ll give you the freedom to play all of your favorite tunes without the hassle of being connected to a cord. Not only are portable speakers handy, but you can host wonderful outdoor parties when you buy the best outdoor speakers. These outdoor speakers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as prices, and allow you to enjoy music wherever you desire.

Best Bluetooth Speakers

With wireless Bluetooth speakers, you’ll never feel tied down to one location. If you’re hosting a party or tailgate, you won’t feel like you have to stand next to the music all night making sure there is never an awkward silence, or lining up another song in the queue. With these amazing speakers, you can control what’s playing from anywhere in your home. You can save on the Best Bluetooth speaker under 100 dollars with the Sony Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Never again will you have to interrupt an important conversation just to line up the next song. Now you can simply hit the next button on your mobile phone, and enjoy the tunes!

These wireless Bluetooth speakers can be hooked up to any computer, portable PC, tablet, or mobile device that is compatible with the Bluetooth technology. These devices are built and designed for perfect sound quality, so don’t expect a muffled tone that you can only hear when you are close to them, or standing in the same room. You’ll never have to worry about buying the loudest speaker again, as they have the amplifying ability to fill the entire house with clear and well-defined music. They’re the perfect speakers for hosting parties and get-togethers.

These speakers are also available in a multitude of colors. Whether you’re looking to match your room, your car, or just pick a speaker in your favorite shade, there’s an option for you. You can choose a fun purple, or a fierce red. If adding a pop of color isn’t your style, then choose a more classic option like black, white, silver, or gold.

Best Soundbar

If you own a home theater system, then you’ll certainly benefit from buying a great soundbar and subwoofer setup. Even the best budget soundbar systems will fill your living room or home theater with tantalizing, crisp audio from all your favorite TV shows and movies. If you want to buy the best soundbar under 200 dollars, then you’re looking for the Deco Gear Home Theater Surround Sound 31" Soundbar 2.1 CH Audio Wireless Bluetooth NFC. This 31-inch system carries a wide array of features, turning it into a true multimedia and audio streaming device. Another important part of any speaker system is the subwoofer. The best subwoofer speakers today are built into the soundbar systems, making it quick and easy to include them into your home theater setup.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers also come in a variety of shapes. Although the majority of options are square cubes, there are also circular and triangular shapes to choose from as well. Worrying about size is never an issue as these speakers come in a variety of sizes, so you should never factor into your decision when searching for the best wireless speakers. If you’re looking for a small, phone-sized device, or a larger audio setup, BuyDig.com has a great selection of speakers to choose from, suiting your every need and matching the best price point.