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256GB storage capacity 130MB/s transfer speed UHS-I interface U3 speed class Class 10 rated
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Best Micro SDHC Cards

When they first came out, most storage devices only offered very small amounts of data storage. This is why developers and manufacturers came up with an additional storage format known as the micro SDHC card. This stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. These cards can store anywhere between 4 GB and 64 GB, but can only be used in devices that are compatible with a micro SDHC card, such as a phone or camera. The formatting is also reverse compatible which means devices that can read SDHC cards can also read SD varieties. However, devices that can only read SD formats are unable a micro SDHC card.

Micro SDHC cards are an easy and affordable way to expand your mobile device’s onboard memory so you can have even more space to store your photographs and high definition videos. These cards are also typically x-ray proof, shock proof, and even temperature proof.

Instantly add storage space to a wide range of devices. Expand the memory of your tablet, smartphone, or camera so you can capture more videos, photos, and carry more files. You could also enjoy more your favorite tunes wherever you go. Going on a long trip? You can record hours of HD video, and then play it back on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices.

BuyDig.com knows the ins and outs of the best Micro SD cards. Our dedicated and caring staff is always available to help consumers through the sometimes confusing buying process. We also have the knowledge and expertise to help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for in a purchase. If you are unsure of which SD card to purchase, please try calling our customer service center, and they will be happy to help you decide on the right card for your device, needs, and budget. If you have questions regarding our Micro SD cards, contact us today, and see how our appreciation of shoppers leads to better deals on some of the best products on the market.