Meade ETX-80AT-TC Astro Telescope with AutoStar

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New from Meade! Replacing the ETX-70 AT, the new ETX-80AT-TC with AutoStar features a larger, 80mm objective lens to let you see more of what's out there! Not only has the aperture increased, but the ETX-80's mount appears larger and more substantial that its predecessor's. That translates into steadier viewing and less image-dance.

Plus, the new ETX-80 also includes a clock-chip for keeping precise time and date - there'll be no need ever again to call for the precise time when you're trying to set AutoStar. The mount also is supplied with a new bubble level/compass for fast orientation of the telescope to level and true north.

Two new two Super Plossl eyepieces, 9.7mm and 26mm ship with the ETX-80AT-TC, as well. These give out-of-the-box magnifications as great as 41X. And to go with them, there's an internal, flip-in Barlow lens. This increases the power of the included eyepieces or any others you choose to use. All in all, the new ETX-80AT-TC is probably the best value available today in an easy-to-use refracting telescope!

All of the major planets except Pluto are easily observable through the ETX-80AT. Study Saturn and its ring system, the primary cloud belts of Jupiter, as well as the four major Jovian satellites, the Moonlike phases of Mercury and Venus, prominent features on Mars, and view star-like images of the distant planets Uranus and Neptune.

The Moon, too, stands out in stark, almost three-dimensional detail, prominently showing off its craters, mountain ranges, and fault lines. In our galaxy the telescope displays hundreds of nebulae, star clusters, double and multiple stars, and variable stars-plus dozens of external galaxies in all their variations of form and structure.

Land & Sky Observing

The Meade ETX-80AT-TC also makes an excellent land-view instrument for the bird watcher, the naturalist, or for owners of a home with a view. To view images on land with correct orientation you will need the optional #933 Erect Image Prism. This re-orients the telescope's normal, mirror image to produce natural views of terrestrial objects.

AutoStar Hand Controller ? "the greatest happening in amateur astronomy yet."

For all of its advanced imaging capabilities, portability, ease of use, and contemporary cosmetic design, Meade's ETX-80AT-TC telescopes are uniquely defined by the revolutionary Autostar hand controller. Included as standard equipment with the ETX-80AT-TC, the #494 Autostar controller permits automatic location of more than 1,400 celestial objects, including all of the objects located in the telescope's onboard database. Just enter the object you want to observe into the Autostar display, press GO TO, and watch as the telescope moves within seconds to place the object in the field of view. One observing session validates the prediction made by Sky & Telescope Magazine that "The ETX/Autostar concept will go down as the greatest happening in amateur astronomy yet."

Objects stored in the #494 Autostar's database include the entire range of celestial phenomena and are designed to keep the active observer busy for many a starlit evening. The database listing has been specifically chosen as suitable for observing with the ETX-80AT-TC and provides an excellent introduction to the diversity of astronomical objects visible through the telescope.

In addition to its object-locating capabilities Autostar permits pushbutton centering of objects within the telescopic field at any of nine selectable speeds. Once Autostar locates an object, it directs the telescope automatically to track the object across the sky, compensating fully and precisely for the effects of the Earth's axial rotation.

Fork Mount with Dual-Axis Drive
In conjunction with the telescope's Autostar hand controller, precision worm gear systems on each axis permit smooth pushbutton motions of the telescope. Integrated within one of the fork arms, the telescope's control panel serves as a central connection point for the hand controller (the HBX port), as well as for the RS-232 serial interface adapter (the AUX port), to make connection to your computer simple with the optional #506 AstroFinder Software and Cable Connector Kit. Using the RS-232 interface, new or revised software may be downloaded through your PC to the telescope; the positions of Earth satellites may be updated for their observation through the telescope; and the positions of newly-discovered objects, such as comets, may be accessed by Autostar.

Flip-Mirror System
For observing in the standard 90 degrees position, flip the internal, optical flat mirror up. For terrestrial observing with the optional #933 Erect Image Prism or for photography with the optional #64ST Camera Adapter, flip the mirror down.

Ultra-Portable & Easy to Use
Easy to carry to any observing location, whether a distant mountaintop or your own back yard, the Meade ETX-80AT-TC telescope offers the excitement of astronomy to viewers of any age. Just place the telescope on any flat surface, do a quick, easy 60-second alignment of the telescope's computer to the sky, and start observing. Six internal (user-supplied) AA-batteries power the ETX-80AT-TC for more than 20 hours in the field.

The Meade ETX 80 comes with SP 9.7mm and SP 26mm eyepieces. The power of the 9.7mm eyepiece with the ETX 80 is 41x. The 26mm has a power of 15X. If you want greater magnification other eyepieces are sold separately as accessories. A 5mm eyepiece would have a power of 80X.

Features & Specifications

Astro Photography: Yes
Eyepiece Format: 1.25 Inches
Eyepieces Included: 9.7mm (41x) and 26mm (15x)
Finder Scope: No
Focal Length: 400 mm
Focal Ratio: f/5
Goto: Yes
Lens Coating: Standard
Mount: Fork Arm
Objective: 80 mm
Shipping Weight: 23 lbs.
Type: Refractor
User Level: Beginner
View Galaxies / Star Clusters: Yes
View Nebulae: Yes
View the Moon: Yes
View the Planets: Yes

This Kit Includes: