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Canon HG10 - 40-gigabyte Hard Drive High-definition Camcorder

Item # CNVHG10 (Part # 2183B001)
Canon HG10 - 40-gigabyte Hard Drive High-definition Camcorder
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Item Description:
The Canon HG10 AVCHD Format Hard Disk Drive Camcorder delivers high definition technology with the effortless ease of recording video directly onto a hard disk.


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Fill Your Life with Full HD
The name Canon has always meant photographic and broadcast television cameras with optical excellence, advanced image processing, superb performance, and the latest in technological advancements. Canon's new High Definition video camcorders are no exception. Add to that, our Canon Exclusives. Canon has long been a leader in bringing advanced features to its products, taking advantage of our superiority in optics and image processing. Thanks to a continuing effort to make better video easier to create, we've included a variety of these advanced and exclusive features only available in a Canon camcorder to help you do just that.

The Canon HG10 AVCHD Format Hard Disk Drive Camcorder delivers high definition technology with the effortless ease of recording video directly onto a hard disk. Incorporating the latest AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) format, it puts superb image reproduction and advanced features at your fingertips in a compact AVCHD Format HDD camcorder, which means you'll carry it everywhere you want to capture the special moments in your life in true HD.

Among the Canon Exclusive features on the HG10 are Canon's own Full HD CMOS sensor and advanced DIGIC DV II image processor. More exclusives are SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization, Instant Auto Focus and our new 2.7" Widescreen Multi-Angle Vivid LCD. With the Genuine Canon 10x HD video zoom lens and a host of other advanced features the HG10 is the right choice in HDD camcorders.

Additional Features:

AVCHD DVD in a Compact Size
The HG10 is Canon's first AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High definition) Format Hard Disk Drive camcorder. AVCHD uses an MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codec, recording true 1080 High Definition resolution video. It allows you to capture more video onto a hard disk using less storage, for extended recording time. You can play the video directly from the camcorder on your HDTV, or easily download it onto your Windows XP or Vista system computer for playback, editing or sharing with friends and family. You can also burn video onto DVDs which play in AVCHD compatible Blu-ray disc players.2 Higher audio quality is also yours with the AVCHD format. All of this comes in a compact AVCHD format HDD camcorder, measuring only 3.2" wide, 3" high and 5.1" deep. Added to the HG10's handy size is the convenience of shooting high definition onto a hard disk. You'll never tape over a precious moment by accident, since the disk automatically searches for a blank space on which to record.

Full HD onto a 40GB Hard Disk Drive
The HG10 captures 1920 x 1080 High Definition resolution video onto a 40GB hard disk drive. A convenient format for anyone who wants to transfer video to a computer for viewing, editing or sharing, it also makes your life easier as you never have to worry about not carrying around enough recording media with you as you shoot your future memories. In LP mode, you'll be able to record up to 15 hours of video. Even when shooting in super high quality mode, five-and-a-half hours of footage is yours without taking a break to change tapes or DVDs. HDD recording also delivers true random-access play, letting you get to the scene you select instantly. With the HG10's built-in HDMI (High-definition Multimedia Interface) Terminal, it's easy to transfer the HD video signal to your HDTV. With a single cable, you'll send a pure digital signal, audio and video, to your television to get the ultimate HD viewing experience With hard disk drive recording you get true random-access play, letting you access the scene you want to see instantly. You'll also have no fear of accidentally recording over footage you've already shot. Like a computer, the HG10 automatically searches for blank space on the drive onto which to record. It's simple to delete unwanted footage and you can record as the action unfolds without worry.

Canon Exclusive: 1920x1080 Full HD CMOS SensorThe HG10 captures 1920x1080
High Definition video through its Canon designed and manufactured CMOS image sensor, similar to the CMOS image sensors in Canon's EOS Series Digital SLR
cameras. Compared to a CCD, the HG10's CMOS's high color resolution and advanced color reproduction gives brilliant results. It is also unique in featuring Canon's proprietary noise reduction technologies for crisp, sharp images. Low noise technology also means that even in dimly lit scenes, the signal from each pixel is as pure as possible, with minimal noise or other aberrations. It's the ideal sensor for HD. The HG10 uses an RGB Primary Color Filter with Bayer Placement Pattern that separates light into red, green and blue color components. This results in vibrant images with deep, rich, accurate color and natural-looking tones similar to what you'd obtain from 3CCD camcorders. In addition, the Bayer Placement Pattern delivers sharp high definition images with true-to-life color reproduction. As an added benefit, the CMOS sensor provides outstanding image capture in low light conditions.

Canon 10x HD Video Zoom Lens
Since 1934, Canon has been producing exceptional photographic lenses that are synonymous with unsurpassed optical performance. Because of Genuine Canon Optics, every Canon broadcast lens,35mm film camera, digital camera and camcorder assures brilliant optical quality - and the HG10 is no exception. The HG10 comes with an outstanding High definition video lens - a 10x HD Genuine Canon zoom lens. It's the tool you need to record long shots of your child on the soccer field, wide shots of beautiful landscapes, and everything in-between. And because it comes with three pre-set zoom speeds, you always get smooth, steady, professional-looking
zoom shots. Super Spectra Coating technology results in images with minimal flare and ghosting. Plus, the new lens' aspheric design reduces aberration and increases resolution, ensuring crisp, sharp video and enhancing the HD image quality. Not only that, but a new gradation neutral density (ND) system gives you better exposures in bright shooting situations. In addition, for those times when you need to get a particular shot from a very long distance, this flexible lens also has a 200x digital zoom.

Canon Exclusive: DIGIC DV II
DIGIC DV II is the next generation of Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing technology. Designed specifically for HD, DIGIC DV II ensures optimal image quality. It also ensures optimal image quality for still images, even though video and still images have different color requirements. DIGIC DV II is just another one of Canon's advanced technologies that make the HG10 an exceptional performer. Thanks to DIGIC DV II image processing, the HG10 produces video with improved color reproduction - especially in skin tones, and dark and light scenes. It also uses a hybrid noise reduction system that employs two types of noise reduction - for high definition images that are crystal clear. Plus, DIGIC DV II features improved continuous shooting of digital photographs with the HG10. You can shoot five (3.1 Megapixel) still images per second, and enjoy faster processing of your images to your memory card (1.4x normal card; 2.5x Hi Speed card). It also helps lower power consumption for longer battery life.

Canon Exclusive: SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization
The high-resolution images of High definition video demand a steady hand. It's easier to get those clear, steady images with the HG10, thanks to Canon's innovative SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization. It combines gyro- and image-sensors to give image stabilization through a wider range of camera motions. Some image stabilization systems correct one type of camera motion or vibration better than another. But Canon's SuperRange OIS corrects for a wide range of camcorder motion: the fast vibration you'd experience while recording from a moving car; the medium-speed motion of handheld recording; and the slower motion of body sway. No matter what you're recording and how you're recording it, the HG10's stabilization design corrects camcorder shake instantly. SuperRange OIS also delivers steady images when shooting at long focal lengths. In addition, optical stabilization keeps your shot steady without a loss in image quality - something that can't be said for electronic image
stabilization. And image stabilization isn't just for video; you can even use it for taking sharper, clearer digital photographs with your HG10. Thanks to
Canon's expertise, it's easy to eliminate one of the telltale signs of amateur video and photography.

Canon Exclusive: Instant AF
Another critical objective when shooting in High definition is achieving a very sharp focus. The HG10 camcorder features Canon's revolutionary Instant AF focusing system which offers a dramatic improvement in auto focus speed and accuracy (compared to traditional auto focus systems). The Instant AF feature uses an external sensor, in combination with Canon's auto focus system, to help significantly decrease the time it takes to find focus, even in low light conditions. This system achieves focus instantaneously, reducing focus "hunting." The benefits of Instant AF are especially seen in high brightness and night shooting situations. With Instant AF, it's possible to capture fast, accurate focusing, even when following a moving subject.

24p Cinema Mode
24p Cinema Mode enables all aspiring moviemakers to achieve a professional "film-look." You can change the camcorder's frame capture rate to 24p (recorded at 60i), which provides the appearance of the same frame rate as movie film. In addition, you can use the HG10's CINE setting, which changes the color and tonal characteristics, evoking the look and feel of a movie shown in a theater. For added flexibility, these settings can be used together or independently.

HDD Still Photo Grab from Video

Another useful and advanced feature you will find on the HG10 is the capability to capture still frame images onto a miniSD card from recorded video on the hard disk drive. None of Canon's competitors in this class allows you to review your already shot footage to select just the right still to save and share. It's just one more way the HG10 gives you more flexibility to meet your creative desires.

Canon Exclusive: 2.7" Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD
The 2.7" Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD on the HG10 lets you see more of what your camcorder is recording. Using a hard coat Anti Reflective surface and improved color reproduction, the scene in the viewfinder is more accurate to what you're capturing in the camcorder. An added benefit is the wider range of viewing angles possible with this new LCD screen. With less glare and deeper contrasts, groups of people can gather around it and see the image displayed more clearly than ever

Superb Shooting Control

Advanced Photo Features

Share Your Photos


Power Consumption

Approx. 3.6W-4.9W

Image Sensor

1/2.7" CMOS Sensor, RGB Primary Color Filter

Total Pixels

Approx. 2.96 Megapixels

Effective Pixels

Movies (HDD): Approx 2.07 Megapixels (1920 x 1080); Still Images (Card): 4:3
mode: Approx 2.76 Megapixels (1920 x 1440); 16:9 mode: 2.07 Megapixels(1920 x 1080)
Still Recording Pixels: Approximately 3.1 Megapixels (2048 x 1536)

Maximum Recording Time

XP+: 5 hours 30 minutes
XP: 9 hours 30 minutes
SP: 11 hours 30 minutes
LP: 15 hours


Zoom Ratio 10x Optical/200x Digital
Focal Length 6.1-61mm
Zoom Speed Variable/3 Fixed Zoom Speeds
Max. F/Stop f/1.8-3.0mm (HDD)
Filter Size 43 mm

Focusing System

Instant AF, through the lens
Manual focusing possible
Manual Focus Assist Functions Magnifying, Peaking

Manual Exposure


Programmed AE

Auto, Program, Av, Tv, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight,

Supported Playback Modes

1080/60i, 1080/24F

Max Shutter Speed

1/500 (card)

Auto Date/Time


Record Search/Review


Minimum Focusing Distance

10 mm (wide)/ 1m (tele)

White Balance

Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H

Image Stabilization

SuperRange Optical (lens shift)


Widescreen 0.27" Color Viewfinder/ (Approx. 123,000 pixels)

LCD Screen

2.7" Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD (Approx. 211,000 pixels)

Recording Media

Hard Disk Drive 40 GB (Internal)


Movie SD recording None; HD: Dolby Digital 2ch (AC-3 2ch)
Audio Compression Method: Dolby Digital 2 channels (AC-3.2 channels), 48kHz
Movie Recording: ACVHD (MPEG-4 AVCH/H.264: 5/7/9/15 Mbps)


(WxHxD) 3.2 x 3.0 x 5.1in.

Weight (not including lens and battery pack)

1.1 lbs

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