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Flybar Super Pogo (1505)

Item # FYB1505 (Part # 1505)
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Item Description:
The Super Pogo is made for teens and young adult riders. Powered by a stiffer steel spring and built with a tough metal frame, this pogo stick lets you achieve higher jumps.

The Super Pogo is made for teens and young adult riders. Powered by a stiffer steel spring and built with a tough metal frame, this pogo stick lets you achieve higher jumps.

Age Ranges: 14 and up.
Weight: 120 to 210 lbs.


  • Spring-powered pogo stick
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Reinforced injection-molded clamps and steps
  • Durable nitrile rubber tip
  • Fully Assembled
  • 1 year warranty


The pogo stick was invented and patented in 1918 by George Hansburg. It was shown to Florenz Ziegfield, a friend of Hansburg's in the early 1920's who immediately had a routine choreographed to be included in his Ziegfield follies. Shortly after its enthusiastic reception because of the fame of the follies, hansburg formed Flybar,Inc. Which went on to become, and remains the worlds largest pogo stick manufacturer in the world. To date, over 25 million pogos have been sold and the Flybar, Inc. pogo is constantly innovating and improving the pogo stick.


Irwin Arginsky, president of SBI Enterprises, shared the same vision for years. Despite SBI's enduring success, Mr. Arginsky persistently hunted down a chance to improve the basic pogo stick to higher levels. It was this common quest for a product that could elevate adults, as well as children, to new heights that ultimately lead to the unlikely partnership between Andy and SBI Enterprises.

Over the years, many changes have been implemented that have improved the safety and durability of these traditional pogo sticks It was in the year 2000 that Flybar, Inc. was presented with a new technology that would enable a pogo stick to be propelled to greater heights. The "natural rubber thruster" technology was patented and the birth of the "extreme pogo" came onto the scene.

Today & Beyond

To date, Flybar, Inc. has consistently innovated and improved their extreme pogo securing their position as the worlds leader in pogo sticks Besides dramatic improvements that have allowed the Flybar, Inc. pogos to become the "best in class", new research and development continues. Hopefully, we will take the pogo stick into the 21st century high tech / social media world we now live in. Shortly we hope to introduce the worlds "first interactive" pogo stick - our "smart pogo".

We are still passionate about pogos after 96 years, and are proud that the Flybar, Inc. pogo has become "the standard by which all pogos are measured".

Important Safety Information:

Define a field of action before you start a session, and have the discipline to drop off the Flybar if you are near your edge. Make sure to check and obey laws regarding use on public property.


Safety gear is a must - there is no compromise about this. Don't even think about jumping on a Flybar without one. If fit and worn properly, helmets prevent hundreds of serious injuries every year. Choose one that's been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and make sure that you adjust the fit correctly. The helmet should fit snugly - if you can tip or twist it out of position, the straps are too loose. It should sit squarely atop your head, not tilted back, to protect your forehead in case of a forward fall. Knee and elbow pads are also essential gear that should be worn.


Steer clear of streets, parking lots, and any other area vehicles may use. Maintaining your balance (and attempting challenging moves) is going to require your full attention. It's all about focus, not about trying to dodge SUV's.


Using your flybar too close to other people is dangerous and rude. There is no way to predict how they will react so back off. Respect their safety and their space.


Do not try to jump on a surface which is wet, oily, or even lightly covered with sand, gravel, leaves, or litter - you will greatly reduce the traction of your Flybar's tip. You want to maintain an upright posture, not skid off balance.


Once you have mastered the flybar it's possible to bounce so high that the top of your head will be 10-12 feet in the air. Even novices, however, should check for overhead clearance all around the field of action.


Remember, you want to maintain a position perpendicular to the ground. If the surface slopes sharply, that's just not possible, and it is far more likely you'll skid sideways and fall.


At peak compression, the Flybar can pack over 1,000 of force. Don't jump on plank floors, lawns, or any other surface you wouldn?t be confident driving car across.


You're in greater danger of skidding or experiencing a jaw-jarring drop if you use your Flybar on any surface with holes (e.g. storm grates) or irregularities such as speed bumps or curbs.


Always make sure all connections are secure. That means you should make sure that the piston is safely secured, the foot is on tight, the handlebars aren?t loose, and the outer shell is bolted securely.


With experience and skill, you'll be able to react to pretty much any situation reflexively. But skill develops slowly, so take your time. As you put in the hours, you'll become instinctively aware of how much traction you have, how high you're going to bounce, how to correct your balance and where you're going to land. Be prepared to bail out at any time. Always be sure to exercise caution and common sense.


Never jump without making sure the surface is safe - solid, flat, clean, well lit, and dry. The best bet: concrete. Stick to outdoor areas that are free of hazards and give you plenty of room to maneuver (you'll need several hundred feet of clear surface on all sides).

Please Note:

  • Do not worry if the spring initially feels "tight". It takes some "jumping time" for it to set.



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