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Humminbird 1199ci HD SI 10.4" Color Temp/Speed GPS Sonar Combo Fish Finder

Item # HUM4092301 (Part # 409230-1)
Humminbird 1199ci HD SI 10.4` Color Temp/Speed GPS Sonar Combo Fish Finder
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Item Description:
The 1199ci HD SI features a large 10.4" display with LED backlight, Side Imaging, Down Imaging and DualBeam PLUS with sonar up to 8000 Watts PTP* power output, GPS Chartplotting with built-in Humminbird ContourXD maps, and Ethernet networking capabilities



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The 1199ci HD SI features a large 10.4" display with LED backlight, Side Imaging, Down Imaging and DualBeam PLUS with sonar up to 8000 Watts PTP* power output, GPS Chartplotting with built-in Humminbird ContourXD maps, and Ethernet networking capabilities.  Includes unit cover and in-dash mounting kit.  Maximize your angling experience with the Humminbird 1199ci HD SI Combo fishfinder system.

*Optional 50 kHz transducers available for extreme deepwater use

*To obtain 1000 watts, optional deepwater transducer required


360 Imaging

360 Imaging - We have you surrounded. 360 Imaging allows you to isolate your sweep, see 5 preset views or see all around you.

Revolutionary Humminbird 360 Imaging offers a detailed, 360 degree view around your boat. Visualize it as a thin sonar wall extending 150 feet to either side of your vessel. This wall rotates to create a 300-foot circle enabling you to see areas virtually impossible to reach with other types of sonar. And, because the sonar wall moves, you don't have to, so you can see where fish are, before they see you.
Side Imaging Sonar

Side Imaging Sonar -- Gain a 180 degree side to side perspective on the world below the surface.

For greater on-water flexibility, 360 Imaging lets you choose from five beam speed settings. Lower beam speeds lead to higher image quality but lower refresh rates. Conversely, higher beam speeds result in lower image quality but higher refresh rates. With five options, you can find the ideal setting for your boat speed, water conditions, and need for detail.

It's all in the details. Gain a 180 degree side-to-side perspective on the world below the surface with remarkable Humminbird Side Imaging. In an instant, the ultra-thin beam scans the area up to 240 feet to the left and right of your boat location-for total coverage of up to 480 feet. The return image for each slice is then added to the images taken immediately before and after to build an incredible view of the lake bottom. You can then magnify the detail of the image with the zoom feature or mark the GPS location of promising cover or structure directly on the screen.

Side Imaging's high-frequency beams reveal structure, cover, and contour changes with crystal clarity. The images are so real you might think it's a camera, but it's not, so it doesn't matter how murky the water is.

Down Imaging Sonar

Down Imaging Sonar -- Get a fish-eye's view of what's happening below your boat. Incredible images are created with High-frequency sound waves

Sometimes, to catch fish, not only do you have to think like one, you've got to see like one. Get a fish-eye's view of what's happening below your boat with Humminbird Down Imaging. These incredible images are created with high frequency sound waves emitted in ultra-thin slices. The sonar returns from these waves produce a "portrait." As you patrol the water, you'll watch fish, reefs, timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks, and any other structure or cover pop with stunning detail.


SwitchFire Sonar -- Take command of how your sonar returns appear with our Clear and Max Modes.

Building on our legacy of sonar innovation, exclusive Humminbird SwitchFire puts anglers in complete command of how their sonar returns appear. With two unique display modes, you can adjust to your fishing conditions on the fly. Add or remove detail; account for water depth, temperature and turbulence; even experiment with lure presentations-all at the push of a button. SwitchFire adds a whole new dimension to 2D fish-finding. It's one more reason Humminbird is simply, clearly, better.

DualBeam Plus Sonar

Two beams combine for great detail and a wide coverage area. Use the narrow beam for high-accuracy returns and bottom. Use the wide beam when you want a larger search area.

Internal GPS

GPS antenna built into the head unit

Get unparalleled GPS technology out of the box. Many Humminbird fishfinders have our powerful Precision GPS/WAAS receiver built right in and provides fast position fixes accurate within 2.5 meters.

For those models without it, there are several options:
Add the Humminbird Precision GPS/WAAS receiver for permanent GPS capability on your boat.
Use Humminbird?s adapter and the NMEA output on your own handheld GPS unit, or use Humminbird?s InterLink to allow two fishfinders to access one GPS receiver.

Upgradeable Software

Up-gradable Software -- Access software updates to enhance the performance of your Humminbird unit through our My Humminbird section of the site.

Dual Card Slots

Dual SD Card Slots -- Use one slot for advanced cartography and the other to save screenshots, sonar recordings and waypoints.

High Definition Display

Provides bright, crystal-clear images for easy viewing in harsh sunlight.

ContourXD Cartography

Contour XD is our built-in base map cartography that covers 3,000 US lakes with depth contours and many other locations without contours.

Humminbird ContourXD is an enhanced, professional mapping package that comes standard on 1100, 900 and 800 Series models. With over 3,000 U.S. lake maps in the database, you will be able to find a lake close to any location you might want to wet a line.
As an added bonus, ContourXD maps feature depth contour lines, so you can find all the drops, bumps and channels holding fish. The maps also include U.S. lights/markers, and major roads and interstates. Fish like a pro on your home lake, or a lake far from home, thanks to Humminbird ContourXD.


Rig up the ultimate fishing system. Use our 5-Port Ethernet switch to link together multiple Humminbird head units or share transducers.


HD Radar

In darkness and fog, busy channels and treacherous weather, situational awareness is the name of the game.

In darkness and fog, busy channels and treacherous weather, situational awareness is the name of the game. Whether you want a pure, clear radar presentation, or a chart display with radar overlay and target tracking, Humminbird HD Radar delivers. You'll be able to define vessels, obstacles, and structures with pinpoint precision and in stunning high definition


Battle fish - not other boats. Humminbird's state of the art AIS technology takes the risk and guesswork out of navigating high-traffic channels or low-visibility seas.

Every day on the seas has the potential to become a life-changing experience-and not always the good kind. From poor weather to high-traffic channels to sudden changes in engine performance, Humminbird can help you stay informed, safe and productive. Use Humminbird radar to maneuver in low visibility and identify clues to where the fish are.

Battle fish-not other boats. Track other vessels with Humminbird's state-of-the-art AIS technology. It takes the risk and guesswork out of navigating high-traffic channels or low-visibility seas. From your Humminbird display, you'll see key information transmitted by other AIS-equipped vessels in VHF range of your boat. If you choose, other vessels will be able to view the same information about you. See. Be seen. Never be sorry.


NMEA 2000 ready - Boat performance, weather or water conditions, make sense of it all with our networking solutions

What started out a perfect day on the water can quickly turn ugly. From poor weather to high boat traffic to sudden changes in engine performance, Humminbird can help you stay informed, safe and productive. Tap into NMEA 2000 sensor data to monitor everything from fuel use to wind.

From boat performance to weather and water conditions, make sense of it all with Humminbird NMEA 2000 Networking. Easily connect sensor after sensor to your vessel's Humminbird system. Bearing, depth, engine status, tank level, electrical-you name it, we can display it. Conserve valuable fuel, make informed decisions and see red flags with an at-a-glance view of all relevant information.

i-Pilot Link

The i-Pilot Link Integrated GPS Trolling System enables your Humminbird fishfinder and Minn Kota trolling motor to communicate with each other to take command and deliver automatic boat control. From your Humminbird or the wireless remote, you have the power to find, store and revisit your most productive fishing spots and tracks all with unparalleled GPS accuracy. Add in a Humminbird LakeMaster map card and you can follow any depth contour you choose, automatically, or cast to it from a set distance. It's less time positioning your boat. More time catching fish.


  • Display Size - Diagonal:10.4"
  • Display Pixel Matrix:800H x 600V
  • Display Type:Color TFT
  • Display Colors Grayscale:65,000 Colors
  • Sonar Standard:HD Side Imaging, HD Down Imaging, DualBeam PLUS
  • Standard Sonar Coverage:20 degrees, 60 degrees & (2) 86 degrees & (2) 55 degrees at -10db (Total of 180 degrees)
  • Standard Sonar Frequency:200/83/455/800/50* kHz
  • Sonar Optional:QuadraBeam PLUS
  • Target Separation:2 1/2"
  • Power Output RMS:1000 Watts*
  • Power Output Peak to Peak:8000 Watts*
  • Depth Capability:150 ft (SI/DI), 1500 ft & 3000 ft*
  • Temperature:Included
  • Speed:GPS Speed Included
  • Backlight:Yes
  • Mount A Unit Size:13.1"W x 9.3"H x 2.9"D
  • Mount B Unit Size:13.1"W x 8.8"H x 2.9"D
  • Unit Mount Type:In-dash or Gimbal
  • Transducer Standard:XHS 9 HDSI 180 T
  • Transducer Mounting:Transom
  • Power Input:10-20 VDC
  • Power Draw:1.3 Amps
  • GPS Receiver:Included
  • GPS Tracking:Included
  • GPS Chartplotting:Included
  • Waypoints, Routes, Tracks/Points:2.750, 45, 50/20,000
  • Lakemaster:Optional
  • Navionics Gold/HotMaps:Optional
  • Navionics Platinum +:Optional
  • Platinum Capable:Optional
  • C-Map:Not Supported
  • 360 Imaging:Optional
  • iPilotLINK:Optional

5 Port Expansion Module:Optional
WeatherSense:Not Supported
Precision GPS:Included
Heading Sensor GPS:Optional
PC Connect:Optional
GPS Connecton Link:Optional
AS Interlink:Not Supported
AIS Compatability:Optional
SwitchFire Sonar:Included
Screen Snap Shot:Included
Sonar Recording:Included
Upgradable Internal Software:Included
Split Screen Zoom:Included
Split Screen Bottom Lock:Included
3D Chart View:Included
Large Digits View:Included
Wide/Narrow Cone Split Screen:Included
Custom View Selections:Included
Custom Digital Readout:Included
View Preset Keys:Included
Temperature Graph:Included
Temperature Alarm:Included
Freeze Frame:Included
Instant Image Update:Included
Mark Structure on Sonar:Included
Selective Fish ID+:Included
Real Time Sonar:Included
X-Press Menu System:Included
MMC Compartment Available:Yes
MMC #Slots:2

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