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JVC DR-MX1S Combination DVD recorder/HiFi VCR + 80GB digital video recorder

Item # JVCDRMX1S (Part # DRMX1S)
DR-MX1S Combination DVD recorder/HiFi VCR + 80GB digital video recorder
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The DR-MX1S delivers the ultimate in recording conveniences. Twin Tuners lets you record two different shows at the same time. With its 80GB Hard Drive capacity, you can record 36 hours of your favorite programs at the highest picture quality. Enjoy simultaneous recording and playback on the hard drive. Use the animated thumbnail with audio to find the programs you recorded. Watch a DVD while recording a TV program. Do high speed dubbing from Hard Drive to DVD and VHS. You can easily make copies of your favorite home movies using the DV Input from a firewire equipped camcorder or one of the A/V inputs.

The solution you've been waiting for
The DRMX1S is the perfect solution for today's DVD/VHS world. This amazing machine provides easy VHS to DVD and DVD to VHS dubbing, so you can easily burn all of your home videos to DVD for better quality, longer lifespan, and easier storage. High Quality Dubbing and High Speed Dubbing (at 24x) add further convenience to the DRMX1S. You can record DVD-RAM, DVD-RW (VR & Video Formats) and DVD-R discs. Twin tuners enable this combination component to simultaneously record on VHS and DVD, and there's even Live Memory that allows simultaneous recording and playback (DVD-RAM only). With its 80GB Hard Drive capacity, you can record 36 hours of your favorite TV programs at the highest picture quality. Or, watch a DVD while you record from the TV. For uniterrupted viewing pleasure of your favorite shows, this lets you record your program to watch after this kids have finished their movie and are in bed. The animated thumbnail (with audio) makes it easy to find the programs you recorded. So go with the DRMX1S, and you'll really enjoy the best of both worlds.

Progessive Scan
JVC has included some impressive technology to get the most out of your VHS viewing and dubbing. Progressive Scan mode creates a smoother video with HD-compatible TVs. With this technology, the DRMX1S delivers VHS playback at 480P resolution. When viewing your VHS tapes you won't notice the inter-line motion blur that is common with interlace scanning, and Digital Wide TBC (Time Base Correction) removes other sources of jitter. Progressive scanning samples the entire picture and uses line memory to interpolate picture information. Basically, this means that the DRMX1S delivers a VHS picture with less flicker, higher density and improved edge detail. That's also great news when you're burning tapes to DVD. It's the progressive way to view your VHS tapes.

Sharing Memories
So you've just returned from vacation, a wedding or your kid's soccer game, where you've captured all the excitement on your digital camcorder. Imagine being able to plug your camcorder into your DVD player and make DVD copies for everyone you know. That's exactly the kind of convenience the DR-MV1 gives you. An i.LINK (DV Input) connection makes it easy to plug in your digital camcorder and burn DVDs or VHS tapes of your latest adventure.

You'll also have a great time recording with the DRMX1S, but part of its charm lies in its playback capabilities. So what kind of disc do you have to play? The DRMX1S accepts DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-R/RW, and MP3 and JPEG CD-R/RWs. So it'll play just about anything you throw into it. And, of course, it also plays all of your VHS tapes. Instant replay, quick skip and live check help make sure you don't miss anything you want to see, and help you skip over the stuff you'd rather miss. Motion Adaptive Progressive Scan (for video sources) and DVD Digital Direct Progressive Scan (for film sources) work hard to present you with the absolute best picture.

Features & Specifications

RCA Audio Inputs: x 3 sets
Composite Video Inputs: x 3
S-Video Inputs: x 3
IEEE 1394/i.Link Input: x 2
Digital Optical Output: x 1
Composite Video Outputs: x 2
S-Video Outputs: x 2
Component Video Outputs: x 1

Manufacturer Warranty:  One year parts, 90 days labor
Dimensions: 17.1" (W) x 3.78 (H) x 15.1 (D)

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