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JVC HD-61FH97 - HD-ILA 61" High-definition 1080p LCoS Rear Projection TV

Item # JVCHD61FH97 (Part # HD61FH97)
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Item Description:
JVC's exclusive Full HD 3-chip (1920 x 1080) D-ILA technology delivers more than 2 million pixels per chip for resolution that rivals reality

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The most amazing picture imaginable is what you will see with JVC's line of 1080p HD-ILA Rear Projection Televisions. The JVC HD-61FH97 is a 61" Widescreen rear projection TV built on JVC's 3-Chip DILA Technology, a revolutionary Micro-display technology that will give you the most incredible picture imaginable. Packed with supporting features like the 5-Point Color Management, Dynamic Gamma Correction Circuitry, two HDMI Digital Inputs, 2 HD Component Inputs, two 2 IEEE 1394 (i.Link) Connectivity, built-in ATSC/QAM tuner with Cable Card slot, PC input, and JVC's D.I.S.T 1080p (Digital Image Scaling Technology), JVC delivers the most technologically advanced and superior Micro-display televisions available today.

The JVC HD-61FH97 features a 0.7-inch D-ILA device in a three-chip design - a vertically-oriented LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology that adds an inorganic alignment layer that stabilizes device performance and maximizes chip production. The three-chip structure has the ability to continuously reproduce a flicker- and burn-free picture. In addition, an invisible pixel structure ensures that there are no color or motion artifacts, and a true analog grey scale provides outstanding gradations of black.

The HD-61FH97 features outstanding image quality of both standard and high definition signals ensured through the use of a new optical engine with JVC's new Advanced Super Cinema Mode that responds to scene content to provide optimum black levels and accurate gradation in dark scenes. The sets also employ JVC's Genessa 32-bit CPU video processing, incorporating the fifth generation of JVC's D.I.S.T. (Digital Image Scaling Technology). D.I.S.T. seamlessly up-scales any video source to display at full high definition 1080p. Standard definition signals are improved through better IP conversion, improved scaler performance and a new PLL system that improves the performance of a composite signal.
D.I.S.T. also includes a Digital Noise Suppressor that detects and eliminates "block noise", a Mosquito Noise Suppressor that eliminates noise without degrading the image, and a 3D Y/C comb filter with DTV Cross Color Eliminator that uses an advanced 10-bit 3D Y/C separation process to eliminate cross color and dot interference that is imbedded in older source material.

Performance is further enhanced through the use of HD DSD (Digital Super Detail) edge enhancement, which is active on still, fast and slow motion areas of the picture for crisp, defined edges. HD-ILA sets also feature improved Dynamic Gamma Control Circuitry with GENESSA, TheaterPro D6500K color temperature, Digital Noise Clear Circuitry, Interactive Plug-in Menu, XDS ID Display, and Natural Cinema 3-2 pull down with on/off capability for the best image quality when viewing content originally shot for film.

In addition, the audio performance of new HD-ILA TVs is improved through the use of MaxxBass, digital signal processing that extends the perceived bass performance, and a built-in parametric equalizer for more accurate frequency response. JVC's new A.H.S.+ (Advanced Hyper Surround), which features improved center channel performance, and oblique cone speakers that direct the sound upward to deliver better performance throughout the room.

Two HDMI inputs with HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) offers an uncompressed solution to the transmission and display of 1080p high definition video and multi-channel digital audio content. All sets also include dual auto sensing component video inputs, assuring the best possible picture quality whether a viewer is using DTV, D-VHS or DVD, and two S-Video inputs and four AV inputs (1 side/3 rear). 

True 1080p Full HD Widescreen D-ILA (Direct drive Image Light Amplifier) Device
JVC's exclusive three color D-ILA chip technology (1920 x 1080) with more than 2 million pixels per chip provides Full HD images that are brilliant, high contrast, and flicker-free image

ATSC / QAM / CableCARD Capabilities   
A built-in ATSC tuner allows you to receive over-the-air digital terrestrial broadcasts. Clear QAM tuner allows you to receive unscrambled digital cable signals. The CableCARD slot eliminates the need for a set top box to descramble local cable programming (depending upon cable operator availability)

5th Generation D.I.S.T. w/Genessa 1080p
JVC's 5th generation D.I.S.T. detects and seamlessly up-scales any video source to display at 1080p. Genessa provides 32bit "turbo" powered picture processing for faster and more efficient sampling to drastically reduce jagged edges and increase the resolution of all sources

PRO Feature Connection Pack
The 1080p FH Series all feature an RS-232C input for remote home professional systems and all gold plated jacks for better conductivity and high level connections for all devices

HD Range Digital Super Detail Circuitry (DSD)
keeps the picture completely focused for both still and highly active images

5 Point Color Management System (CMS)
CMS compensates for color range limitations and insures JVC colors are reproduced with dimension and vivid detail - colors are true and never tainted by surrounding or similar colors

Advanced Optical Iris
JVC's new iris insures that light output and contrast ratio are optimal for each video status setting with a contrast ratio of more than 10,000:1

Natural Cinema (3-2 Pull Down)
Natural Cinema employs 3-2 Pull Down technology to drastically reduce the jagged edges that normally occur when film is converted to video

Exclusive Sound Package
Suited for premier sound quality these models feature 20 Watts Total Audio Power, A.H.S.+ for advanced voice processing and simulated surround sound, Vocal Enhancement On/Off in Menu, Bass Reflex, and a Parametric Equalizer and MaxxBass for maximum bass response

A Full Complement of Standard Features
includes an all button illuminated universal remote control, Smart Picture Technology, 5 Video Status Modes (D6500K/Standard/Game/Theater/Dynamic), 7 Selectable Aspect Modes, Auto Demo, Smart Sound, Smart Captions, Channel Label/Video Input Label, Favorite Channel Memory, Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Surfing, Return+, Sleep Timer, Front Panel Lock, Noise Muting, Split POP with Twin, Freeze and Index, and more

Inputs & Outputs
All terminals are Gold Plated. Input terminals include dual 1080p HDMI w/HDCP Digital Video Inputs, an RS-232C, a DCR CableCARD slot, dual IEEE1394 FireWire Ports, a PC Input as Input (D-Sub 15 Pin), a Smart Video Input, 2 Auto Sensing Component Video Inputs, 2 S Video Inputs, 4 AV Inputs and a Center Channel Input. Output terminals include an Optical Digital Audio Output and a Variable/Fixed Audio Output


  • True 1080p 2 Million Pixel Structure 3-Chip DILA System (1920x1080)
  • ATSC/QAM and Digital CableCard Capable (Digital Cable Ready)
  • 5th Generation D.I.S.T. 1080p(Digital Image Scaling Technology) + GENESSA Picture Processing
  • Advanced Super Cinema Mode (Optical Iris System)
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction Circuitry
  • MPEG Noise Reduction
  • Mosquito Noise Suppressor
  • Component Cross Color Eliminator
  • Flicker Free High Resolution Picture
  • NEW Digital 5 Point Color Management
  • 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio
  • 150 MHz Digital Super Detail
  • Natural Cinema (3-2 Pulldown)
  • Natural Progressive Line Doubling
  • Panorama, Cinema, Full and Regular Aspect Modes
  • HD EZ Fill (HD Full, Cinema Zoom and HD Panorama)
  • Video Noise Reduction
  • 5 Video Status Modes - Theater/Dynamic/Game/Standard/TheaterPro 6500K
  • Color Temperature High/Low
  • Digital Noise Clear Circuitry
  • High Contrast Icon Based On Screen Display
  • 3D Y/C Comb Filter
  • Single NTSC Tuner with Twin Mode, Index and Freeze
  • Dual 1080p Capable HDMI/HDCP Digital Inputs
  • Dual IEEE 1394 (i.Link) Connectivity
  • PC Input (15 pin D-Sub XGA/VGA)
  • Smart Input
  • 2 HD Component Video Inputs
  • 2 S-Video Inputs
  • 4 AV Inputs (1 Side, 3 Rear)
  • RF Input
  • Front Firing Speakers
  • Center Channel Input
  • MTS Stereo
  • Advanced Hyper Surround Sound+ with Maxx Bass
  • Fixed/Variable Audio Output with TV Speaker On/Off
  • Interactive Plug-in Menu
  • XDS ID Display
  • XDS Auto Clock Set
  • World Clock
  • Multi-function Timer
  • Sleep Timer
  • Input Naming
  • Black Level Expansion
  • Front Panel Lock
  • V-Chip
  • EL Based (Electro Luminescent) All Button Illuminated Universal Remote Control
  • Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Changer
  • Return +
  • Dimensions: 55-3/8" (W) x 40" (H) x 19" (D)
  • Weight: 97 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: One Year parts and labor
This Kit Includes:

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