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Monster Cable HDP 2500 High Definition PowerCenter w/ Stage 2, T2 Protection (11 Outlets)

Item # MCHDP2500 (Part # 121581)
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Item Description:
Microprocessor controlled T2 surge protection, Advanced HD Clean Power Stage 2 filtration.11 surge protected AC outlets and also protects phone, network, cable and satellite connections for complete home theater protection.

The High Definition PowerCenter HDP 2500 is designed to provide superior protection and let you enjoy all the color, clarity and excitement that your high definition TV can deliver. Microprocessor controlled T2 surge protection keeps your home theater equipment safe from power surges and spikes. Advanced HD Clean Power Stage 2 filtration is engineered for high definition AV components. The HDP 2500 has 11 surge protected AC outlets and also protects phone, network, cable and satellite connections for complete home theater protection.

Key Features:

  • Monster HD Clean Power Stage 2 circuitry filter dramatically reduces electronic noise.
  • T2 automatic disconnect/reconnect surge protection circuitry.
  • Patented Tri-Mode surge protection automatically disconnects both line and neutral power lines and sounds an alarm.
  • 11 surge-protected, color-coded AC outlets.
  • 2 pair ultra-low loss 2.8 GHz satellite connections.

Designed for Today's High Definition Technology
The High Definition Power Center HDP 2500 is a bold combination of design, advanced engineering, and convenient functionality. This new PowerCenter design delivers the advanced protection and performance that home theater enthusiasts expect.

Prevent Thousands of Dollars in Damage to Your Sensitive Home Theater Electronics
Common power surges, spikes and dips can occur multiple times a day and can easily damage or destroy the delicate digital circuitry in your home theater electronics. However, many ordinary surge protectors only use MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) with a limited surge absorption capacity, rated in Joules. If a surge's power exceeds the Joule capacity, any connected equipment is left vulnerable to surge damage.

The HDP 2500 gives your delicate HDTV and digital AV electronics the advanced protection they need. For a triple layer of safety, the HDP 2500 protects against power surges and spikes on all three power lines (line, neutral, ground). With over 6066 Joules of surge absorption capacity, the HDP 2500 provides a very high level of protection.

Microprocessor-Controlled T2 Circuitry Takes Protection a Step Further
T2 automatically disconnects the PowerCenter itself and your equipment from both live power lines (line and neutral), and reconnects ONLY when power levels are safe. Unlike other surge protectors, T2 will NOT sacrifice itself when a potentially damaging power overload hits, and keeps on protecting with no reduction in performance.

Monster Tri-Mode Provides Advanced Surge Protection and Safety
Patented Tri-Mode circuitry uses relays, MOVs, and thermal fuses to protect against dangerous power surges, dips and spikes that can travel over all three power lines (Line, Neutral, Ground). When it senses dangerous power conditions, Tri-Mode automatically disconnects AV components and sounds an audible alarm, letting you know that HDP 2500 has protected your AV components

Protection for All of Your Home Theater Connections
All of your home theater's connections need to be protected, or the entire system is vulnerable to damage. Dangerous power surges and spikes can travel through cable, satellite, and telephone lines and severely damage or even destroy your equipment. The HDP 2500 features comprehensive surge protection on coax, network, and phone connections for complete satellite, antenna, DVR, and cable TV line protection.

It's a Fact, Electrical Power is Full of Performance Degrading Noise and Interference
Cell phones, TVs, appliances, and other electronics all generate noise and interference that pollute your home's electricity. This "dirty power" can degrade picture and sound performance. Dirty power can also stress the delicate digital circuitry inside HDTVs and other home theater components, potentially shortening their life. However, ordinary surge protectors can't remove the effects of dirty power.

Patented Monster HD Clean Power Stage 2 for Better Picture and Sound
The HDP 2500 features advanced Monster Clean Power HD Stage 2 filtration that's precision-engineered to remove the effects of dirty power for better picture and sound. In addition, by minimizing noise and interference, HD Clean Power filtration reduces unnecessary wear to the sensitive digital circuitry in today's high definition home theater components. Additionally, the HDP 2500 has groundloop isolation on cable connections to reduce noise and interference that can affect your HDTV's picture.

Convenient Features and Striking Design
Front panel AC power outlet and the USB ports provide convenient power connections for camcorders, portable media players, etc., and are easily accessible for use at any time. A door covers the front power ports when they are not in use and gives the unit a clean, neat look. The HDP 2500 is also PLC (power line communications) compatible, allowing you to set up a home AV network using existing AC power lines. There's no need to run cables inside walls or along molding. The HDP 2500 High Definition Power Center wraps all this advanced functionality in an ultra-sleek silver chassis with a new butterfly style faceplate design.

This Kit Includes:

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