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Monster Cable High Definition Video HTFS 500 Flat Panel PowerCenter

Item # MCHTFS500 (Part # 109415)
Brand new, USA Warranty
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Monster Power High Definition Video HTFS 500 Flat Panel PowerCenter

Your high-definition flat-panel display is a significant investment. If you have a plasma or LCD display, protect it with Monster Power's HTFS 500 PowerCenter. It not only saves your equipment from harmful spikes and surges, but also controls the power coming into your gear to provide the best performance!

The HTFS 500 contains 2775 joules of Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) protection, and also uses Dual-Mode Plus, Monster's exclusive protection circuitry. When hit by a large surge, the Dual-Mode Plus circuitry immediately disconnects everything attached to it, preventing serious damage. At the same time, dual indicators light up and an audible alarm sound to let you know the PowerCenter has protected your system.

AC power noise affects high-definition flat-panel displays more than regular televisions. The HTFS 500's Clean Power circuitry helps eliminate AC power noise both going into and coming out of your flat-panel display, letting your components perform more efficiently.

Only 1-1/2 inches thick, the PowerCenter can easily be installed behind most wall-mounted flat-panel displays. The HTFS 500 comes with an extra-long 8-foot, heavy-duty cord. The plug features 24k gold contacts for maximum power transfer, and is flat so you can put furniture closer to the wall. The unit is backed by a 5-year warranty. Plus, Monster will replace up to $300,000 worth of your equipment if damaged by an over-voltage condition.


  • 12V trigger input
  • 2775 joule rating provides a high level of surge protection
  • $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Extra long 8-foot PowerLine 200 AC power cord
  • 24k gold contact plug for maximum corrosion resistance and power transfer
  • Monster HDV Clean Power circuitry delivers highest quality video to Plasma, LCD, and Flat Screen TVs
  • 2 AC outlets with AC surge protection to protect your investment
  • Compact design fits behind flat panel displays
  • Dual Mode Plus power protection circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect
  • Measures 7-1/2" (W) x 1-1/2" (H) x 3-1/2" (D)
  • 5 year warranty

Monster's HTFS 500 Excels in Protecting Your High Definition Video Investment
Like personal computers, high definition video components can be easily damaged from the surges and spikes common with AC power today. The problem is even worse if you live in an area plagued by lightning or power blackouts. Extremely high voltages can travel through the AC power line, seriously damaging or even destroying your flat screen TV. The Monster HTFS 500 features 2775 joules of Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) protection.

Exclusive Dual Mode Plus Protection Circuitry for Ultimate Surge Protection
MOVs are not enough to protect your equipment on their own. Unlike ordinary surge protectors, the HTFS 500's exclusive Dual Mode Plus protection circuitry automatically disconnects all of your connected equipment if you're hit by a big surge. While some other surge protectors leave equipment connected and vulnerable after such a hit, Monster's HTFS 500 disconnects them. In addition, if your system takes a hit, dual indicators with lights and an audible alarm will tell you that Monster Power has protected your system from damage.

Monster Clean Power Removes "Dirty" AC Power for the Best High Definition Picture
It's a known fact...the AC power to your home is worse than ever before. All your neighbors are sharing the same AC power line with your home theater components. When you (or they) use refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc., all generate electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. You'll experience a lack of sharpness and color detail from your high definition components.

Maximize High Definition Video Quality with Monster Clean Power
Monster's Clean Power circuitry is engineered specifically to help eliminate noise from high definition video sources. Clean Power also dramatically reduces electronic noise on your AC power line to give you the best possible picture from your high definition displays, including plasma, LCD or HDTVs.

Monster Clean Power HDV Filtering for High Definition Video
Flat screens and other high definition components are often placed far enough away from the rest of your home theater system that you can't necessarily plug everything into the same surge protector. At the same time, you don't want to deprive your expensive plasma, LCD or HDTV of protection from dangerous surges and spikes by plugging it directly into a wall outlet. Installing Monster's High Definition Video PowerCenter HTFS 500 will not only protect your high-end video component, it will also help eliminate AC power noise to and from your unit.

Money Where Your Mouth Is
Monster is Monsterously confident about the protection that the HTFS 500 provides, which is why they will replace up to $300,000 worth of your equipment if it?s damaged by an over-voltage condition (when properly connected, of course).

More than Just a Surge Protector
The HTFS 500's sleek, high-tech design and clearly labeled outlets allow you to plug components in and out, easily identifying the right one. The unit mounts easily, so you can protect your plasma, LCD, or HDTV without detracting from the scenery. The extra heavy-duty longer length cord helps you place your high definition components where you want them. The flat plug doesn't stick out, so you can put furniture right up against it. And of course, the plug features 24k gold contacts for maximum power transfer, just like you'd expect in a Monster Power product. You Get More of Everything from The Monster.

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