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Monster Cable HTS 1000 MKII PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 2 v.2.0

Item # MCHTS1000MKII (Part # 109370)
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HTS 1000 MKII PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 2 v.2.0

To get the most out of your A/V components, and protect them from harmful power spikes and surges at the same time you need Monster Power's HTS 1000 MK II PowerCenter! Its Stage 2 v.2.0 Clean Power filtering reduces EMI and RFI, which can cause unwanted buzzes, pops, and distorted TV images. Noise-free AC power helps you get the best possible performance from your entire system.

The HTS 1000 MKII also protects your A/V gear from potentially damaging power fluctuations. It features 8 color-coded AC outlets, plus protection for 3 coaxial (antenna/cable/DBS) inputs and 1 telephone line. But don't think of this as just another surge protector! The HTS 1000 can absorb a surge of up to 2775 joules, and uses Monster's Tri-Mode Protection circuitry to automatically disconnect everything plugged into it when hit by a major surge, protecting your gear from damage. It also emits an audible alarm to let you know your equipment is disconnected and safe.

Monster Power stands behind the HTS 1000 MKII with a lifetime warranty and a 5-year, $250,000 connected equipment guarantee.


It's a Fact: "Dirty" AC Power Can Ruin Your Home Theater Sound & Picture
Audiophiles have known for years that the power coming through the AC line is full of interference and line disturbances that degrade audio reproduction. Dirty power is also caused by radiated high frequency signals, such as those coming from broadcast stations, or even your own video and digital components. You only have to see the interference from a motor or hairdryer to see and hear its effects. With today's digital circuitry and especially with digital video, polluted AC power can cause poor quality sound and picture. The detrimental effects of dirty power cannot be removed by ordinary surge protectors.

Monster's Patented Clean Power Stage 2 v.2.0 Filters, for Better Sound & Picture
Monster's Clean Power Circuitry Stage 2 v.2.0 filters provide excellent AC power line noise rejection. Isolation of audio and video equipment is provided for improved component-generated noise rejection. This results in the best possible sound and picture from your components. You'll enjoy a more natural sound with increased dynamic range as well as the most vivid image possible.

Prevent Thousands of Dollars Worth of Potential Damage to Your Sensitive Electronics from AC Electrical Surges and Spikes - The Monster Power HTS 1000 MKII Excels in Safety and Protection
Like personal computers, sensitive electronics in your Home Theater components can be easily damaged from the surges and spikes common with AC power today. The problem is even worse if you live in an area plagued by lightning or power blackouts. Extremely high voltages can travel through the power line, seriously damaging or even destroying your components. The Monster HTS 1000 MKII features over 2700 joules of extreme surge and spike protection.

Patent Pending Tri-Mode Protection Circuitry for the Ultimate Surge Protection Safety
Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are not enough to protect your equipment on their own. Unlike ordinary surge protectors which only use MOVs, the HTS 1000 MKII's exclusive Tri-Mode Protection circuitry automatically disconnects all of your connected equipment if you're hit by a big one. While some other surge protectors leave equipment connected and vulnerable after such a hit, Monster's HTS 1000 MKII safely disconnects them. In addition, if your system takes a hit, an audible alarm will tell you Monster Power has protected your system from damage.

Money Where Your Mouth Is
Monster is Monsterously confident about the protection that the HTS 1000 MKII provides, which is why they will replace up to $250,000 worth of your equipment if it's damaged by an over-voltage condition (when properly connected, of course). More than Just a Surge Protector, the HTS 1000 MKII provides color-coded outlets that are specially labeled for home theater. Also included are corresponding color-coded stickers for your component's power cords. This patent pending system saves you a lot of aggravation by helping you not accidentally unplug a VCR or TV that has an internal clock. You'll also appreciate the extra heavy duty longer length cord, when regular power strips come up just a little too short. Best of all, the 24k gold contact FlatProfile plug lets you keep your furniture flat against the wall. You Get More of Everything from the Monster.

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