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Nikon D3X FX-Format DSLR Camera Body

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The Nikon D3X - meticulously engineered for professional assignments requiring nothing less than extreme 24.5-megapixel, FX-format image performance.

The Nikon D3X - meticulously engineered for professional assignments that demand nothing less than extreme 24.5-megapixel, FX-format image performance. In the studio or on location, the D3X faithfully captures NEF (RAW) files that, when processed, exceed 138 MB. Nikon's exclusive EXPEED image processing technologies support extremely low-noise and faster, more accurate 51-point autofocus with 4 Dynamic AF modes, including 3D Focus Tracking. EXPEED also enables fast processing of massive amounts of data, allowing continuous shooting at up to 5fps. A bright 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot LCD monitor offers precise image review, along with 27x magnification for precise focus confirmation in Live View. Responsive handling and more top off the D3X?s professional potency.

Nikon FX-format (24x35.9mm)

Nikon designers excel at providing photographers with high-quality solutions to photographic challenges. The FX digital imaging format is a perfect example of applying this discipline. FX-format strengths include:

  • Pixels, effectively engineered and executed, deliver more refined image information
  • Expanded potential for higher resolution and more refined image quality
  • Expanded potential for depth-of-field creativity
  • Enhanced ultra wide-angle capacity
  • No picture angle factor eliminates conversion confusion
  • Larger file sizes for demanding conditions and clients
  • Larger, more comfortable viewfinder display

24.5-Effective Megapixel FX-format CMOS Image Sensor

The D3X's newly developed, 24.5-megapixel, extreme resolution FX-format sensor delivers breathtaking image quality throughout a wide sensitivity range from 100 through 1600 ISO. And while an enormous number of pixels are necessary to render critical detail, a comparatively large individual pixel size was maintained to realize a high signal-to-noise ratio, contributing to remarkably low-noise performance and wide dynamic range. An inner lens provides ultra-high efficiency light utilization, and a well-engineered circuit layout increases the electric charge from individual pixels, further enhancing performance. High-speed 12-channel output enables fast continuous shooting at up to 5 frames-per-second in full FX-format resolution and up to 7 fps in the 10.1-megapixel DX Crop mode, as well as high-speed performance in two Live View shooting modes.

Nikon F-Bayonet Lens Mount

As with all Nikon digital SLR cameras, the Nikon F-bayonet lens mount provides photographers with access to what many consider to be the finest optics available in photography. Nikon lens designers are challenged with developing NIKKOR interchangeable lenses that exceed expectations in all critical areas of optical performance, thereby delivering the overall image integrity that continues to set NIKKOR lenses apart from all others. Nikon's manufacture of over 200 types of its own optical glass is just one of the luxuries afforded designers who consistently overcome optical engineering issues that confound others.

High-speed Continuous Shooting

Taking full advantage of Nikon?s EXPEED Processing System, the D3X enables photographers to capture images at full FX?format resolution at up to 5 frames-per-second and up to 7 fps in the DX Crop mMode, making it perfect for product photography, high fashion, landscape photography, portraiture and more.

Selectable 12-Bit or 14-Bit A/D Conversion

14-bit depth (16,384 tones) enables photographers to deliver larger files yielding smoother color and tonal gradation to meet commercial quality requirements. The option of selecting 12-bit (4,096 tones) image quality provides faster workflow and processing speeds, as well as smaller image files. 14 and 12-bit options are delivered through a full 16-bit processing providing ample image quality and processing speeds.

EXPEED Image Processing Technology

The foundation of Nikon's newest Image Processing Systems, EXPEED culminates the concepts, innovations and years of Nikon's digital image processing experience, providing superior image quality with state-of-the-art technologies at blazing processing speeds.

  • Achieves both higher processing speed and extended tone characteristics through a 16-bit processing pipeline
  • Enables extreme low-noise high ISO performance at up to 1600 with expanded options up to Hi-2 (6400 ISO)
  • Realizes high-speed continuous shooting of up to 5 fps at full FX-format resolution and up to 7 fps in DX Crop Mode
  • Supports two user-assignable CF memory slots, along with compatibility of the latest UDMA memory card technology for faster card access and recording speed
  • Improved auto white balance performance with on-board database of over 20,000 reference examples
  • Real-time lateral chromatic aberration compensation

Processed NEF (RAW) files exceed 138MB

Commercial and studio photographers, along with the clients they work for, demand the best possible image quality that only Nikon?s NEF (RAW) image file format can deliver. Opened in Nikon?s Capture NX 2 software, NEF (RAW) files can be processed to exceed 138MB in size, ideal for commercial quality reproduction.

Extreme Low-noise ISO Range

Having a wide ISO range of 100-1600 ISO expands a photographer's ability to capture incredibly clean images, even at 1600 ISO, when shooting commercial assignments in low-light situations. An expanded ISO range is available with the option of Lo-1 (50 ISO), Hi-1 (3200 ISO) and Hi-2 (6400 ISO).

51-Point Autofocus System

The 51-point AF system with Nikon's exclusive 3D Focus Tracking, along with 3 additional Dynamic AF modes using groups of 51, 21 or 9 points and information provided by Nikon?s exclusive Scene Recognition System (SRS), contribute to the incredible speed and precision and overall performance of the D3X?s AF system. And unlike other high-resolution D-SLRs that compete in this category and require lenses with an aperture of f/2.8 or faster to achieve full AF performance, the D3X delivers full AF performance with any NIKKOR lens with an aperture of f/5.6 or faster.

3.0-inch Super Density 920,000-dot VGA Color Monitor

The factory calibrated 3.0-inch, super density VGA LCD display offers 2.8 times more pixel density than typical, similarly sized displays. Its unmatched clarity is critical for image review for accuracy of color, tonality and sharpness of an image. Tempered-glass construction means greater durability for reliable performance in demanding shooting conditions. 170-degree, wide-angle viewing bolsters real-world functionality.

Two Live View Shooting Modes

The ability to compose and preview an image on the LCD is perfect for shooting in a studio or remote environment. In the Tripod mode, utilizing Contrast-detect AF operation, photographers can precisely and accurately target focus to critical areas around the entire LCD surface and at 27x (200%) magnification, photographers can check critical focus, ensuring desired results.

  • Hand-held shooting mode is designed to allow recomposing of the frame prior to actual shooting, lowering the mirror momentarily during live preview so phase-difference AF can be used for preview display.
  • The Tripod shooting mode, with focal plane Contrast AF, is geared for use in achieving precise focus accuracy when shooting still subjects.

Nikon's Exclusive Scene Recognition System (SRS)

Leveraging data provided by Nikon?s excusive 1,005-pixel Matrix Meter, Nikon's SRS provides more precise subject identification optimizing autofocus, exposure and white balance detection.

  • Autofocus provides enhanced tracking of moving subjects, including lateral movement across the frame, as well as greater speed and accuracy of focus point selection.
  • Highlight analysis optimizes auto exposure by providing more accurate exposure control.
  • On-board database with over 20,000 examples uses light source inference, subject distance information and integrated pattern recognition to optimize auto white balance.

Picture Control Settings

Having control over image characteristics such as sharpness, contrast and color saturation provides exceptional flexibility to meet the individual shooting requirements of photographers based on specific imaging needs. Four built-in profiles, "Standard", "Neutral", "Vivid", or "Monochrome", as well as nine customizable profiles are available. Quick Adjust makes it easy to simultaneously adjust sharpness, contrast and color saturation.

Active D-Lighting

Image enhancement provided on the fly while shooting produces broader tone reproduction in both shadows and highlights by controlling light intensity and exposure compensation while applying localized tone control technology to achieve the right level of contrast across the entire image for sharp, detailed results. Settings include Auto, Extra-high, High, Normal, Low and Off.

With a magnesium-alloy chassis and body, comprehensive state-of-the-art dust and moisture countermeasures, a self-diagnostic shutter mechanism tested to 300,000-cycles and an LCD monitor protected by tempered glass, Nikon's flagship D3X digital SLR provides the strength and reliability that is required to meet the rigorous demands of professional photographers.

Virtual Horizon Indicator

The D3's super-density color LCD monitor, teamed with Nikon's innovative Electronic Virtual Horizon, delivers instant and accurate confirmation of the D3X's position relative to "horizon level." You can also level the D3 while looking through the viewfinder or on the top-deck LCD. Virtual horizon indication is also available in one of two Live View modes

D3X Camera Body
EN-EL4a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
MH-22 Quick Charger
UC-E4 USB Cable
EG-D2 Audio Video Cable
AN-D3X Camera Strap
BF-1A Body Cap
BS-2 Accessory Shoe Cap
DK-17 Eyepiece
BL-4 Battery Chamber Cover
USB Cable Clip
Nikon Software Suite CD-ROM
This Kit Includes:

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