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Onkyo Home Theater Receiver (Black) - TX-SR607

Item # OKTXR607B (Part # TX-SR607B)
Home Theater Receiver (Black) - TX-SR607
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Item Description:
The Onkyo TX-SR607's 90W x 7 channels of output power and Wide Range Amplifier Technology deliver clean, high-performance audio to your multi-channel audio system.




Ready for the latest in HD surround sound
There's no question: The Onkyo TX-SR607's 90W x 7 channels of output power and Wide Range Amplifier Technology deliver clean, high-performance audio to your multi-channel audio system. But in order to experience the height of modern multi-channel surround sound ? such as the 7.1-channel audio found on Blu-ray Disc movies ? you need surround sound decoding from the big hitters. And the TX-SR607 delivers. The TX-SR607 offers Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoding, serving up the full 7.1-channel audio the director intended for you to hear. Further, this Onkyo receiver sports the latest from Dolby: Pro Logic IIz. This decoding technology allows for the incorporation of two front "height" channels, adding a new dimension to the spatial sensation of movies, music and video games. Finally, for an enhaced audio experience when watching movies, Onkyo's CinemaFILTER technology restores the correct tonal balance to movie soundtracks, optimizing them for playback in your home theater venue.
Taking standard definition video to the Edge
Given its six HDMI v1.3a inputs, there's no doubt you're planning for the Onkyo TX-SR607 to be a part of your high definition, digital home theater system. As the HD hub for your home theater system, the TX-SR607 takes huge strides to ensure that nothing short of stunning video passes on to your HDTV . . . even video from standard definition or analog sources. While video upscaling to 1080i via HDMI enhances the resolution of standard definition video signals to near-HD levels, Faroudja DCDi Edge technology fine-tunes that signal, replacing interlaced scanning with progressive scanning for a smoother, more fluid video image.
7 or 5 + 2 . . . Zone 2 output
By no means are you limited to directing the TX-SR607's seven channels of output to your home theater area. Thanks to powered Zone 2 output, you have the option of configuring a 5.1-channel system in the living room while also routing two powered channels to a second room for an expanded home audio experience. Imagine listening to your favorite tunes as you cook in the kitchen, relax in the back yard, or tinker in the garage.
A well tailored fit
Every home theater area is different. Different furniture, different arrangement, different flooring, different dimensions. Accordingly, if one were to place the same audio system in multiple different rooms, dramatically different listening experiences would result. And some would certainly be less desirable than others. Ensuring that you experience nothing less than optimal home theater audio tailored to the unique characteristics of your listening area, Onkyo has outfitted the TX-SR607 with Audyssey room-equalization technology. Once your audio system is all hooked up, this technology measures the system's initial performance, ultimately adjusting such factors as frequency response and time domain issues to optimize your system's performance to your listening area.
It's ready
Neither CDs nor the radio are the only source of audio these days. The advent of portable music players and satellite radio services has greatly expanded your potential access to music and other programming. Making sure that you're equipped for audio from all sources, the Onkyo TX-SR607 features plug-and-play readiness for a variety of auxiliary audio formats. With optional dock units, you can easily connect your iPod or HD Radio receiver. Further, built-in Sirius Satellite Radio readiness brings you access to commercial-free music, sports, news, and talk radio.
HDMI: advanced connectivity
Bringing you the absolute best in connectivity, Onkyo's TX-SR607 features six HDMI inputs. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the only interface in consumer electronics that can carry both uncompressed high-definition (HD) video and uncompressed multi-channel audio in all HD formats including 720p, 1080i and even 1080p. Your incoming media content comes in a variety of sizes, resolutions and formats, and with that in mind, HDMI systems automatically configure to display that content in the most effective format. Since HDMI carries all channels on video and audio, there is only one cable to plug into any HDMI-enabled source and display device. No more complicated cable set-up when installing your home theater system, and no more ugly cable mess behind your components. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on this single cable. Also, HDMI is fully backward-compatible with DVI. (Please note that a physical adapter, sold separately, is needed to make the conversion from HDMI to DVI.)
Your HD life line
The advent of HDMI has been monumental in the advancement of all your favorite audio and video gadgets. Don't miss out on all that your new TX-SR607 offers ? in terms of high-definition audio and video connectivity ? by leaving a set of HDMI cables off the list. Vann's sales representatives are here to explain all your options, so you can make the best purchase and get the most out of your HD system. Call the 800 number at the top of this page for expert advice.


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