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Pinnacle Studio Deluxe delivers everything you need to make fantastic Digital movies on your PC, all in one easy to use package. Pinnacle Studio Deluxe includes full versions of Pinnacle Studio version 7, Pinnacle Express and Pinnacle Hollywood FX for Studio. In addition, Pinnacle Studio Deluxe includes the new Pinnacle AVDV Analog and Digital video capture card for super high quality capture from just about any source. From Analog or Digital video capture and editing all the way through to burning a disc to play on your set top DVD player, Pinnacle Studio Deluxe makes it easy to make great movies at home.
Studio DV version7 - Key Features
StudioDV version 7 includes powerful, yet easy-to-use video editing software with a DV/FireWire capture board.
  • Timeline editing
    The Timeline view lets you accurately edit scene length, while you view it Click to view. Storyboard view let's you quickly plan your production, scene by scene Click to view
  • Storyboard Editing Interface
    Timeline Editing Interface
  • Total Edit Control
    With Studio 7 you can edit sound and video independently. Keep your background audio while you swap out your video footage.
  • Smart Capture -
    35 times more efficient! Smart Capture lets you capture your footage in low resolution yet outputs in full resolution, saving precious disk space and creative time. Studio 7 can capture an hour of DV video in 360MB of disk space while other editing programs take 14 GB.
  • Hollywood Style Effects!
    Blend from scene to scene with 3-D animated transitions like page turns, spinning balls, and breaking glass. Control the fast/slow motion effects for that dramatic or comedic moment. Adjust brightness, contrast and color to create a vintage or arty look. And that's just to start, imagine what you'll do with effects like emboss, mosaic, posterize and blur?
  • Custom Audio with Smart Sound!
    "And the Oscar for best musical score goes to . . ." Only Studio 7 let's you create soundtracks perfectly matched to your movie with SmartSound. What's your style? - pop, jazz, classical, country - you choose and Studio 7 does the rest. Or spin your own sound ?just import your favorite music from your CD, rip .wav files or even MP3. Even better than music, Studio also lets you add voice-over narration!
  • Real-time preview
    Save time and editing frustration with real-time preview. View effects instantly in the preview window?so you have more time to be creative.
  • Amazing titles with TitleDeko
    Titles may be the most professional touch you can add to your movies. Just picture how the credits will roll with more than 300 looks and styles. TitleDeko's styles range from Neon and Metallic to Stretched and Condensed to the new Roll and Crawl effects.
  • Show your videos online or on the couch!
    All this brilliance, share it with the world! Your choices are many: Save your video to a DV tape or playback on the PC. Send video greetings to your family and friends. Save your movie in almost any format, including AVI, MPEG1 & MPEG2, RealVideo8 and Windows Streaming Media.
    Pinnacle AVDV Analog and Digital capture card w/ Breakout Box kEY fEATURES:
  • Capture video from all formats: VHS, 8mm, S-VHS, Hi8 & DV
  • Output back to you DV cam via FireWire or directly to your VCR for making VHS/S-VHS copies
  • Use the AV output to preview your video on a TV monitor while you edit
  • Breakout Box makes hooking up different gear quick and easy
    Pinnacle Express Key Features:
    Preview, Customize, Edit
  • Preview final result with onscreen remote control
  • Select menu style from pre-made templates
  • Simple editing to combine / delete / trim scenes
  • Add simple titles / captions / music
  • Create slide shows from a digital still camera
  • With Pinnacle Express, sharing your videos is as easy and fun as it was to make them. In a few easy steps, you'll be able to capture your memories from tape and assemble them into a truly professional looking video presentation, complete with dynamic menus. Watching your home movies on your DVD player couldn't be easier.
  • Simply connect your DV camcorder to your PC and let Pinnacle Express do the rest. With its built in Scene Detection, Pinnacle Express automatically generates a scene index so you can instantly go to any spot in your video - no more rewind or fast-forward!
  • Pinnacle Express also allows you to import videos as DV format AVI files, so you can quickly and easily burn DVD compatible discs of all the movies you've already created on your PC.
  • Once your video has been captured, you have a choice. You can burn a disc right away and watch in your DVD player, or you can personalize your project by adding Hollywood style menus and effects. Pinnacle Express allows you add all the fades, titles, music and professional looking scene menus you need to transform your home movies into cinematic works of art. Pinnacle Express even allows you to import still photos and build interactive slide shows.
  • Once your video clips, titles and menus are exactly the way you want them, you're ready to burn! Pinnacle Express allows you to preview your work and then use your PC's CD-R or DVD-R to create a disc that you can play in your set top DVD player.
  • VCD/SVCD/DVD formats are supported
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