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Panasonic DMR-E95HS DVD Video Recorder w/ 160GB Hard-drive - REFURBISHED

Item # PNDMRE95HSRB (Part # DMRE95HS)
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Discontinued Factory Refurbished
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Panasonic DMR-E95HS DVD Recorder


The Panasonic DMR-E95HS system can create original DVD video by recording images onto DVD-R disc, conforming to DVD video standards. DVD-R recorded discs can be played back on most DVD players, depending on the player, the DVD-R disc, and the recording condition. In addition to recording onto a DVD, it also has a built-in 160GB Hard Drive. Additionaly,the DMR-E95 includes TV Guide On Screen which is free (only compatible with Analog Cable and Over-the-Air reception).




160 GB Hard Drive

Allows you to record a favorite show off the TV, even while using the recorder to burn something else. 


Simultaneous Record and Play

This is a convenient feature if you record a TV series. While you're recording this week's episode, you may want to watch the one you recorded last week. No problem.


The DVD Video Recorder lets you enjoy simultaneous Record and Play. Provided both episodes are on the same disc, you can watch the one recorded previously while recording of the latest one continues. 


Playlist Playback

You can select from among the scenes recorded on the disc and arrange them in any order you like to create your own original scenario, then save it as a playlist. You can also edit the playlists that you have created, and enjoy seamless transitions between edited scenes. 


Direct Navigator

You can display a list of programs recorded on a disc for at-a-glance confirmation of the disc's contents. And if you move the cursor and click on a desired program, that program is displayed behind the list. You can also select programs from the program list and erase them, and you can use this function even during recording. 


4-Mode Recording + FR Mode Recording

You can select the optimum recording time for what you want to record. There's also the FR (Flexible Recording) mode that lets you record with the best picture quality possible for the recording time and remaining space on the disc. 


Time Slip Function

The super-fast 22.16Mbps data transfer rate of the high performance DVD-RAM makes the innovative Time Slip function possible. 


Time Slip Roller and Button

Just press the Time Slip Roller or Time Slip Button on the remote control once during recording to start playing back the scene recorded 30 seconds before. By rolling the Time Slip Roller, you can freely search for scenes in 1-minute units anywhere within the recorded section, while watching the playback on a small on-screen window. 


Chasing Playback

You set the DVD video recorder to start recording at a given time, when the show begins. The problem is that you get home a few minutes later, while the program is still in progress. Before, you'd just have to wait or watch the end first and the beginning later. However, the handy Time Slip-function lets you play the show from the beginning, even as it continues recording to the end, so you don't have to wait. 



Now you can view your digital photos, with the dual card slot. It turns into a very vesatile unit, compatible with all the formats. 


Hybrid VBR

This combines real-time VBR (Variable Bit Rate) and visibility modulation technology to enable long recording time with exceptionally high-quality images. 


Real-Time VBR

To assure recording with a high-quality picture, MPEG2 advanced data compression technology is used to record images. Depending on how complex a scene is, real-time VBR controls the rate of MPEG2 compression in real time, varying it to enable more efficient recording. 


Visibility Modulation Technology

By automatically discerning the human range of attention and converting the information into a digital signal, this original technology uses the most effective data during recording to assure high-quality images. 


Picture Quality Improvement Function

During recording, TBC and 3D Y/C separation technology assures high-quality images when dubbing an analog source from a VCR or other component. This technology works together with 3D DNR, Block Noise Reduction and Mosquito Noise Reduction during playback to provide surprisingly clear results, even with recordings of old tapes. 




System:  NTSC 


Region: 1


Record Disc Formats:



Disc Type Playback: 

DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD Video, CD Audio (CD-DA formatted discs), Video CD (formatted discs), CD,CD-R/CD-RW and MP3


PC Card Slot Compatible with Standard PC Card, SD Memory Card, Compact Flash Card, Multi Media (mm) Card, Smart Media Card, and Memory Stick  


Compression Format: 

MPEG2 (Hybrid VBR) 


Slow Motion Playback


Frame-by-Frame Playback


Aspect Ratio: 

16:9 Widescreen / 4:3 Standard 


Dolby Digital Decoder


Audio D/A Converter: 



Jog/Shuttle  Time Slip Roller and Button 


Progressive Component 


Component Video Out: x2 


S-Video: x3 


Composite Video (RCA):  x2 


IEEE-1394 (Firewire / DV / iLink) 


Digital Optical Out 


2 Channel Audio Out


TV Channel:  

2-channel - 69

CATV 1-125  


Power Requirements  120v, 60Hz 


Dimensions (w x h x d): 

16 15/16" x 3 1/8" x 11 1/2"  


Weight:  9.10 lbs.  


Color: Silver 


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