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Samsung GX20 10.2 MP Digital SLR with 18-55mm Lens Kit

Item # SAMGX20KT (Part # )
Samsung GX20 10.2 MP Digital SLR with 18-55mm Lens Kit
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Item Description:
14.3mp, CMOS Chip, 2.7" LCD, Optical Image Stabilization - Pentaprism - 11 Point Autofocus System, Live View, Pixel Mapping, Li-Ion Batt, 18-55mm Lens



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See and feel a bright, bountiful world with the GX-20

With the GX-20, experience a more beautiful world.

The world is brighter and more vivid that you can see, and it's more bountiful than you can feel. With a 14.6 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS image sensor, you'll see an entirely new world. Excellent out-focusing allows you to capture an amazingly vivid image, and superior definition means you?ll always get the ultimate brightness.

Samsung's unmatched image sensor - the smallest pixels, the greatest resolution

More vivid resolution, more exquisite details. With 14.6 Megapixels in an APS-C size (23.4x15.5mm), the GX-20 offers the greatest resolution in its class. Further, its sturdy 5.0-size pixels - the smallest in their class - ensure the most vibrant image around.

OIS Image Sensor for Perfect Stabilization - Built in Optical Anti-Shake Function

Even when you shake, the GX-20 doesn't. You can't turn back time to capture a moment that?s passed, and time doesn?t wait for you, but GX-20 takes beautiful pictures at every moment. The GX-20's built-in OIS gives you clear, steady pictures in low light situations in which the shutter speed is slow, or even if you're using a lens with no anti-shake function.

A Safe Optical Mechanism with Fast Response Time

The GX-20's OIS prevents shake by means of a center plate positioning that moves in the opposite direction of shaking. This feature ensures detailed, vivid pictures even in conditions of less-than-desirable illumination.

The Dual Dust Removal Function ensures a cleaner and clearer image.

Be free of even the finest dust GX-20 stays cleaner than the rest.  It's not the weather's fault, nor is it your fault. When your picture has a mysterious flaw, it's because of dust inside the camera. With a special coating and a vibration mechanism, the GX-20's image sensor stays free of even the finest dust to deliver the cleanest and most vivid picture imaginable.

Anti-Dust Coating: The world looks even better through a clean window

One tiny speck of dust on the image sensor can become a major flaw in your pictures. The GX-20's image sensor features a special coating that resists dust and protects picture quality. When the GX-20 is turned on, the image sensor vibrates to remove any dust that might be present. This effectively shakes off even the finest dust that may have rested on the sensor, resulting in flawless, clean pictures.

Specially built to prevent the intrusion of water or dust

Who says you can?t make memories last on rainy days?  If you're walking down the street in the rain and you see something you wish to photograph, don?t hesitate to take out the GX-20. With a build that is resistant to the intrusion of dust and moisture, the GX-20 can be safely used in rainy, dusty, or sandy conditions Including the shutter button and dial, the GX-20 features 72 locations that are perfectly sealed with silicone to shield the camera?s insides from water, dust, sand, and other potentially harmful intruders. Regardless of weather or environment, the GX-20 is designed to always enable a free and vibrant shooting experience.

An LCD display that captures a living, moving world

No more need to squint into a viewfinder to see your subject. With GX-20's bigger 2.7" LCD Live View display, you can see scenes of dynamic beauty, such as dolphins jumping out of the ocean against the horizon. Enjoy convenience and comfort with GX-20's vibrant LCD display.

LCD Live View allows you to feel the living world you're shooting.

With GX-20's LCD Live View feature, you can see things that are high, low, or far away without having to resort to the viewfinder.

Treasure your best memory with GX-20's diverse functions

Your preciously happy today will be your beautiful tomorrow. GX-20 is now presenting more diverse functions to preserve your beautiful memories clearly and gorgeously.

Crystal clear view from the pentaprism viewfinder

In SLR digital cameras, images that go through the lens are reflected to the viewfinder. The vividness and visibility ratio of what you see are determined by how to use the reflective device. In conjunction with the Glass Pentaprism which is conventionally applied to advanced DSLR cameras, the GX-20's broad and clear view offers a remarkable 95% of filed of view with 0.95X magnification ensuring a bright and clear view.

Fast imaging process, excellent color representation

GX-20 utilizes a cutting-edge semiconductor processor and Samsung high-speed DDR2 memory to realize fast, high-quality imaging. The DSP enables more natural definition, a wide range of gradation, continuous shooting, and a prompt response to dynamic subjects.

Precise white-balance adjustment enables more natural expression

While most existing white-balancing functions use only standard values according to the situation, the GX-20 provides delicate, 100K step colour temperature adjustments which give a more accurate white-balance control.

Precise Auto Focus with 11 focus points

The GX-20 measures 11 focus points to include subjects at different distances. Specifically, 9 central focus points adjust the focus accurately from any direction - vertically and horizontally. Two additional left and right focus points give the GX-20 great focussing flexibility. Also provided is the focus point converting function (by which a user can choose the location of the Auto Focus subject) and the super-impose function for adding a red highlight at the focus point.

Large 2.7" LCD monitor

Viewfinders are the method of choice for DSLR cameras. As such, LCD displays have rarely been used, or have only been of small size (1.8 to 2.0 inches). Superior to the GX-10's 2.5" LCD, the GX-20 features a new 2.7" high-resolution LCD monitor providing an ultra-wide viewing angle covering all directions. The 230,000-pixel high-resolution LCD guarantees clear image preview as well as convenience in using the menu with an outstanding visibility.

'My Settings' function makes operations easier and more convenient.

 The 'My Settings' mode on the GX-20 lets you pre-select the modes you prefer to use most often. Modes such as Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Auto, Program, Manual and others. Additionally in the P(program) mode, you can choose either Front E-Dial or Rear E-Dial, and you can use the functions faster and more easily with the Green Button to automatically adjust exposure during manual photography.

Multi-Exposure Shooting (2-9 frames)

The GX-20 provides a multi-exposure shooting function that shows 2 - 9 photos on one screen while shooting. This facility allows difficult tasks such as editing and digital collages to be handled much more easily.

Powerful AE exposure mode that readily adjusts ISO sensitivity

Brand-New and upgraded exposure mode enables users to control shutter speed, aperture, and even ISO sensitivity. (100~3200, setting available up to 6400)

Sv: Sensitivity priority

Automatically adjusts aperture and shutter speed settings according to ISO levels

TAv: Shutter-speed & aperture priority

Automatically controls ISO sensitivity to get an appropriate exposure value according to the user?s shutter speed and aperture settings. 

Digital preview 

Simply turning a dial level enables you to check the depth and ISO of a photo without consuming any memory. You can easily predict how your photos look with the Digital preview. 

X Synchro contact socket

By using a cable, the external flash can be connected to the built-in X Synchro socket that synchronizes the lighting of flash and the shutter speed, which creates clear and distinct images regardless of where you take photos.

Direct RAW file editing and JPEG conversion

Converting from RAW file into JPEG is not a big deal to anybody from beginners to experts with Converter 2.0, GX-20's built-in RAW converter. No more complicating PC interaction to convert RAW files to JPEG format. 

Pixel mapping

A single dead pixel can be thoroughly screened by the Auto pixel mapping once or twice a year. Take vivid photos 365 days a year with GX-20?s pixel mapping that corrects bad pixels on the spot automatically. 

Add variety of effects with Digital filter

Creative in-camera digital filters edit your photos into HDR(High dynamic range), Black-and-white, Sepia and Soft. Plus, Illustration and Slim have been added as new functions. Especially with the HDR effect, a full range of light from the bright to Dark can be expressed excellently.

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