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Toshiba 42HP95 - 42'' Plasma HDTV w/ built-in HD Tuner & CableCard Slot

Item # TB42HP95 (Part # 42HP95)
Discontinued Brand new, USA Warranty



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Toshiba plasma TVs  known for their sleek looks and stunning picture,  has introduced the 42HP95 high-definition feature packed TV in beautiful space saving design. Toshiba's advanced video processing system wont let you down. Designed specifically to improve image quality on digital TV displays, this collection of 8 different circuits tackles noise, distortion and other image flaws while increasing contrast and color saturation.

The 42HP95 is a "Digital Cable Ready" TV, with built-in HD tuners for both over-the-air and cable TV signals, and is pleasure to use, thanks in part to the free TV Guide On Screen interactive program guide to simplify scheduled recordings to your DVR, VCR, or DVD recorder. Also included is one of the most flexible and future-ready sets of A/V connections. In addition to two component video inputs, you'll find a HDMI pure-digital input. And for expanded playback and recording options, you get two IEEE 1394 "DTVLink" ports for easy pushbutton HD recording with Toshiba's Symbio digital video recorder. Plus, there's even an input for connecting your PC.

Key Features

Integrated HDTV with ATSC/QAM Tuners - enables the set to receive digital cable-in-the-clear signals, as well as digital terrestrial broadcasts.

TV Guide On Screen Interactive Program Guide - This on-screen guide, featured on all 2005 Toshiba integrated HDTVs, combines programming from each of the television's internal tuners into one, east-to-read on screen program guide. TV Guide On Screen makes it easy to locate desired programs and is a crucial feature for digital cable. Simple, one-touch recording of programs, including HDTV, is also possible when connected to Toshiba's new Symbio A/V Hard Drive Recorder.

HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface is the next generation of DVI. It includes the DVI digital video signal, and multi-channel digital audio signals on a single cable.

IEEE 1394 (2) Ports (DTV Link) - a compressed digital interface for sending and receiving standard and high definition signals, to insure optimum picture performance from compressed digital signals.

Optical Dolby Digital Output - Delivers Dolby Digital signature 5.1 track digital audio through a simple, one-cable fiber optic TosLink connection to any Dolby Digital receiver.

Toshiba PixelPure AT (Adaptive Technology) Digital Video Processing - Toshiba's next-generation PixelPure video processing includes new Adaptive Technology. This advanced video processing constantly monitors changes in signal quality, content, and movement to enhance Sharpness, Contrast, and Color reproduction. PixelPure AT once again proves that processing makes the picture, and Toshiba continues to provide the most advanced processing technology for the best possible picture quality on all digital displays.

CableClear DNR+ (by Input) - CableClear utilizes the Digital 3D/YC Comb Filter to compare frames and determine the existence and extent of video noise. It then applies the needed amount of digital video noise reduction, and the appropriate sharpness adjustment to keep the picture clear.

SRS WOW - SRS WOW technology takes the performance of the television's existing speakers to a whole new level, offering superior sound quality with no additional peakers required, SRS WOW consists of three separate sound expanding systems, which work together to extract "buried" highs and lows. The three systems are, SRS 3D, TruBass, and FOCUS. SRS 3D creates a three dimensional sound field from just two speakers, thus giving the listener the feeling of hearing a multi speaker surround sound system. TruBass produces a powerful, yet low, frequency sound by utilizing a process called psychoacoustics. From only two small speakers, TruBass will give the effect of an expensive sub bass woofer that will leave the listener amazed by the quality of the sound. FOCUS was added to direct the energy from the speakers of the television set in a vertical direction up towards the listener's ears. The addition of FOCUS means that there is virtually no loss of sound from the speaker's position on the bottom panel near the floor, which achieves a clear, undistorted range of audio.

Digital Cable Ready (DCR) CableCARD Slot - Toshiba Integrated HDTVs are Digital Cable Ready. They include QAM tuning and a CableCARD slot. Insert a CableCARD supplied by your cable provider and the TV can receive applicable cable channels without the use of a cable box (excluding bi-directional channels/services such as Video On Demand).

6-Item A/V Illuminated Remote with DVD & Audio Control - This ergonomically designed remote puts all the "most needed" functions in reach of your thumb, making operation a snap, and because it's illuminated, it's great for operating in a darkened home theater environment. The remote is pre-programmed to operate this unit and a number of functions on other brands of components, including VCRs, personal video recorders, cable boxes, CD players, receivers, laserdisc players, DVD players, and satellite receivers.

HD Window POP with Split Screen and 9 MultiWindows -The picture-out-picture feature splits the screen into a double window that allows you to watch two programs at the same time. You can switch the audio from the main to the POP picture as desired. The double window features each picture according to its input signal aspect ratio, allowing you to view two 4:3, two 16:9 or one 4:3 and one 16:9 picture simultaneously. The MultiWindow system enables the consumer to continue to view the main picture in a large POP box while viewing Favorite Channels, or channel scanning in the other smaller POP boxes..

Tri-Lingual Color Icon On-Screen Display - All TV functions can be easily operated using the remote control to access Toshiba's advanced on-screen display. This full-featured system can be operated in English, French or Spanish. By using the four cursor buttons on the remote control, your favorite features or settings are only a click away.

Off/Sleep Timer - The Sleep Timer allows you to fall asleep watching TV and have the TV turn itself off up to three hours later (in 10-minute intervals).

OmniViewer - Slots for six different types of memory cards, including SD (Secure Digital), MM (Multi-Media), MS (Memory Stick), xD (xD Picture Card), CF (Compact Flash), and SM (Smart Media). OmniViewer includes a JPEG Viewer program that allows the TV to display pictures from most digital cameras. Pictures can be rotated, and can be viewed in an automatic presentation format. In addition, an MP3 Audio Player lets you play MP3 files recorded on media inserted into the memory card slots.


Series: TheaterWide HD Plasma TV
Screen Size: 42" Diagonal Wide
Panel Resolution: 1024 x 768
Contrast: 3000:1
Brightness: 1000 cd/m2
3DYC (4 MB, 10 Bit) Digital Comb Filter w/ Vertical Contour Correction
Color Temperature Control (Warm/Medium/Cool)
Movie & Sports Mode
TheaterWide Modes
(5 - Standard, Full, TW1, TW2, TW3)
CableClear DNR+ (by Input)
Toshiba PixelPure AT
Black Stretch
Color Detail Enhancer
Auto Aspect Detection
Cinema Mode (Film/Video)

MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx
SoundStrip Speaker System 6D
SRSWOW (3D, Tru-Bass, Focus)
Sub Bass System (SBS)
Audio Wattage (Total) 20W

Universal Remote Control 6-Item A/V Illuminated
HD Window POP
Split Screen
Multi-Window (9)
Tri-Lingual Color Icon On-Screen Display
Off/Sleep Timer
Closed Captioning on Mute
Channel Return
Power Return
Noise Muting
On Timer
Favorite Channel
Channel Lock
Channel Labeling
Video Lock
Direct Video Input Selection
Video Labeling
Individual A/V Settings by Input Type
Discrete IR Codes
PIP Sound
2-Level Mute

RF Inputs: x 2
Rear A/V Input: x 2
Rear S-Video Input: x 2
ColorStream HD Component Video Inputs (Y, Pb, Pr): x 2
Front Panel Inputs A/V/S
HDMI Digital A/V Input
PC Input (15-Pin D-Sub)
Headphone Jack (Mini Plug)

Video Output
Audio Outputs: F + V
Optical Digital Audio Output
TheaterLink IR 2

w/o stand: 43.34" (W) x 29.16" (H) x 3.94" (D)
with stand: 43.3" (W) x 30.7" (H) x 15.4" (D)

w/o stand: 89.3 lbs.
with stand: 108.7 lbs.

Manufacturer Warranty: One Year

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