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Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Silver T1-AP25-102

Item # TODSKETCH (Part # T1-AP25-102)
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Item Description:
The Pogo Sketch is an interesting alternative to expensive graphics tablets, and a lot more portable. On a mobile device, the Pogo Stylus makes sketching a lot easier.




Ten One Design's Description:

Superbly designed using a light-weight aluminum alloy and detailed graphics, the Pogo Sketch features a look that's hard to ignore.

The soft tip glides easily over the surface of your trackpad, phone, or iPad display, making it fun and easy to sketch, take notes, or just slide to unlock. Sized for comfort, it does away with inaccuracies common to fingertip-only use.

Express yourself on the iPad. Fingers are great, but when you need accuracy, look no further than the Pogo Sketch.

Sign documents without printing or scanning!
Pogo Sketch makes drawing on the trackpad fun. We suggest trying the free version of Autograph to get a taste.

Turn your MacBook trackpad into a pen tablet.
With Inklet, your trackpad can emulate a pen tablet. When you're using a Pogo Sketch, the trackpad even becomes pressure sensitive. The Sketch is now available in a bundle with Inklet for a reduced price.

Wear gloves in the winter? We do. With an iPhone, the stylus allows you to answer calls and surf the web all while keeping your hands toasty.

Longer nails can be a problem with touchscreen devices. Using your Pogo Sketch, you'll soon find that problem is history!

Lastly, the cool, glossy Pogo Sketch pocket clip will keep your stylus close by, wherever you are.

Some of the reasons you'll love your new Pogo Sketch
  • Our high-gloss curved pocket clip keeps the stylus handy
  • Works with any combination of gloves and nails
  • Allows you to use your touchscreen device or multi-touch trackpad at a natural drawing angle
  • Typing on a software keyboard (especially at first) is much easier with a stylus
  • Sleek aluminum design with detailed graphics

When to use the Pogo Sketch

  • Drawing Applications: The Pogo Sketch is an interesting alternative to expensive graphics tablets, and a lot more portable. On a mobile device, the Pogo Stylus makes sketching a lot easier. See our recommended iPhone/iPad applications.
  • Taking Notes: There are some incredible note taking applications for the iPad and iPhone. They're all great companions to the Pogo Sketch. Check them out a here.
  • Typing: SMS, Notes, email, entering URLs, or any time you are entering text using the keyboard
  • Games: selection, dragging, scrolling, rolling, bowling, and trolling. The Pogo Sketch is a great choice for accurate control of your game
  • Navigation: Panning, scrolling, menus, double-tap zoom. Slide to unlock your potential for increased efficiency.
  • Buff away an accidental finger smudge. :)

Which trackpads are compatible with the Pogo Sketch?

All Apple trackpads with Multitouch capability will support input from the Pogo Sketch. This includes all MacBook Air, Unibody MacBook and Unibody MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro (Early 2008) is also compatible. This includes model numbers MB133LL, MB134LL, and MB166LL. Essentially, any MacBook with a silver body and black keys will work. The following PC laptops have been tested and are known to work:
  • Sony VAIO FW and NW Series
  • Compaq Presario CQ60
  • Toshiba Satellite E105,M505,L305,L505,A505,P505D
  • Dell Inspiron 15 Series
  • Dell Studio 17 Series (but not Studio XPS)
  • Dell Studio S1440, but not 1555
  • All HP Touchsmart products
  • HP Pavilion DV4
All others are untested and presumed not to work. Hope this helps!

What is the difference between the Pogo Stylus and the Pogo Sketch?

The Sketch and Stylus differ only in length and loss-prevention mechanism (the Stylus comes with a clip to attach directly to the iPhone or iPod touch; the Sketch itself has a built-in pen clip). The materials and tips are the same. In practice, they may be used interchangeably with all models of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Which cell phones are compatible with the Pogo Sketch?

Here are the compatible models:
  • All iPhone and iPod touch models
  • BlackBerry Storm/Storm2
  • Motorola Droid
  • HTC Droid Eris
  • Samsung Instinct S30
  • Samsung Instinct HD
  • Motorola Crave
  • Palm Pixi
  • Microsoft Zune HD
All other phones are incompatible or untested. This means that although the stylus might work just fine, the user experience might not be good. You may have to press slightly harder than normal, or the touch sensor may miss a stylus tap.

Which iPhone cases are compatible with the Pogo Sketch?

Sena WalletSkin, WalletBook, or Magnetic Flipper have pockets and flaps into which you can clip the Sketch. Otherwise, you can always pick up clip pack. More info on cases compatible with clip pack is listed here.

My trackpad - how much like a pen tablet is it?

The Pogo Sketch does a great job of emulating a finger. If you're working on a compatible trackpad, you'll find it has the same limitations as a finger as well.
For those of you who'd like something more, like pressure sensitivity and the ability to start inking without needing to click the trackpad, check out Inklet. Inklet is a Mac application that turns your trackpad into a pressure-sensitive pen tablet. It's really quite remarkable.
Note: Autograph is also available for signing documents. It's aggressively priced, so check it out!

It's cold outside! Will the Stylus work with gloves?

Nothing is less convenient than taking a GLOVE off just to answer your phone or check an SMS. With the Pogo Sketch, you won't need to. The stylus keeps you efficient, even through thick gloves.

Can I buy a clip to attach this to my iPhone or iPod touch?

The clip pack (sold separately) includes clips that will allow attachment to all current and previous models of the iPhone and iPod touch.

Why the Pogo Sketch works (and others don't)

The Pogo Sketch has been engineered using a proprietary method to simulate the touch of a finger on the Multi-Touch display or trackpad. This isn't a "real" answer, but it is management speak for "trade secret."

How to care for your stylus

The metallic body of the stylus may be cleaned with warm water and a light detergent. The tip may be cleaned in a similar manner. It is safe to immerse your stylus in water. For a deeper clean, a isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), 91% may be used for both the tip and the body.

Does the stylus work through screen protectors?

Our stylus is designed to work with the lightest touch. The specific design goal was the same sensitivity as a finger on an uncovered display, and in this Ten One Design were quite successful. If you have a thicker screen protector, you may need slightly more pressure, but most people don't mind. If you have come across a unique screen protector, feel free to e-mail Ten One Design and they'll let you know if they've had the opportunity to try it out yet.
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