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Withings Wireless Smart Kid Scale

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Wireless Smart Kid Scale
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This scale from Withings Accurately measures your baby's weight, even when he or she is restless on the scale. Converts from a baby to a toddler scale, track your child's growth up to 55 pounds by removing the cradle.


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Withings' Smart Kid Scale offers a great way to accurately monitor your baby's growth. This Wi Fi and Bluetooth enabled scale measures a baby's weight by 0.4 ounce increments so that you confidently know where your child stands. Readings automatically synchronize with the Withings Baby Companion iOS app which displays your child's growth charts and let you log your baby's bottles and breastfeeding. The app also helps you compare his weight with the typical weight of babies of the same gender and age. The Withings Smart Kid Scale converts from a baby to a toddler scale thanks to its removable baby cradle. You therefore use it to track your child's growth up to 55 pounds. The scale is easily setup from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the Withings baby companion app. It allows tracking of multiple babies and toddlers (including twins) with automatic recognition.

Confidently keep track of your baby's weight

High accuracy.

When it comes to weighing a baby, accuracy matters. The Smart Kid Scale offers 10g accuracy, so you can weigh your baby with complete confidence.

Know where he stands.

Whether you want to check that your newborn is on the right growth path or to quantify his milk intake, the Smart Kid Scale provides a weight reading for your baby in seconds.

A cradle designed for baby.

To cocoon your baby while weighing, the scale features a stylish cradle. If you want to put a soft blanket on it, you can ask the scale to ignore this extra weight, so you still get an accurate reading.

An app to track growth and log nutrition information
Visualize your child's weight trends.

The Smart Kid Scale automatically draws your child's development chart to let you see the growth trend in the Withings Baby Companion app. Each new weight reading is automatically added to the chart without you needing to do a thing.

Compare with set standards.

Sometimes a weight reading can leave you wondering whether your child is growing at the right pace or not. The Baby Companion app helps you understand where he stands by comparing his weight with the typical weight of babies of the same gender and age.

Track nutrition.

The Baby Companion app also allows you to monitor your baby's milk intake by logging bottles and breastfeeding. So you can clearly see how nutrition changes make an impact on your child's growth.

Converts from a baby to a child scale
Weigh up to 25kg.

Lift off the Smart Kid Scale's baby cradle and it instantly turns into a fully-featured scale that your child can use as soon as he can stand on his own. It weighs up to 25kg, taking your child up to about his eighth year.

Position Control.

The Smart Kid Scale uses embedded Withings Position Control technology which helps your child have the correct body position when being weighed. So you can trust the readings you get.

Automatic recognition.

Up to four children can use the same scale as it automatically recognizes them. Each child will be assigned their own animated pictogram to show them that the scale knows who they are.

Syncs wirelessly in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Easy setup.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, the Smart Kid Scale is incredibly easy to setup in just a few minutes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Your Wi-Fi network configuration is shared with the scale in just one tap from the Withings Baby Companion app.

Automatic upload.

After each weighing, the Smart Kid Scale automatically uploads and syncs your kid's weight data using the wireless connectivity. New measures immediately appear in your child's personal weight and BMI charts.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The scale is embedded with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so it never fails to upload your weight data. The extended range connectivity of Wi-Fi means that you can weigh from any room in your home, as well as having the convenience of Bluetooth for on-the-go usage.

Record and share memories of your child's development
Your child's growth chart, stored forever.

Your Smart Kid Scale comes with a free Withings account for your child's development data to be stored privately and securely. The digitally recorded growth chart is available on your Withings account indefinitely.

Share growth milestones.

The Withings Baby Companion app lets you easily share growth milestones with your family and friends.

Show to your pediatrician.

When you have a check up appointment with your doctor or pediatrician, your child weight charts are available on your smartphone or can be emailed to your practitioner.



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