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Product Features:

  • Put extra vitality into productivity and possess the power to perform
  • Get immediate access to electric outlets everywhere
  • Plug and charge convenience wherever power is available!


  • Inputs: ac00-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.5A
  • Outputs: DC19 V / 4.74 A
  • Watts: 90W
  • DC Plug: 5.5mm
  • Compatible Model: A40JY/JZ; A42F/JB/JC/JE/JK/JN/JR/JV/JY/JZ;A43SA;A45DE/DR; A52JC/JR/N;A7C/Cd/D/G/Db/Dc/F-/Gb/Gc/J/Jb/Jc/T/K/S/SV/SN/V/Vb/Vc;A72JK/JR/JT; A8D/J/M/N/S/T/Z;B33E;B43J/V; B53J/S/V; F3A/E/J/K/M/P/S/T/U; F5SR/SL/Z/C; F50S; F6S/V; F7; F70; F8; F80S; F81; F83Se/Vf; F9D/J/S; G1; G2P; K40AB/AC/AD/ID/IE/Jv;K40 AF/ID/IP; K42F/ JP/Jr/JK/Ja/JB/JC/Dr/JV/JE/JZ/JY/JZ/DE/DY/N;K43A4/BR/SA/SD/SJ/SL/SM/SV(Dual core)/SJ/TA/TK; K45A/DE/DR/VD/VJ/VM/VS; K50AB/AD/AF/ID/IE/IP; K51; K52 DE/DR/DY/Jr/Jc/Je/JK/JB/JC/JU/JT/JZ/DR/N;K53E/SC/SD/SK/SM/SV/SJ/SR/TA/TK;K54HR/LY;K55A/DE/DR/N/VD/VJ/VM/VS; K61; K62Jr; K70AB/AC/AD/AE/AF/IO/IC/ID; K72DR/DY/JK/Jr/JT/JU;K73E/SD/SJ/SM/SV(Dual Core) /TA/TK;K75A/DE/VD/VJ/VM;K84HR/LY;K95VJ/VM; L50; L80; M50; M51Sr/Se/Sn/Kr/Ta/Tr/VA/Vr; M60; M70; N43 JC/JF/JM/Jn/Jv/SD/SL/SM/SN;N45SL/SN/SF;N46VB/VJ/VM/VZ;N50; N51;N53DA/Jf/Jg/JN/Jq/SM/Sv(Dual Core)/SN(Dual Core)/TA/TK;N55SL/SF/SM;N56DP/VM/VZ; N60; N61 DA/JQ/JV; N63JN/JQ; N70; N71Vn with Dual Core CPU; N71Vg/Ja/Jv; N73 JG/JF/JN/SV;N76VJ/VM/VZ; N80; N81;N82 JG/JQ/JV N90;P31JG/SG; P42JC;P43SJ; P45VJ;P52Jc;P53SJ; P82Jr; PRO35JG/SG; U3; U6S/Sg/V/Vc; U30 /JC/SD; U31JG/SD/SG;U32VJ/VM; U33 JC/Jt;U36SD/SG;R400DE/DR;R401V/R401VZ;U40SD; U41JF/SD/SV; U43JC/SD;U44SD/SG;U46SM/SV;U47VC; U53J/JC/F/SD; U82; V1; V2; VX2; VX2S; VX3;X35SG/JG;X42JY/JZ;X43SA;X44HR/LY;X450VC;X55VD; X71;X75VC/VD
  • Dimensions: 88 x 88 x 30.5mm
This Kit Includes: