Canon RF 50mm F1.2 L USM Full Frame Lens with VEO 2 204AB Tripod Pro Bundle - 2959C002

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Item Description:
  • Includes VEO 2 204AB Tripod, Cleaning Kit, and 77mm UV Filter
  • Versatile 50mm Focal Length
  • Bright F1.2 Aperture
  • Super sensitive in low light
  • Fast Accurate USM Autofocus
  • Customizable Lens Control Ring

    The RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens delivers gorgeous images in a large variety of situations. The ultimate 50mm lens -The RF 50mm f/1.2L USM delivers a new kind of optical performance in full-frame photography. Outstanding clarity and sharpness means you’ll see noticeably more detail, even right at the edges of the frame. Designed specifically for the EOS R system, its f/1.2 aperture means amazing performance in low light and gorgeous, detailed images with evocative background blur.

    A great lens for...

    Portrait photography - The lens’s 50mm focal length has a similar perspective to that of the human eye, and a super-wide f/1.2 aperture that allows for extremely shallow depth of field – ideal for emphasising pin-sharp features like eyes against a soft, out-of-focus background.

    Street photography - With its fast-maximum aperture and ability to focus exceptionally quickly, the RF 50mm f/1.2L USM is the perfect street photography lens, offering new levels of definition when shooting in available light.

    Fine art - Printing a photograph that’s been captured with a lens like the RF 50mm f/1.2L USM is pure joy. Levels of detail are incredible, enabling fine-art photographers to produce ever-more impressive works for exhibition.

    Fixed Focal Length Lens with High Image Quality and Bright f/1.2 Aperture for the EOS R System.

    An incredibly bright fixed focal length lens, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM distinguishes itself by maintaining incredibly high image quality, edge to edge, even wide open at its f/1.2 maximum aperture. With 15 elements in 9 groups and a 10-blade aperture system, it can deliver sharp and detailed images with gorgeous background blur and remarkable consistency.

    Minimum Focusing Distance of 1.31 ft./0.40m.

    Featuring a minimum focusing distance of 1.31 ft./0.40m with a maximum magnification of approx. 0.19x, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USMis capable of sharp and detailed images from nearly any distance. Whether you're shooting portraits, still life or close ups, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM can easily provide sharp images with minimal distortion.

    Control Ring for Direct Setting Changes.

    The RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens incorporates a control ring on the lens barrel that can directly adjust numerous settings including shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and more. Located towards the front of the lens and effectively adding a third dial to the EOS R camera's main dial and quick control dial, the control ring has a tactile, easily distinguished surface and features a clicking mechanism that provides tangible feedback for confident use while looking through the viewfinder. For photographers and moviemakers who would prefer a silent control ring, the clicking mechanism can be removed by a Canon service provider for a fee.

    Three Aspherical Elements and One UD Element.

    Taking advantage of the RF mount, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens offers incredible optical quality and an exceedingly bright f/1.2 maximum aperture. It features 3 aspheric lenses for high image quality from center to corner and a UD lens that helps reduce aberrations for minimized distortion throughout the image plane.

    12 pin Communication System.

    High-speed Communication with the Camera

    Designed to quickly process data, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM features a 12 pin communication system that is the fastest yet for a Canon lens/camera combination. This accelerates AF, Image Stabilization, the Digital Lens Optimizer and more, helping to simplify complex operations and provide a quick and reliable user experience.

    Lens Information Display

    Another helpful feature, the EOS R camera can display lens information right in the viewfinder, making it easy to confirm the lens's focal length without looking away from the subject at hand.

    In-camera Digital Lens Optimizer

    The EOS R system's 12 pin communication system enables the Digital Lens Optimizer, which works in-camera to combat aberrations and image deterioration, especially in the edges of the image frame when shooting at a large aperture. Data from the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens is transferred automatically to the camera body, facilitating near immediate correction for clear, detailed images.

    High Reliability and Durability for Professional Use

    Like all L series lenses, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens is built to endure the rigors of professional use. Constructed to be rugged, refined and precise, it can be operated intuitively so concentration can remain on the subject at hand.

    Vibration Shock Resistance

    Engineered to accommodate its optical system, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens features L series level vibration shock resistance in the lens barrel, helping to maintain focus and settings even in turbulent situations.

    Dust and Water-resistant

    For reliable performance even when weather conditions get difficult, the RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens features dust- and water-resistant construction in the lens mount, switch panel and all rings.

    Fluorine Coating

    The RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens features fluorine coatings on the front and rearmost surfaces to help prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the lens, making it easy to clean smudges and fingerprints off.

    Air Sphere Coating (ASC) Minimizes Lens Flare and Ghosting.

    The RF 50mm F1.2 L USM lens features Canon's Air Sphere Coating (ASC), which significantly reduces the occurrence of lens flare and ghosting regardless of focal length or the angle of light. This helps provide clean results with minimal distractions and aberrations.


    Lens Specifications:

    Lens Type: Canon RF Lens

    Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 50mm, f/1.2

    Image Size: Full Frame

    Maximum Aperture: f/1.2

    Minimum aperture: 16

    Maximum magnification (x): 0.19

    Distance Information: Yes

    Lens Construction: 15 elements in 9 groups

    Diagonal Angle of View: 46°00'

    Focusing Actuator: Ring USM

    Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.31 ft. /0.4m

    Image Stabilization: N/A

    Aperture Blades: 10 blades

    Filter Size: 77mm

    Maximum Diameter & Length: Ø3.54 x 4.25 in. / Ø89.8 x 108.0mm

    Weight: Approx. 2.09 lbs. / 950g

    VEO 2 204AB Aluminum Travel Tripod with Ball Head

    Composing photographs of unique architecture from different civilizations, capturing unexpected moments of wildlife, beautiful scenes of cultures and people from around the world, browsing different sites and taking in the various beauties of nature are unique opportunities to share your stories and emotions. Take it everywhere with you! Set it up in matter of seconds, use the advanced engineering legs and twist lock systems with confidence while enjoying versatile creative positions. The VEO 2 204AB Black tripod has been built to be your "best passport" for travel photography. With a snap of the fingers, swing the VEO 2 central column into place, connect your camera and you're ready to shoot at a moment's notice. The VEO 2 BH-45 ball head is sturdy and operates perfectly thanks to a large ergonomic knob. The Arca type compatible plate with 1/4" D-ring offers quick camera attachment and release. The 4 section aluminum legs come with a rapid advanced twist lock system that is ergonomically designed to be extended with one hand, and to lock in at less than 10 seconds. The low angle adaptor and the 3 leg angles at 20 degrees, 45 degrees and 80 degrees ensure the perfect position and stability on uneven terrain, and enables you to take more creative pictures from different angles. With angle designed rubber feet, VEO 2 grants you the perfect grip on ground. VEO 2 SF spiked feet (sold separately) will ensure perfect grip for outdoor environments. The dedicated suspension loop on the canopy accommodates counterbalance weights or bags for additional stability. A stylish design with soft rubber handle provides an unbeatable grip. Use the included carrying tripod bag with shoulder strap when you're ready to go to your next photo adventure.

    Product Details

    • Intuitive and simple to set the tripod into desired position: Exclusive and innovative central column system that allows you to set the central column and tripod legs in less than 15 seconds
    • Sturdy ball head with large ergonomic knob safely provides up to an 8.8 pound work load performance for quality images. Arca compatible QR plate
    • Highly engineered leg tubes for smooth and precise leg extensions and Independent leg positioning at 3 different angles (20 degrees, 45 degrees, 80 degrees ) for more versatility and possibilities to adapt to uneven terrain enabling you to shoot more creative pictures
    • Dedicated suspension loop on canopy to accommodate counterbalance weights or bags for additional stability and Non-slip, all-weather TPU grips on 1 leg for the perfect hand grip
    • Tripod Specifications: 20 mm, 4 section aluminum legs. Folded height: 15.75". Extended height: 53.1". Weight: 2.53 pounds

    All in One Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras w/ Carry Case

    Deco Photo’s All in One Cleaning Kit is perfect for cleaning your DSLR camera as well as Telescopes, Spotting Scopes, Eyeglasses, View Finders and more.  Inside the stylish carrying case you'll find Lens/Sensor cleaning solution, a book of lens tissue paper, a dual sided pen with a brush and carbon cap, large bristel brush and an air blower to blow away hard to reach dust and build-up.

    If there is only one accessory you will purchase for the lens of your camera or camcorder, this should be the one.
    • A UV filter serves to protect your lens from all dust, dirt, scratches and fingerprints.
    • It also absorbs the Ultraviolet rays of the sun thereby reducing or eliminating distortion.
    • Vivitar filters are manufactured from the finest solid optical glass, and are heat treated and multi-coated to ensure optimum picture quality.
    Canon RF 50mm F1.2 L USM Lens for EOS R Canon Mirrorless Cameras

    Lens Cap E-77 II
    Lens Dust Cap
    Lens Hood ES-83
    Drawstring Soft Lens Case LP1319
    Canon USA Authorized Dealer Warranty

    Tripod Components
    Cleaning Kit Carrying Case
    Camera & Sensor Cleaning Solution
    Lens Brush & Sensor Brush
    Dust Blower Air Pump
    Lens Tissue Paper
    77mm Multicoated UV Protective Filter
    This Kit Includes:

    RF 50mm F1.2 L USM Full Frame Lens for RF Mount EOS Mirrorless Cameras 2959C002
    Canon RF 50mm F1.2 L USM Full Frame Lens for RF Mount EOS Mirrorless Cameras 2959C002
    Our Price: $2,299.00

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    VEO 2 264AB Aluminum Travel Tripod with VEO 2 BH-50 Ball Head - (Grey)
    Vanguard VEO 2 264AB Aluminum Travel Tripod with VEO 2 BH-50 Ball Head - (Grey)
    Our Price: $119.95

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    All-in-One Cleaning Kit for Lenses and DSLR Cameras w/ Carry Case
    Deco Photo All-in-One Cleaning Kit for Lenses and DSLR Cameras w/ Carry Case
    Our Price: $29.95

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    77mm Multicoated UV Protective Filter
    Vivitar 77mm Multicoated UV Protective Filter
    Our Price: $9.95

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