iFi Audio iDSD Headphone Amp + HIFIMAN HF-400i Special Edition Dark Blue Chrome Headphones

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Item Description:
  • HIFIMAN HE400i Headphones Feature A Single-Ended Planar Magnetic Driver, 93db of Sound, and a Light Size!
  • The iFi Audio Headphone Amp Provides Octa-Speed DSD512, Double-Speed DXD, and PCM 32bit/768kHz Frequency
  • Bundle Includes:

    • HIFIMAN HE-400i Special Edition Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - Dark Blue Chrome
    • Micro iDSD Black Label Headphone Amp

    At the heart of the iFi micro iDSD BLACK LABEL beats the specially-selected Burr Brown True Native chipset in a Dual-Core configuration. With 'Bit-Perfect' Octa-Speed DSD512 and Double-Speed DXD (705.6/768kHz)

    Underpinned by the original and widely-regarded iFi features - 3D Matrix Plus System (two independent systems for both headphones AND speakers respectively), XBass Plus, Direct-Drive and with iEMatch and Headamp Turbo features, the micro iDSD BLACK LABEL handels ultra-sensitive In-Ear-Monitors just as well as demanding Over-the-Ear headphones with equal, unswerving authority.

    The 'BLACK LABEL' edition features an upgraded femto clock system and digital engine using custom OV2028 and OV2627 op-amps. The analogue section benefits from OS-CONs and Panasonic ECPU capacitors

    The iFi micro iDSD BLACK LABEL is simply astounding and takes your music to the sonic stratosphere.

    iFi Audio Headphone Amp Details

    • Octa-DSD512/PCM768 and 2x DXD
    • Dual-Core Native DSD/PCM Burr-Brown chipset
    • Performance-tuned 3D Matrix Plus and XBass Plus
    • ZeroJitter/Femto clock system upgraded for lower phase-noise/jitter
    • Digital engine upgraded with iFi custom ultra-low noise Op-Amp OV2028
    • Analogue section upgraded with iFi custom ultra-low noise Op-Amp OV2627
    • Ultra-low impedance OS-CON polymer capacitors and Panasonic audio-grade ECPU film capacitors

    Headphone Amp Specifications

    Formats Supported (native) - DSD512/256/128/64, Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed DSD; DXD (768/705.6/384/352.8kHz), Double/Single-Speed DXD; PCM (768/705.6/384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz)
    Filters - DSD - Extreme/Extended/Standard Bandwidth; PCM - Bit-Perfect/Minimum-Phase/Standard
    Digital Inputs - High-Speed Asynchronous USB 2.0 (32bit/768kHz); SPDIF Coaxial/Optical
    Digital Output - SPDIF Coaxial
    Audio Input - 3.5mm
    Audio Output - 6.3mm; RCA Line Out (2V fixed/2V-5V variable)
    Power Output - Turbo (10V max/4,000mW@16 Ohm); Normal (4.0V/1,000mW@16 Ohm); Ecto (
    2.0V/250mW @ 16 Ohm)
    Battery - Lithium-polymer 4800mAh
    Power System - USB BCP V1.2 compliant up to 1500mA charging current
    Power (max) - <2W idle, 4W max
    Dimensions - 177x67x28mm
    Weight - 0.68lbs / 310g

    HF-400i Headphone Features:

    Single-ended planar magnetic driver provides superior soundstage and spatial imaging.

    Increased efficiency of 93dB allows it to be driven with a modest size amplifier or can even be used with a portable audio player or smartphone.

    The HE400i is 30 percent lighter than other full-size planar magnetic designs for increased comfort.

    Easy-to-drive, high quality full-size planar magnetic headphone is only 499 dollars.

    The Look

    ABS polymer ear cups in a gloss charcoal finish give the HE400i a striking contemporary look.
    Improved pressure pattern is designed to provide best-in-class comfort.
    Specially designed beveled ear pads are made of pleather and velour, which provide both increased comfort and improved sound quality.
    The Sound

    Delivering better quality sound than other headphone types.
    Massive diaphragm allows high signal input and flexible bass and treble.
    Very fast response time due to the lightweight diaphragm design.
    Evenly distributed magnetic force for low distortion and reproduction of live sound.
    Planar vs. Electrostatic
    Compared to the electrostatic driver, the planar magnetic technology uses a more massive diaphragm that is able to move very quickly in a coherent and uniform way. The planar magnetic headphone gives excellent transient response and a sound quality almost equal to that of an electrostatic product.

    Headphone Specifications:

    Frequency Response: 20Hz - 35KHz
    Sensitivity: 93dB
    Impedance: 35 Ohms
    Weight: 370g
    Cable Length: 1.5m
    Plug: 3.5mm/6.35mm

    Box Includes:

    Micro iDSD Black Label Amplifier
    1 Year Warranty

    Bundle Includes:

    HIFIMAN HE-400i Special Edition Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - Dark Blue Chrome
    Micro iDSD Black Label Headphone Amp
    This Kit Includes:

    HE400i Special Edition Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - Dark Blue Chrome
    HIFIMAN HE400i Special Edition Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - Dark Blue Chrome
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    Micro iDSD Black Label Headphone Amp
    iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label Headphone Amp
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