Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable w/ Dual-Layered Chassis & Built-in Phono EQ

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Item Description:
  • Full-Automatic Operation
  • Dual-Layered Chassis with 4 mm-Thick Metal Plate and Low Center of Gravity
  • High-Performance MM Cartridge Included
  • Audiophile sound combined with convenience, plus a high-performance cartridge and built-in phono stage.

    Pioneer introduces a true audiophile turntable that makes listening to records easier and more rewarding than ever before. Everyone knows the joys of spinning a treasured LP, with its warm, rich, accurate sound and a sense of aliveness that rivals or surpasses even the best digital formats. The new Pioneer PL-30-K turntable allows seasoned vinyl lovers to upgrade their existing phono system, while new-generation music listeners can explore the thrill of collecting and engage with music in a way unique to the vinyl experience.

    The PL-30-K turntable delivers so much value, because it comes equipped with a high-performance, high-output moving magnet (MM) stereo phono cartridge, pre-mounted and ready to play. Because it's already precision installed, there is no tedious mounting necessary. And because the PL-30-K is equipped with a built-in phono equalizer and On/Through selector, it's the perfect turntable for systems that use a preamp, integrated amp or receiver without a built-in phono stage. Just plug the PL-30-K into an auxiliary RCA input, select "On" and play.

    This impressive turntable - at more than 12 pounds - is engineered with a dual-layered chassis that employs a 4mm-thick metal plate for increased mass and rock-solid sound. It has been designed with a low center of gravity that provides stable playback and sound that's free from feedback and resonance that compromise the potential buried in the grooves of the best LPS. A combination of DC-servo-controlled motor and belt drive offer the most musical performance, with low wow and flutter (0.1% or less WRMS) and a signal-to-nose ratio of 60 dB (DIN B). Pioneer's precision machined, aluminum die-cast platter supports a 5mm-thick rubber mat that suppresses external vibrations while treating your precious vinyl with the greatest of care.

    Pioneer's aluminum die-cast tone arm is a static-balanced design configured with a straight arm tube for optimum geometry. The detachable aluminum die-cast headshell allows easy cartridge swapping and overhang adjustment. An anti-skate dial allows precise adjustment to achieve the most accurate stylus tracking in the lateral plane, reducing tracking distortion on inner grooves. And because of its fully automatic operation with 33 1/3 rpm LPs and 45 rpm 45s, the Pioneer PL-30-K makes tedious positioning the tonearm at the beginning of the record - and lifting it at the end - a thing of the past.

    Pioneer's attention to detail shows, because the PL-30-K comes with a tonearm cable fitted with gold-plated RCA connectors, a detachable AC power cord and a clear acrylic dustcover with removable hinges to keep your turntable as pristine as you keep your cherished records.

    Product Details

    • Full-Automatic Operation
    • Dual-Layered Chassis with 4 mm-Thick Metal Plate and Low Center of GravityProvides Stable Playback
    • Built-in Phono Equalizer with On/Through Selector: On for Connecting Amps without Phono Terminal, Through When Using External Phono Equalizer
    • High-Performance MM Cartridge Included
    • Original 5 mm-Thick Rubber Mat Suppresses External Vibration While FirmlyGripping the Record

    Technical Specifications

    Main Specifications

    • Power Requirements: AC 120 V, 60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 2 W
    • Output: RCA (Stereo Pin Plugs) x 1
    • Maximum Dimensions (W x H x D): 17-3/16" x 4-6/16" x 14-11/16" (435 x 110 x 372.6 mm)
    • Main Unit Weight: 12.3 lb. (5.6 kg)

    Turntable Specifications

    • Drive Method: Belt Drive System
    • Wow and Flutter: 0.1% or Less WRMS (JIS WTD)
    • Motor: DC Servo Motor
    • S/N Ratio: 60 dB (DIN-B)
    • Rotation Speed: 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm

    Tone Arm Specifications

    • Arm Type: Static Balance Straight Type Tone Arm
    • Effective Length: 221.5 mm
    • Overhang: 19 mm
    • Stylus Pressure Variable Range: 0 g to 4.0 g (1 scale 0.1 g)
    • Proper Cartridge Weight: 4.5 g to 9.5 g (Single Cartridge)
    • Cartridge Type: MM Type
    • Headshell Weight: 10.0 g (Including Screws and Nuts)
    Turntable Sheet
    Dust Cover with Removable Hinges
    Adapter for EP Record
    Balance Weight
    Headshell with Cartridge
    Spare Lead Wires
    Power Cord
    Operating Instruction
    1-Year Limited Warranty
    This Kit Includes: