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LCD TVs are based on a liquid crystal display. These units consume a lot less power than their plasma counterpart. This is because they work on the principle of blocking light instead of emitting it. Such displays use either an active or passive matrix display grid. The passive display consists of a grid of conductors with pixels found at each intersection in the grid. Across the two conductors, a current is sent to control the light for pixels. At each pixel intersection, there’s a transistor that requires less current to control the pixels’ luminance. This means that currents in an active matrix can be switched off and on frequently, improving the refresh rate. LCD TVs are not prone to burn-out and can be bought in smaller sizes than a plasma screen from So they’re a good option if limited space is available. The primary difference between these sets and LED sets is the backlighting. Ordinary LCD TVs make use of cold cathode fluorescent lamps that provide the lighting, but LEDs use a variety of smaller and more efficient emitting diodes to help illuminate the screen. LCDs tend to reproduce colors by a process of subtraction. They block out certain color wavelengths from the white light spectrum until just the right color is left. It is the intensity of the light allowed to pass through the liquid crystal matrix that enables the televisions to display color-brilliant images. Color is reproduced by manipulating light waves and eliminating colors from white light. It’s a rather difficult template for maintaining the accuracy of vibrancy and colors, but these products manage very well. The display viewing angles on these units have been much improved by various manufacturers. The substrate material on newer-generation screens has helped to expand viewing angles. The top HD TVs in this range have about 120-degree viewing angles. offers a comprehensive range of TVs at highly competitive prices and a wide variety of sizes. We ship to several countries worldwide. You can contact our customer service today for help placing your order or further information.
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