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If you are on your way to starting a great disc jockey business, then you need the best DJ Equipment there is. Our selection of DJ gear, combined with your outgoing personality, will get you on the right track to success in the industry and have people begging for you to do their events.
The Pioneer SVM-1000 Professional Audio /Video Mixer is the world’s first 4-channel audio and video mixer. Each channel can be controlled in multiple ways, allowing you to create a full audio and visual performance that will blow your audience away. With the ability to add in JPEG files from your computer or other memory device, you have the options to have sound only, video only, pictures only, or a combination to create a great performance.
Pioneer DJE-2000-W Professional In-Ear Headphones are a great piece of DJ equipment for both working and simply listening to music recreationally. They are built to help you pay special attention to the beat of the music. They are comfortable and flexible, allowing for easy listening. Easy to transport, they also come with a carrying case, so you never misplace them.
Another important piece of DJ gear you will need is a quality table. You can’t expect that everywhere you go to work is going to have an adequate table to set up on. The Pioneer X-Stand portable stand for Laptop/RMX-1000 is the perfect solution to a necessary table. The table is perfect for your laptop or another device that needs to be elevated and accessible during your job. It can be easily set up, and is small enough to easily fit into existing booths or other stage and performance areas. A carrying case can also be purchased, which will help keep all of your important items together, from your music collection to your headphones, decks, and cables. has all of the top DJ equipment and accessories you need to get started and build your business. With our great selection of affordable products, you are sure to be providing your clients with all of the technology they need to have a fantastic and memorable party.
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