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Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Calculator - 30XSMV/TBL
TI-30XS MultiView Calculator. Displays multiple calculations and answers as you would write on paper. Easily scroll, review and edit current or previous entries.
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Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro Scientific Calc
TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator is an advanced, four-line scientific calculator, with higher-level math and science functionality, is ideal for computer science and engineering courses in which graphing technology may not be permitted.
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Texas Instruments NspireCX CAS Teacher Calculator Pack - N3CAS/TPK/2L1/B
The TI-Nspire CX CAS Teacher Pack. Contains: 10 handhelds, 10 rechargeable battery, 10 quick reference card, 1 getting started guide, 1 reference guide
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Texas Instruments TI Ultrasonic Ranger Module
TI Ultrasonic Ranger Module. Measures distance in centimeters for use in programming and STEM projects. Contains: Ultrasonic Ranger Module with detachable cable.
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Texas Instruments TI External Battery Kit
TI External Battery Kit. Convenient source of power when using components that require extra power. contains: External Battery (Model # MP-3000)
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Texas Instruments MultiView Yellow Teacher Kit - 30XSMV/TKT/1L1/B
TI-30XS MultiView EZ Spot Calculator. TTeacher Kit with EZ Spot yellow calculators with School Property on the front. Teacher Kit includes ten (10) calculators, one (1) storage caddy, one (1) poster, and one (1) set of instructional materials.
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Texas Instruments Nspire CX Navigator 30-User Software - OPEN BOX
TI-Nspire CX Navigator System: A completely wireless classroom network communication system of either TI-Nspire CX or TI-Nspire CX CAS handhelds that maximizes popular graphing technology and increase
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Texas Instruments Graphics Teachers Calculator Pack - 73/TPK/1L1/C
TI 73 Graphics Calculator Teachers Pack (Blue) is a Teachers pack of 10 calculators, 3 guidebooks, classroom poster, transparency and unit to unit link cables.
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Texas Instruments Motion Sensor - Motion Sensor
Calculator Based Ranger System 2... If you teach math, physical science or physics, you may want to consider the CBR 2. The CBR 2 collects distance, velocity and acceleration data while connected
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Texas Instruments Calculator Carrying Bag - TOTEBAG
Canvas Tote bag holds 30 graphing calculators.
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Texas Instruments Plus CE Charging Station - 84CEDS/PWB/2L1
TI 84 Plus CE Charging Station Includes one (1) TI Charging Station CE for charging units; Compatible with the NEW TI-84 PLUS CE
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Texas Instruments Plus Graphics Calculator - 84PL/TBL/1L1/A
TI-84 Plus is a graphing calculator with 8 display lines, displaying 16 characters, requires 4 AAA battery(s). Ehanced version of the TI-83 Plus with 3 times more memory and included USB computer cable. Fully compatible with TI-83 Plus.
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Texas Instruments Titanium Graphing Calculator - 89T/CLM
TI 89 Graphing Caclulator. The most advanced TI Graphing Handheld. Ideal for calculus! Now includes USB cable for computer connectivity. 4 AAA batteries. Back-up lithium battery. CBL2 and CBR compatible. Clam Shell
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Texas Instruments TI30XA Scientific Calculator - TI30XA
Texas Instruments, Inc. TI30XA is a scientific calculator.
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Texas Instruments Plus CE Graphing Calculator in Positively Pink - 84PLCE/TBL/1L1/P
TI-84 Plus CE Positively Pink 225/227 Sensormatic Graphing Calculator
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