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The Sigma 24-35mm F2 DG HSM Art is the world's first full frame F2 zoom lens. Covering a common prime lens lineup, the 24-35mm F2 DG HSM was designed for prime performance with the versatility of a zoom lens.
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The Sigma 150-600mm 5-6.3 DG HSM OS Contemporary was created around the concept of maximum portability meets utmost image quality in a variable aperture hyper-telephoto zoom lens.
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The Sigma 18-300mm 3.5-6.3 DC HSM OS Macro is another impressive addition to the Sigma Global Vision Contemporary line. With a 16.6x zoom ratio covering focal lengths from wide to telephoto, this lens also offers a 1:3 macro ratio.
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The Sigma 35mm 1.4 DG HSM is equipped with technology including a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM), floating internal focusing system, SLD and FLD Glass elements. The large 1.4 aperture make it ideal in low light and the lens is compatible with the Sigma USB dock.
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The all-round, ultimate 70-200mm F2.8 . The flagship large-aperture telephoto zoom lens that meets the most stringent needs of professional photographers combining all of the features required: high optical quality, a tough design, and excellent handling.
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10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM lens allows enjoyment of super wide-angle photography.
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Large aperture, high speed ideal in low light Inner focusing system technology Carrying case, lens hood, front & rear caps
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EF-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format Aperture Range: f/1.4 to f/16 Three FLD Elements, Three SLD Elements One Aspherical Element Hyper Sonic AF Motor, Manual Override Weather-Sealed, Protective Front Coating
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Best Canon Lenses

After buying a new camera, the next thing you’ll need to purchase is a new Canon Camera Lens. In order to capture the perfect close-up, or get the most out of a landscape shot, you’ll need the right and the best canon lenses for the job. The first thing you’ll need to do when choosing a new lens is decide what your overall photo needs are. Do you plan on prioritizing zoom functionality, or do you need a wide angle lens for landscape photography? There are numerous Canon camera lenses available, and if you aren’t sure where to start, that’s where we come in. Our goal is to help you find the Canon lenses you need for your camera, at the lowest possible prices.

Best Zoom Lenses for Canon

Unlike prime lenses which have a fixed focal length, zoom lenses can do just as they advertise, zoom in and out to support a wider range of focal lengths. For example, if you’re looking for the best canon lens for portraits, the Canon EF 75-300mm F4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens is an excellent fit. Even with its impressive focal reach, it remains light and compact, making it great for travelling. Want the best Canon lens for landscape photos? Zoom lenses are great for landscape photos as well, as they can zoom out to capture a large portion of the surrounding landscape. Since zoom lenses are so versatile, they make great lenses for photographers at any level.

Best Wide Angle Lens for Canon

Wide angle lenses are primarily used for capturing landscape photos, but still allow for endless photo taking possibilities. Canon wide angle lenses have a shorter focal point, providing an angle that goes beyond a standard lens, allowing you to capture more scenery in a single shot. You can find lenses like the Canon EF-S 17-55mm F/2.8 IS USM Wide Angle Zoom Lens that provide a high-performance wide-angle zoom. Not only that, this lens offers superior sharpness and color correction that any photographer would love to have when shooting photos or videos out in the field. Thanks to their versatility, wide angle zoom lenses also make for the best Canon lens for video.

Best Macro Lens for Canon

Most people who aren’t too knowledgeable in photography terms are probably wondering, “What’s a Macro lens?” Macro lenses are specifically designed for close-up photography. Their internal mechanisms differ from that of normal lenses, and allow for levels of sharpness and contrast beyond that of normal camera lenses. Lenses like the Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM Lens can be used to create some really eye-catching photos and video. Overall, macro lenses are great for both portrait and street photography, making it easy to capture the intricate details and complex textures of any subject.

Best Telephoto Lens for Canon

A telephoto lens is a lens with a long focal length, and provides a high level of magnification. Lenses like the Canon EF 75-300mm F4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens allow you to take photos of subjects from a substantial distance. Telephoto lenses are helpful for situations where you can’t get close to your subject including, but not limited to, wildlife and sporting events. Some telephoto lenses can even be used for portrait photography, providing a natural, undistorted perspective. The downside is that even though technology has made these lenses more compact and easier to handle, they still tend to be bigger and heavier than other lenses. knows the ins and outs of every Canon lens for every camera type, including DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Our dedicated and caring staff is always available to help consumers through the sometimes confusing buying process. Contact us today about how our appreciation of shoppers leads to better deals on some of the best products on the market.