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E-mount lens G lens quality all the way to 350 mm XD Linear Motor in an APS-C lens
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Fast F2.8 APS-C standard zoom Customizable focus hold button XD Linear Motor for fast, precise AF and tracking Linear Response MF
more from: Sony E-Mount Lenses
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50 line pairs/mm resolving power, XA (extreme aspherical) elements with 0.01 micron surface precision, Constant F2.8 max aperture, Natural, lifelike defocused bokeh, 9-blade circular aperture, Direct Drive SSM, Nano AR coating, Dust and moisture resistant
more from: Sony E-Mount Lenses
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Lightweight and compact, zoom range extends from 28mm through 70mm, Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, Dust and moisture resistant design, Aperture (Max.): f/3.5-5.6, Aperture (Min.): f/22-36
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Capture crisp images with your a NEX camera and this versatile 16mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens.
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Get what you want out of life - then take a picture of it. Enjoy jaw-dropping results with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar optical lens designed to capture life at its fullest.
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Sony Cameras, TVs & Electronics

When thinking of brand names, Sony electronics are one of the choices that stand out for exceptional products. The quality is unsurpassed, and every selection features their well-known attention to detail. They offer many items that can be used around your home, the car, or just about anywhere a shopper can imagine.

Sony electronics has many camera types for consumers, and one the popular favorites is their digital SLRs. They can be purchased as kits, which include a lens, or only the camera body. These cameras have a high megapixels count, which results in better quality photos. Some cameras come with the lens attached and it can’t be swapped or changed. Other cameras are point-and-shoot which are simple to use and operate. Sony also makes the SD cards necessary to save the photos you take with your camera. SD cards will vary in the amount of gigabytes they hold, and therefore, the amount of photos they hold.

Sony electronics offer a wide variety of televisions to choose from, including LCD and LED. They also produce 4K ultra HDTV’s that offer exceptional picture like no other TV. Sony’s quality accessories can be paired with any television. Some special enhancements can include 3D glasses to heighten viewing, or adding external speakers and sound bars for better sound. These upgrades will improve your overall viewing experience.

Sony computers are a widely used brand that offer unsurpassed quality. These include laptops, desktops, and even all-in-one PC’s. Whatever your computer needs are, Sony has the best options for you to choose from. There are also many accessories made by Sony to complement Apple products, such as docks that will accommodate the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The docks have a high quality of sound that is a great addition for and Apple fan.

Sony electronics has a long history of producing some of the best video games, and it shows in their remarkable PlayStation consoles. The latest consoles are equipped with shopping features that allow users to purchase and download their favorite games with just a push of a button. Users are also encouraged to interact online with other players from around the world in award winning simulations or role playing options.

Look no further than our exciting line of Sony products when searching for the best in technology. The philosophy puts the consumer at the forefront of everything we do. Contact us today to see how easy it can be to put the fun back in online shopping.