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Optoma's PK301 Pico pocket projector provides projection power anywhere.
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Present your best wherever you go with the ultra-compact Optoma ML750 portable LED projector. The power and performance of a full sized projector on the palm of your hand.
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Alexa smart home and custom skills ready 4K UHD and bright 2,400 lumens with RGBRGB color wheel HDR10 support for brighter whites, deeper black-levels and vivid colors
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Best Home Theater Projector

Bringing a movie theater experience to your home is one of the top trends among electronics. From popping popcorn to setting up a homemade drive-in, consumers are looking for ways to recreate their favorite events in a familiar setting. Digital projectors are a major part of these modern day family nights. With so many choices on the market, it’s easy to find a selection that is just right for every viewing. Don’t just buy the best cheap projector you can find, choose the one that best fits your viewing needs.

Most selections will feature a 720p standard resolution that works well for a majority of choices. For more specific needs, such as live sporting events, look for models that make presentations in 1080p format. Pay close attention to resolution rates when selecting the best projector for your needs. A lower rate may indicate pictures will be cut off, or appear in a square format when presented on large surfaces. This issue could especially become a concern for people or businesses who need each showing to appear as clear as possible.

Lighting is also a major concern among these models. Selections with a larger projection size could require more light to keep the picture consistent while others may focus light in certain aspects of the picture. Try choosing projectors with an exceptional level of lighting, also known as lumens, to prevent other sources of illumination from affecting the overall performance or diminishing the image quality. If lamp life is a major concern or requirement for you, then the best home projector you can buy is the Optoma Full 3D SVGA 3200 Lumen DLP Projector. This lamp has enough power to last for around 10,000 hours, and can easily be connected to any PC or laptop.

There are two major power sources that accompany digital projectors. Standard electric models plug into any socket and can be combined with elongated extension cords. There are also wireless solutions, which make it easy to move the digital projector outside as well as around various indoor spaces. Consider options that will make the selection as portable and convenient as possible to make the most out of its uses. This will save both time and money on every presentation.

Best 4K Projector

If you have a 4K TV, or a video game system that displays in 4K, then you’re going to need the best 4K projector you can find. The Optoma UHL55 Portable LED UHD 4K Smart Projector is not only an excellent 4K projector, but thanks to its high definition quality and long battery life it’s one of the best projectors for gaming. It has 4K UHD resolution, and supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. As an added benefit, there is a handle and carrying case included, making this the best portable projector as well.

Best Mini Projector

Do you frequently require a projector, but are tired of lugging around large pieces of equipment? Want a smaller, easily portable projector? One of the best mini projectors available is the Canon Rayo S1 Mini 100-Lumen WVGA Pico DLP Projector with Wi-Fi, a pocket-sized projector that has a wide array of uses both at home, and in the office. Whether you’re presenting documents during a meeting, or watching a movie at home, you’ll have endless possibilities as you can even bring this projector with you while camping, or to a hotel room while on vacation.

Having a movie night has never been easier with digital projectors. The team at BuyDig.com know how important your choice of projectors can be, and our friendly staff is always available to help. From buyer guides, to suggestions from our own experiences, we have the knowledge to guide anyone through the buying process. Contact us today and we’ll show you a great buying experience that you’ll never forget.