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CPU Processors
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Core Count: 12 Clock Speed: 2.2GHz Cache: 30 MB Socket: LGA 2011-v3 Memory Type: DDR4-2400/2133/1866/1600
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CPU Processors

Computers are versatile tools used to complete a variety of tasks. However, some people like to personally build a PC, so it can better match their necessities. There are many parts that go into building a computer, and one the most important are CPU Processors. These processors function by receiving instructions from a single computing task, works with the clock speed to quickly process this information, and temporarily stores it in the RAM (Random Access Memory). When requested, you can make it permanently save information to your hard drive. Thanks to the power of these processors, it’s the perfect addition to creating your dream PC.

Best CPU Processor

Building your own PC means knowing what kind of CPU Processor you’ll require. If you’re big on the gaming scene, then there’s many excellent options available. One outstanding example is the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X Processor - YD190XA8AEWOF. Designed to be the world’s best high-end desktop processor, it’s the perfect match for any avid gamer or streamer. With 3.8GHz Base Clock, and 20MB Total Cache Memory, this processor is powerful enough for all your computer needs.

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