Aqua Mineral Hydrating Eye Gel with Green Tea Extract - 1oz

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Item Description:
  • Instantly Younger Look
  • Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Dark Circles - No More
  • Naturally, Pure and Eco-Friendly
  • Puffy Eye GEL Instant results – Naturally rapid reduction eye gel, Eliminate Wrinkles, Puffiness and Bags – Hydrating Eye Gel w/Green Tea Extract by Aqua Mineral – 1 oz

    Hello! And welcome to Aqua Mineral - A world of natural skin care.

    Get the results you’ve been looking for. At Aqua Mineral, we use nature’s finest to create our range of innovative formulas that performs the best way.

    Every item in our line combines the best of land and sea without any harsh chemical fillers.

    That means with every application you’re getting a potent dose of pure concentrated minerals, botanicals, and oils targeted to address your unique skincare needs.

    It’s time to unleash your natural beauty. Let Aqua Mineral show you the way.

    Now smooth, plump, and firm under eyes will no longer be wasted on the young.

    Within minutes of applying Aqua Mineral’s Puffy Eye Treatment you may not recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror.

    Be prepared for your crow’s feet to vanish, your under-eye bags to disappear, your saggy under eyes to be eradicated, and your annoying puffiness to become a thing of the past. In 5-7 minutes, you’ll have brighter, more hydrated, firmer, plumper under eyes that will have everyone guessing your age.

    Plus, you’ll enjoy more even tone and texture and radiant glowing skin.

    Your skin will look so good you may not even want to wear makeup!

    Every single drop of Aqua Mineral’s Puffy Eye Treatment is bursting with natural ingredients that pack a punch, including:

    Green Tea Extract – Antioxidant-rich protection from the daily grind Hyaluronic Acid – Locks moisture in place to plump and hydrate Patented Eyeliss Concentrate – Stops puffiness in its tracks and sends bags and wrinkles running Dead Sea Water – Soothing minerals rejuvenate tired skin Hydrolyzed Collagen – Amino acids give skin elasticity and a youthful glow Hydrolyzed Elastin – Additional layer of moisturizing defense to rejuvenate


    1. Throughly clean your skin

    2. Rub a small amount of cream using circular motions

    3. Gently tap the prodct on with your finger

    4. Avoid facial movements for 5 minutes

    5. Smile and go!

    Hydrating Eye Gel with Green Tea Extract - 1oz
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