ASUS Quad - Strength Graphics Intel 10G LAN Motherboard - X99-E-10G WS

Item # ASUX99E10GWS (Part # X99-E-10G WS)
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Workstation Exclusive

Quad Strength Graphic Power

The Intel X99 chipset-based workstation motherboard features on-demand NVIDIA GeForce SLI and AMD Crossfire technology; plus hassle-free troubleshooting features for minimized downtime.

Four Pci Express 3.0 X16 Slots Enable Extreme Graphics Power

The X99-E-10G WS can carry up to four dual-slot graphics. It supports 4-Way NVIDIA Geforce SLI and AMD Crossfire x 16 Link; making it an excellent choice for graphics professionals who depend on powerful graphics in areas such as design and modeling; medical research; plus processing-intensive simulation and rendering applications. In addition to graphics cards; extensive X99-E-10G WS expandability offers ample room for RAID cards; PCI Express-based solid state storage drives; video capture cards; and other components.

High-Speed Networking

1st ASUS motherboard with dual Intel 10G land

With built-in dual Intel 10G Base-T networking (X550-AT2); the workstation board increases data throughput and improves efficiency. This supports high-density; high-bandwidth and low-latency access-layer networks needed for extremely demanding applications; such as graphics or video production.

Flagship Performance

Drive CPU and DDR4 performance beyond all expectations!

ASUS Pioneered OC Socket

Designed to break performance barriers; ASUS OC Socket utilizes extra pins to connect a proprietary circuit to contacts found on land grid array (LGA). Combined with our customized UEFI; this exclusive feature enables higher DDR4 memory frequencies; lower latencies and enhanced stability while overclocking; extending all the way to extreme overclocking conditions; such as liquid nitrogen (LN2). OC Socket is 100% compatible with all LGA 2011-v3 CPUs; ensuring the ideal combination of overclocking performance and compatibility.

Make your memory go faster

Drive your memory frequencies to 3333MHz and beyond! ASUS-exclusive T-Topology circuit design plus OC Socket provides a superb memory-overclocking capability to unleash the full power of DDR4 by minimizing coupling noise and signal reflection. With innovative equidistant memory channels; it delivers the most balanced control and powerful overclocking compatibility. ASUS works with almost every DDR4 memory vendor to ensure the best compatibility.

One click overclock and cooling; done!

5-way Optimization

One click takes care of all that complex tuning. Your PC is smart with ASUS 5-Way Optimization. It dynamically optimizes essential aspects of your system based on real-time use - so you get superb CPU performance; everyday energy savings; ultra-stable digital power; cool and quiet fans and now even networking and audio settings that are tailored for the apps that you are using. In short; 5-Way Optimization ensures that your PC is perfect for gaming; entertainment; productivity or just about anything else!

  • Games run swiftly and smoothly with high performance; prioritized bandwidth and vivid sound.
  • Fans stay whisper-quiet for everyday computing; and ensure extreme cooling efficiency when gaming.
  • Energy waste is reduced so you'll save money.

Flexible Cooling Controls For Air And Liquid

The latest ASUS X99 motherboards feature the most advanced cooling capability to date; controllable from both Fan Expert 4 and UEFI.

  • 3/4-pin fan auto detection
  • Water pump header
  • High amp(3A) fan header
  • Smart fan IC protection
  • All fan support extreme quite mode

Media-Acclaimed Uefi Bios

The smoothest; slickest mouse-controlled graphical BIOS has been improved to make it even more appealing. Whether you're a PC novice or a seasoned over clocker; the EZ and Advanced Modes help you find your way; quickly and easily.

Ez Flash 3

Update the latest BIOS via the internet; and from within the BIOS.


Check up your storages devices' Self-Monitoring; Analysis; and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) logs to gauge reliability; and even determine if they're about to fail.

Ez Tuning Wizard - Oc And Raid

Select your hardware and apply different scenarios to tune system performance; or streamline your RAID configuration for faster data retrieval and backups!

My Favorites

Quickly find tuning options and add preferred tools to the list.

Ez Mode

Intuitive Graphical Fan Control: Fine-tune individual fans simply by dragging a curve with the mouse.

EZ XMP: Improve your DRAM performance with a click.

SATA Information: View SATA port details for easy device recognition.

Fast Clock Adjustment: Use mouse controls to change the time and date.

Advanced Mode

GPU POST: Recommendation for multi-VGA configuration and detailed information for selected ASUS graphics cards.

Secure Erase: Restore your SSDs to factory-fresh condition.

Last Modified Log: Track last change and save preferred profiles onto a USB drive.

SATA Port Renaming: SATA Port Renaming: Rename SATA ports for easy identification.

Aura (LED Control): Customize your favorite RGB LED style direct from the BIOS.

For Gamers and Professionals

Ultimate transfer speed

32Gb/s U.2 & M.2 onboard

The workstation board fits next-generation 2.5-inch NVM Express SSDs with an on-board U.2 and M.2 (up to 2280) interface. This exclusive technology exploits the maximum PCI Express 3.0 x4 bandwidth of 32Gbit/s for SSD transfer speeds that are up to 5.3X faster than traditional SSDs.

10Gbit/S Usb3.1 Built In

This workstation board has both the latest USB3.1 connectivity built in with Type-A and Type-C ports for the very fastest USB data transfers - that's up to 10 Gb/s; or twice as fast USB 3.0. Type-C is the all-new reversible socket for any-way-up convenience.

Patent-Pending Safe slot

Protect Your Graphics Card Investment

Safe Slot is the PCIe slot reinvented by ASUS and engineered to provide superior retention and shearing resistance. Manufactured in a single step using a new insert-molding process integrates the slot with the fortifying metal for an inherently stronger slot; which is then firmly anchored to the PCB through additional solder points.

Multi-Gpu Support

With support for both NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire 2/3-WAY configurations; the X99 motherboard enables multi-GPU setups so you can harness the full power of the latest graphics technologies to drive games at 4K and beyond.

Flawless Audio That Makes You Part Of The Game

Crystal Sound 3

Powerful Home Server

Asus Home cloud

ASUS Home Cloud creates a world without boundaries. It lets you access your PC remotely; stream multimedia content to wherever you want; and manage all your stuff from anywhere - no matter where it's stored. It even turns your hard drive into private cloud storage; removing worries about storage limits. With Home Cloud; your PC becomes the gateway to your world.

A Digital Pc Hub Perfect For Sharing And Home Theater

Media Streamer

Enjoy your PC's multimedia content -anywhere! Pipe music from your PC while sipping coffee in a cafe or sit back with friends and stream a favorite movie to a smart TV. With ASUS Media Streamer; your entertainment goes wherever you go.

Intel CPU And Chipset Features

Intel Core I7 X-Series/I7 Processor Lga2011-V3 Ready

This motherboard supports Intel Core i7 X-Series/i7 processors in the LGA2011-v3 package; with memory and PCI Express controllers integrated to support 4-channel (8 DIMM) DDR4 memory and 40/28 PCI Express 3.0/2.0 lanes.

Intel X99 Express Chipset

The Intel X99 Express Chipset is a single-chipset design that supports socket LGA2011-v3 Intel Core i7 X-Series/i7 processors. It provides improved performance by utilizing serial point-to-point links; allowing increased bandwidth and stability. Additionally; X99 provides a maximum 6 USB 3.0 ports; 10 SATA 6Gbps ports and 32Gbps M.2 support for faster data retrieval.

Product Features:

  • First workstation board with dual Intel 10G LANs (X550-AT2) on board
  • 4-Way PCI-E Gen3 x16 link supporting NVidia GeForce SLI and AMD Crossfire on demand
  • 5-Way Optimization by Dual Intelligent Processors 5 - One click; total system optimization
  • Ultimate transfer speed: the latest 10Gb/s USB 3.1 type-A and type-C; 32Gbit/s M.2 and U.2
  • Safe Slot: reinvented; strengthened PCIe slot utilizes a new insert-molding process for superior retention and shearing resistance



  • Build in Intel Socket 2011-v3 Core i7/Core i7 X-Series Processors
  • Supports Intel 14 nm CPU
  • Supports Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0
  • Intel Socket 2011-v3 for Intel Xeon processor E5-1600 v3 product family
  • Intel Socket 2011-v3 for Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family
  • Intel Socket 2011-v3 for Intel Xeon processor E5-1600 v4 product family
  • Intel Socket 2011-v3 for Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 product family


  • Intel X99


  • 8 x DIMM; Max. 128GB; DDR4 3333(O.C.)/3200(O.C.)/3000(O.C.)/2800(O.C.)/2666(O.C.)/2400(O.C.)/2133 MHz Non-ECC; Un-buffered Memory
  • 8 x DIMM; Max. 128GB; DDR4 2400/2133 MHz ECC; Un-buffered Memory
  • 8 x DIMM; Max. 128GB; DDR4 2400/2133 MHz ECC; Register Memory
  • Quad Channel Memory Architecture
  • Supports Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)

Multi-GPU Support

  • Supports NVIDIA 4-Way SLI Technology
  • Supports AMD 4-Way Crossfire Technology

Expansion Slots

  • 7 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (single x16 or dual x16/x16 or triple x16/x16/x16 or quad x16/x16/x16/x16 or seven x16/x8/x8/x8/x8/x8/x8)


  • Intel X99 chipset:
    • 1 x U.2 connector;
    • 1 x M.2 x4 Socket 3; ; with M Key; type 2260/2280 storage devices support (PCIE mode)
    • 10 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s);
    • Intel Rapid Storage Technology supports


  • Intel X550-AT2 10; 2 x Gigabit LAN ports


  • Realtek ALC1150 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC featuring Crystal Sound 3
    • Supports: Jack-detection; Multi-streaming; Front Panel Jack-retasking
    • High quality 112 dB SNR stereo playback output (Line-out at rear) and 104 dB SNR stereo playback input (Line-in)
  • Audio Feature:
    • Absolute Pitch 192kHz/ 24-bit True BD Lossless Sound
    • DTS Connect
    • DTS Studio Sound
    • Optical S/PDIF out port(s) at back panel
    • BD Audio Layer Content Protection
    • Dedicated audio PCB layers: Separate layers for left and right channels to guard the quality of the sensitive audio signals
    • Audio amplifier: Provides the highest-quality sound for headphone and speakers
    • Premium Japanese-made audio capacitors: Provide warm; natural and immersive sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity
    • Unique de-pop circuit: Reduces start-up popping noise to audio outputs
    • Top notch audio sensation delivers according to the audio configuration
    • Power pre-regulator: Reduces power input noise to ensure consistent performance
  • Separate layer for left and right track; ensuring both sound deliver equal quality

USB Ports

  • Intel X99 chipset:
    • 8 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 port(s) (4 at back panel; )
  • Intel X99 chipset:
    • 4 x USB 2.0/1.1 port(s) (4 at mid-board)
  • AS Media USB 3.1 controller:
    • 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 port(s) (2 at back panel; ; Type-A + USB Type-CTM)

Workstation Feature

  • 7 x PCIe x 16 slot(s)
  • ProCool Power Connector
  • ASUS PIKE SAS upgrade kit(Optional)

Special Features

  • 5-Way Optimization by Dual Intelligent Processors 5
    • 5-Way Optimization tuning key perfectly consolidates TPU; EPU; DIGI+ VRM; Fan Expert 4; and Turbo Core App
    • Auto Tuning
    • GPU Boost
    • EPU
  • ASUS Digital Power Design:
    • Industry leading Digital 8 Phase Power Design
    • Industry leading Digital 4 Phase DRAM Power Design
    • CPU Power Utility
    • DRAM Power Utility
  • ASUS Exclusive Features:
    • MemOK!
    • AI Suite 3
    • Ai Charger+
    • ASUS UEFI BIOS EZ Mode featuring friendly graphics user interface
    • USB 3.1 Boost
    • Disk Unlocked
    • Turbo LAN
    • Crystal Sound 3
    • Precision Tweaker 2
    • ASUS O.C. Tuner
    • ASUS Crash Free BIOS
    • ASUS EZ Flash
    • ASUS USB BIOS Flashback
    • Push Notice
  • ASUS Q-Design:
    • ASUS Q-Code
    • ASUS Q-LED (CPU; VGA; Boot Device LED)
    • ASUS Q-Slot
    • ASUS Q-Connector
  • Special Memory O.C. Design
  • Media Streamer
  • Turbo APP
  • M.2 and U.2 Onboard (The Latest Transfer Technology with up to 32Gb/s Data-transfer Speeds for M.2 and U.2)

Back I/O Ports

  • 2 x USB 3.1 Type-A + USB Type-CTM
  • 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (blue)
  • 1 x Optical S/PDIF out
  • 5 x Audio jack(s)
  • 2 x Intel 10G LAN (BASE-T) Ports

Internal I/O Ports

  • 1 x RGB Header(s)
  • 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 connector(s) support(s) additional 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port(s) (19-pin)
  • 2 x USB 2.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 4 USB 2.0 port(s)
  • 1 x M.2 Socket 3 for M Key; type 2260/2280 devices
  • 1 x TPM connector(s)
  • 10 x SATA 6Gb/s connector(s)
  • 1 x CPU Fan connector(s) (1 x 4 -pin)
  • 1 x CPU OPT Fan connector(s) (1 x 4 -pin)
  • 2 x Chassis Fan connector(s) (4 x -pin)
  • 1 x S/PDIF out header(s)
  • 2 x 8-pin EATX 12 V Power connector
  • 1 x 6-pin EATX 12 V_1 Power connector(s)
  • 1 x 24-pin EATX Power connector(s)
  • 1 x EZ XMP switch
  • 1 x Front panel connector(s)
  • 1 x System panel(s) (Q-Connector)
  • 1 x DRCT header(s)
  • 1 x MemOK! button(s)
  • 1 x CPU OV
  • 1 x Power-on button(s)
  • 1 x Reset button(s)
  • 1 x Clear CMOS button(s)
  • 1 x SLI/CFX switch (2/3-WAY adjustments)
  • 1 x USB BIOS Flashback button(s)
  • 1 x Water Pump header (4-pin)
  • 1 x 3-pin CHASSIS(Chassis intrusion) connector
  • 1 x COM port header
  • 1 x U.2 Connector (support U.2 NV Me device)
  • 1 x High AMP Fan Header
  • 1 x T_Sensor Connector


  • User's manual
  • I/O Shield
  • 1 x COM port cable(s)
  • 10 x SATA 6Gb/s cable(s)
  • 1 x Supporting DVD
  • 1 x 3-Way SLI bridge(s)
  • 1 x 4-Way SLI bridge(s)
  • 1 x SLI bridge(s)
  • 1 x Q-connector(s) (2 in 1)
  • 1 x 2-port USB 2.0 module(s)
  • 1 x Extension Cable for RGB strips (80 cm)


  • 128 Mb Flash ROM; UEFI AMI BIOS; PnP; DMI2.7; WfM2.0; SM BIOS 2.7; ACPI 5.0; Multi-language BIOS;
  • ASUS EZ Flash 2; Crash Free BIOS 3; F11 EZ Tuning Wizard; F6 Qfan Control; F3 My Favorites; Quick Note; Last Modified log;
  • F12 Print Screen; F3 Shortcut functions and ASUS DRAM SPD (Serial Presence Detect) memory information.


  • WfM 2.0; DMI 2.7; WOL by PME; PXE

Support Disc

  • Drivers ASUS Utilities Update ?Anti-virus software (OEM version)

Operating System

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit
  • Windows 7 64-bit

Form Factor

  • CEB Form Factor: 12 inch x 10.5 inch ( 30.5 cm x 26.7 cm )


  • Operation temperature: 10? ~ 35?
  • Non operation temperature: -40? ~ 70?
  • Non operation humidity: 20% ~ 90% ( Non condensing)
This Kit Includes: