Canon CBK4-300 Rechargeable Battery and Charger Kit for PowerShot SX, S and A-Series

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Item Description:
Charger & Rechargeable Batteries for PowerShot SX, S and A-Series Cameras

The CBK4-300 AA battery and charger kit is designed to work with any Canon digital camera that's powered by AA batteries. This charger kit comes with four AA rechargeable batteries powered by Nickel Metal-Hydride technology that's free of the frustrating "memory" effect.

Compatible Products

  • PowerShot A10
  • PowerShot A100
  • PowerShot A1000 IS Blue
  • PowerShot A1000 IS Brown
  • PowerShot A1000 IS Gray
  • PowerShot A1000 IS Purple
  • PowerShot A1100 IS Blue
  • PowerShot A1100 IS Gray
  • PowerShot A1100 IS Green
  • PowerShot A1100 IS Pink
  • PowerShot A20
  • PowerShot A200
  • PowerShot A2000 IS
  • PowerShot A2100 IS
  • PowerShot A300
  • PowerShot A310
  • PowerShot A40
  • PowerShot A400
  • PowerShot A410
  • PowerShot A430
  • PowerShot A460
  • PowerShot A470 Blue
  • PowerShot A470 Gray
  • PowerShot A470 Orange
  • PowerShot A470 Red
  • PowerShot A480 Black
  • PowerShot A480 Blue
  • PowerShot A480 Red
  • PowerShot A480 Silver
  • PowerShot A510
  • PowerShot A520
  • PowerShot A530
  • PowerShot A530/PIXMA MP460 Combo
  • PowerShot A530/SELPHY CP740 Combo
  • PowerShot A540
  • PowerShot A550
  • PowerShot A560
  • PowerShot A560 Refurbished
  • PowerShot A570 IS
  • PowerShot A580
  • PowerShot A590 IS
  • PowerShot A60
  • PowerShot A610
  • PowerShot A620
  • PowerShot A630
  • PowerShot A630 Refurbished
  • PowerShot A640
  • PowerShot A650 IS
  • PowerShot A70
  • PowerShot A700
  • PowerShot A710 IS
  • PowerShot A720 IS
  • PowerShot A75
  • PowerShot A80
  • PowerShot A85
  • PowerShot A95
  • PowerShot E1 Blue
  • PowerShot E1 Pink
  • PowerShot E1 White
  • PowerShot S1 IS
  • PowerShot S2 IS
  • PowerShot S3 IS
  • PowerShot S3 IS Refurbished
  • PowerShot S5 IS
  • PowerShot S5 IS Refurbished
  • PowerShot SX1 IS
  • PowerShot SX10 IS
  • PowerShot SX100 IS
  • PowerShot SX100 IS Black Refurbished
  • PowerShot SX100 IS Silver Refurbished
  • PowerShot SX110 IS Black
  • PowerShot SX110 IS Silver
Canon CBK4-300 AA battery charger, flip-down plug adaptor and four AA rechargeable batteries
This Kit Includes: