Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Lens Super Telephoto Full Frame For RF Mount 3987C002

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Item Description:
  • Super compact, super telephoto reach
  • Powerful 4-stop Image Stabilization
  • Create gloriously sharp telephoto images and movies without a tripod
  • Ideal for wildlife, sports & more. Great for travelling
  • STM enables smooth, quiet Autofocus
  • Canon RF 800mm Lens

    Cameras are capable of capturing breathtaking photos and videos. To accomplish this, they need to be equipped with a powerful camera lens. Some cameras benefit from the use of an interchangeable lens system, so you can swap out lenses on the fly. One excellent lens available is the Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Lens (3987C002). With a lengthy 800 millimeter focal length, it’s capable of letting you take photos from a great distance away. It’s also lightweight, making it the perfect match for bird, wildlife, outdoor sports, and aviation photos. The lens also has built-in optical image stabilization with up to 5 stops of shake correction. This makes it so you won’t have to worry about blurry photos when taking your shot. Once you see the quality of the photos taken with this lens, you’ll know it’s the perfect lens for your camera.

    The Canon RF 800mm Lens was designed to be a more portable lens option when compared to its EF counterparts. Since you can retract the lens when you’re not shooting, it can become compact, making it easy to store and take with you when on the go. Plus, its 600mm range provide more reach when viewing distant subjects. It also utilizes gapless dual-layered diffractive optical elements. This helps by reducing chromatic aberrations, resulting in clear and detailed photos. This Canon lens also has built-in IS with up to five stops of shake correction. This allows the lens to significantly reduce camera shake, and stabilize the image when shooting. If 600mm isn’t enough for you, the lens is compatible with both the RF Extender 1.4x and RF Extender 2x, so now you can get even closer to your subject. knows the ins and outs of every Canon Camera Lens. Our dedicated and caring staff is always available to help consumers through the sometimes confusing buying process. We also have the knowledge and expertise to help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for in a purchase. If you are unsure of which camera lens to purchase, please try calling our customer service center, and they will be happy to help you decide on the right lens for your needs and budget. If you have questions regarding the Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Lens (3987C002), contact us today, and see how our appreciation of shoppers leads to better deals on some of the best products on the market.

    The RF 800mm F11 IS STM super-telephoto lens provides a long 800 millimeter focal length and is the first compact and lightweight 800mm super telephoto lens in the RF lineup. This lens is ideal for bird, wildlife, outdoor sports, and aviation photography or, when you just want to bring those subjects in the distance closer to you. The RF800mm F11 IS STM lens features an STM focusing system ideal for fast and quiet focusing when tracking elusive subjects out in nature. Additionally, an optical image stabilization system with up to 4 stops of shake correction* makes it easy to use either hand-held or with a monopod. It will also accept an RF 1.4X or 2.0X teleconverter^ to increase your focal length to a staggering 1120mm or 1600mm respectively.

    Product Features:

    First Compact and Lightweight800mm Super Telephoto RF Lens.

    Excellent Portability madeEasier with an Extending/Retracting Locking Lens Barrel Design.

    High Speed, Smooth and Quiet Auto Focus with Nano USMGapless double-layer Diffractive Optics (DO) reduce Chromatic Aberration for High Image Quality.

    High Image Quality at a fixed f/11 Aperture.

    Optical Image Stabilization with up to 4Stops* of Shake Correction.

    Lead Screw-type STM enables Smooth Autofocusing for Still-image and Video Shooting.

    Control Ring for Direct Setting Changes.

    12-pin Communication System.

    Compatible with FLEX1.4/FLEX2 Extenders for 1120mm/1600mm.

    First Compact and Lightweight 800mm Super Telephoto RF Lens
    The RF800mm F11 IS STM Lens is the first 800mm super-telephoto in the RF lens lineup and is more portable than its EF counterparts in this category because of its design advantage. The 800mm range provides a far reach not only in distance to the subject, but also in terms of who can utilize with its affordable price, smaller super-telephoto footprint, and lighter weight.

    Excellent Portability made Easier with an Extending/Retracting Locking Lens Barrel Design
    With a design that enables you to retract the lens barrel when not shooting, the lens is even more compact so it can more easily be stored or carried in a bag with additional lenses and accessories. When you’re ready to shoot, just unlock to extend the lens barrel, lock it in place for stability and capture your shots, then unlock, retract, and store again to easily move to your next destination.

    Gapless double-layer Diffractive Optics (DO) reduce Chromatic Aberration for High Image Quality
    The use of gapless dual-layered diffractive optical elements helps reduce chromatic aberrations so your images are clear and detailed for high-quality results all around. And because one DO lens has the optical characteristics of multiple lenses, this contributes to the light weight of the lens itself, as well.

    High Image Quality at a fixed f/11 Aperture
    Impressive results are always the goal and with the RF800mm lens and its use of diffractive optic elements, chromatic aberration can be virtually cancelled out to achieve clear images with minimal to no color fringing, even at a fixed aperture of F11. This means detailed results of landscapes and more, even from a distance.

    Optical Image Stabilization with up to 4 Stops* of Shake Correction
    Steady and clear images aren’t always the easiest to come by, especially when shooting with a super-telephoto lens, but with the powerful image stabilization function in the RF800mm, you can feel far more confident it won’t be an issue. Whether shooting handheld or with a monopod, the built-in IS with up to 4 stops* of shake correction helps to significantly reduce camera shake to stabilize the image and get you the results you want and need.

    Lead Screw-type STM enables Smooth Autofocusing for Still-image and Video Shooting
    The use of a lead screw-type STM focus motor means smooth and quiet autofocus can be achieved whether you’re shooting stills or tracking a subject while shooting video. While it’s nice to be near-silent anyway, it’s especially important in instances where you’re trying to capture the flight of a wild bird or the relaxation of a wild animal. With the STM feature of the RF800mm, you can capture the scene while significantly reducing the chance of the subject being disturbed.

    Control Ring for Direct Setting Changes
    Like all RF lenses before it, the RF800mm lens comes with a customizable and easily accessible control ring so you can change settings like shutter speed, aperture and ISO while still looking through the viewfinder.

    12-pin Communication System
    A 12 pin connection between your EOS R series camera and the lens means communication at a higher speed with larger amounts of data transfer, enabling incredibly fast Autofocus calculations, impressive image stabilization and even Control Ring adjustments.

    Compatible with FLEX1.4/FLEX2 Extenders for 1120mm/1600mm
    If 800mm isn’t far-reaching enough, the RF800mm lens is compatible with both the RF Extender 1.4x and RF Extender 2x to help get you even closer, up to 1120mm with the 1.4x or 1600mm using the 2x. This added flexibility and versatility helps make the RF800mm an amazing option for your landscape, wildlife, sports photography and more.

    Product Specifications:

    Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 800mm, f/11

    Lens Construction: 11 elements in 8 groups

    Closest Focusing Distance: 19.69 ft / 6.0m

    Aperture Control: None

    Filter Size: 95 mm

    Max. Diameter x Length, Weight: Approx. 4 in. x 13.9 in. / 101.6mm x 351.8mm, Approx. 2.77 lbs. / 1260g


    ^May lose AF functionality.

    *Based on CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) standards. Testing performed using the EOS R camera.

    Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM Super Telephoto Lens For RF Mount Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras 3987C002
    Lens Cap E-95
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