Canon Optura 40 MiniDV Camcorder

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Compromise is a thing of the past. Now you can hold a seamlessly integrated camcorder, digital camera and webcam in the palm of your hand. Canon's Optura 40 Digital Camcorder delivers the ultimate in picture quality with the unbeatable style and performance of a professional level camcorder... without the professional level price. It's all thanks to DV Photo Plus, Canon's one-of-a-kind system for achieving premium image quality. Experience the freedom of shooting, editing, printing and sharing stunning photos and videos with an Optura 40 camcorder.

Features and Specifications:

  • Optura 40 Camcorder Exclusives:
    -- 14x Optical/280x Digital zoom lens
    -- Manual Audio Level Control, previously found only on prosumer camcorder models. The Manual Audio Level Meter is conveniently located in the viewfinder and 2.5" LCD screen.
    -- Super Night Mode/Night Plus functions that offer users the option of adding light as needed by automatically turning on and off an unobtrusive white LED light positioned on the front of the camera. In the Night Plus mode, the white LED light remains on until the user opts to shut it.

  • It offers Canon's Image Stabilizer instantly reduces camcorder shake even when the user is shooting handheld with the zoom fully extended.
  • DV Photo Plus Technology integrates Canon's renowned optics; a 2.2-megapixel CCD image sensor, the exclusive DIGIC DV Image Processor, and the Print and Share that makes it easy to print photos directly from a printer at the touch of a button. Equipped with a 2.2 megapixel CCD Image Sensor, both the Optura 30 and Optura 40 camcorders are capable of capturing sharp, high-quality two megapixel (1632 x 1224) photo images as well as 1280 x 960 and e-mail ready, 640 x 480 resolution images.
  • With the simultaneous photo-recording feature, 640 x 480 photos are captured to a multimedia card or SD Memory Card while high-quality video is captured to the camcorders' Mini DV cassette at the same time.
  • PictBridge Compatibility enables the Camcorder to transfer images to Canon's CP line of Compact Photo Printers, Canon Photo Direct Bubble Jet Printers and any other manufacturers' printers, which supports the PictBridge standard.
  • New Advanced Color Control System optimizes color according to the shooting situations
  • RGB Primary Color Filter that separates light passing through the lens into red, green and blue color components in much the same way as professional camcorders process color, yielding truer more natural looking colors.
  • High Resolution 16:9 Widescreen mode utilizes the entire width of the CCD (unlike some systems that electronically stretch the picture vertically) retaining image quality and providing a wider horizontal angle of view that is ideal for widescreen TV's.
  • improved audio processing for crisp, clean sound recording
  • a built in automatic flash, selectable focus points, auto exposure bracketing, continuous shooting for up to five frames per second,
  • Low light shooting capabilities are also enhanced thanks to Canon's new low noise signal processing IC and a user selectable Auto Slow Shutter setting (which provides additional noise reduction when switched on). Adding to their ease of use, both the Optura 30 and Optura 40 camcorders support the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) that enables data transfer with a Windows XP or Mac OS X (version 10.1) without installing dedicated driver software. This direct link enables the computer to access the camcorder as if it was an external card reader.
  • Program AE settings for easy optimal results. Settings offered are: Easy Recording, Full Auto, Sports, Portrait, Spotlight, Sand & Snow, Low light and Night.
  • Continuous shooting mode (which emulates a traditional camera motor driven film-advance) permitting rapid capture of up to 3 frames per second at 1632 x 1224 and 1280 x 960 resolution and up to five frames per second at 640 x 480 resolution;
  • Selectable focus points which offers three focusing points to automatically put the subject into sharp focus even when that subject is not in the center of the frame;
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing that, when engaged, automatically captures three photos when the photo button is pressed once. Image exposure ranges from normal, underexposed (darker) and overexposed (lighter), enabling the user to select the best shot;
  • Horizontal & Vertical Trimming permitting the user to customize the image right in the camera (ideal for turning a horizontal image into a vertical portrait) and,
  • Photo Review that permits the user to review the just captured photo for up to ten second simply by holding the shutter button down.
  • Weighs approximately 1.3 lbs (excluding battery) and measures 3.0 x 3.2 x 5.3 in. (77 x 82 x 134 mm)


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