BenQ RL2755HM 27-Inch Widescreen 1080p LED-Lit Gaming Monitor (Certified Refurbished)

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Item Description:
  • Official Console Gaming Monitor of UMG
  • 27" Ultra-Fast 1ms console gaming monitor
  • Low Input Lag; Dual HDMI
  • 20-Level Color Vibrancy Settings to Optimize Gaming
  • 1920x1080 Resolution
  • BenQ RL2755HM

    Absolute Control and Visibility for Console Gaming
    The RL2755HM is designed to give you the most fluid console gaming experience. The 27"W professional console gaming monitor is the official gaming monitor of MLG and the official console gaming monitor of UMG. The console monitor renders every motion with no latency, low input lag and the best visibility with the latest features: 1ms GTG response time, dual HDMI, the Black eQualizer and image quality supported by BenQ's world-leading color expertise. So you can stay fiercely competitive while enjoying total gaming satisfaction.

    -Official Gaming Monitor of MLG; Official Console Gaming Monitor of UMG
    -27 inch Ultra-Fast 1ms console gaming monitor
    -Low Input Lag
    -Dual HDMI
    -Black eQualizer
    -RevolutionEyes Gaming Comfort ZeroFlicker & Low Blue Light
    -Display Mode & Smart Scaling
    -Console Game Mode
    -Gaming is in the details

    Command and Visibility for Total Control
    Built to set the benchmark for console gaming monitors, the RL2755HM is a true testament to the belief that 'gaming is in the details'. Each and every feature has been meticulously thought out and created together with pro gamers, to provide console gamers with vital visibility and command to take their performance to new heights.

    Ultra-Fast 1ms GTG Response Time
    Control your gaming destiny and don't leave it in the hands of a slow display. Blistering fast response time of 1ms GTG means virtually unnoticeable input lag for action-oriented console games. All fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will be rendered smoothly without smearing or ghosting. In turn, every move you make can be faster on the gaming monitor than on a traditional television.

    Bringing Everything Together
    The RL2755HM screams out perfection for console gaming--even when it comes to storage for your gaming gear. The angular, compact base has been enhanced with a slip-resistant rubber finish on the inner side to grip your controller, so you can easily tuck it away after each game. Even though the RL2755HM is built with speakers for outstanding audio output, a retractable headphone hook on the side of the monitor keeps your favorite headphones within arm's reach. Last but not least, keep your desk space tidy and the cables tangle-free using the glossy red cord organizer behind the neck of the monitor. With the RL2755HM, complete your console gaming experience with unmatched quality and design.

    Dual HDMI for Added Flexibility
    Equipped with two HDMI ports, the RL2755HM allows you to connect your gaming console and another HDMI device to the monitor at the same time. So there's no need to frequently plug and change your connection.

    Console Game Mode Colors
    Every feature and function of the RL2755HM is designed and tested by professional gamers and BenQ color experts to provide you with vital visibility and command for console gaming. The monitor is also meticulously developed to bring out every color, shade and tone with optimized clarity and precision. This is all to help you thrive and achieve peak performance.

    20-Level Color Vibrancy Settings
    It is absolutely vital that the RL2755HM gives you the flexibility you need to get the color performance you seek. This is why BenQ built into the monitor 20 levels of Color Vibrancy to meet gamers' specific viewing requirements and preferences for all types of gameplay. This unique feature is accessible via On Screen Display (OSD) or Display Pilot.

    The Black eQualizer for Total Visibility
    Poor visibility in dark scenes can cost even the most skillful gamers their game. To give you unprecedented level of control and visibility for console gaming, the RL2755HM is built with the Black eQualizer color engine technology to brighten dark scenes without over-exposing the bright areas. This helps preserve vital details, enabling you to spot your enemies easily in critical combat and react quickly in any situation.

    Fighting Mode to Sharpen Your Focus
    Absolute focus on characters is the key to master every fighting game. To optimize the gamers' chance of winning, BenQ invited fighting game legend, Justin "JWong" Wong of Evil Geniuses, to co-design the Fighting Mode. Through this feature, gamers can access specific color calibration settings that help them highlight the characters in combat, giving them the boost they need to improve their gameplay and destroy their opponents.

    Gaming-comfort ZeroFlicker Technology
    Developed in collaboration with pro gamers, the RL2755HM has been upgraded to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels. This effectively reduces eye fatigue and elevates gaming performance through extreme visual comfort for even the most hardcore gamers enrolling long hours in action. Armed with the Gaming-comfort ZeroFlicker Technology, the BenQ Gaming Monitor is an epic weapon over your ultimate rivals.

    Low Blue Light for Extended Comfort
    Practice long hours with clear, comfortable vision or compete with top-notch vision condition with BenQ's new Low Blue Light. The blue spectrum light, which is produced by regular computer screens, is a critical cause of discomfort. Now with the offering of various adjustable low blue light levels, gamers can feel more comfortable for extended gaming hours. So there would be no need for yellow tinted eyeglasses for additional comfort, and gameplay can be clear and hassle-free.

    Customize Your Individual Viewing Preference
    The Display Mode and Smart Scaling features allow you to change the monitor view to suit your liking and to simulate any in-game experience.

    Interchange instantly between four different screen sizes from 17 inch, 19 inch and 19 inch W, 21.5 inch W, 22 inch W, 23 inch W, 23.6 inch W, 24 inch W to 27 inch W using the Display Mode. Or take advantage of the Smart Scaling feature and enjoy the flexibility to freely scale the screen content to any custom size. You can certainly use the two features together to get the best possible view for any application or game.

    Windows 8/8.1 Compatible for Versatility
    The RL2755HM has passed Windows 8/8.1 certification and is fully compatible with Windows 8/8.1 color systems. Plug in the RL2755HM to your computer, and Windows 8/8.1 will recognize it instantly, making setup and connection effortless.

    This Kit Includes:

    RL2755HM 27-Inch Widescreen 1080p LED-Lit Gaming Monitor - Refurbished
    BenQ RL2755HM 27-Inch Widescreen 1080p LED-Lit Gaming Monitor - Refurbished
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