Waring Pro WMK200FR Belgian Waffle Maker Stainless Steel & Black Refurbished

Item # CUIWMK200BGRB (Part # WMK200FR)
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Item Description:
This item is 100% fully functional but may contain minor scratches, dents or scuffs. May be shipped in brown box packaging.
  • Includes 1 Year USA Warranty
  • This item is 100% fully functional but may contain minor scratches, dents or scuffs.


    Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker

    Bake a delicious, extra-deep 1-inch restaurant style waffle with the Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker. The easy-to-handle rotary feature provides even baking on top and bottom and the rotary browning control knob adjusts to 6 settings for custom cooking. Clean up is easy with the nonstick coated waffle grids that easily release the waffle.



    Deep 1-inch Belgian Waffle Grids: for restaurant-style waffles in your own home

    Lid Handle: used to rotate waffle grids

    Browning Control Dial: adjustable from temperature settings 1-6 for different batters and personal preference

    Indicator Lights: Power light illuminates when the waffle maker is plugged in and the Ready lights illuminate when the waffle grids are preheated and when the baking cycle is complete

    Measuring Cup: fill to the top with batter for perfectly measured waffles

    Drip Tray: catches any excess batter and is removable for easy cleaning


    Tips for Making Perfect Belgian Waffles

    Batter Suggestions

    Packaged Belgian waffle mixes found in most supermarkets may be used with this unit.

    For best results, Waring Pro recommends filling the supplied measuring cup to the top so it will fill the waffle grids.

    For evenly filled waffles, pour the batter into the center of the lower grid and spread out evenly to the edges. The entire waffle grid should be filled.

    For added convenience while baking waffles, rest the measuring cup on the lip of the bowl containing the batter until the next baking cycle.

    Cooking Suggestions

    Waring Pro recommends turning the browning control dial to setting #5 when using commercial pancake/waffle mixes and for the included recipes. If you prefer crisper, darker Belgian waffles, set the browning control higher. If you prefer lighter waffles, turn the browning control dial down.

    If waffles tend to stick to waffle grids, add slightly more oil or butter to the batter.

    Belgian waffles taste best when made to order, but baked Belgian waffles may be kept warm in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven. Place them in a baking pan or wrap them in foil while in the oven. Waffles wrapped in foil may lose their crispness.

    Baked waffles may be frozen. Allow them to cool completely, and then place them in a plastic food storage bag. Use waxed paper to keep waffles separated. Reheat in an oven, toaster or toaster oven when ready to serve.

    WMK200FR Belgian Waffle Maker Stainless Steel & Black Refurbished
    Includes 1 Year USA Warranty
    This is a refurbished product from the manufacturer that comes in frustration free economy packaging for the best possible pricing.
    Your item will arrive in a generic brown box in perfect working order
    Your item may contain minor scratches, dents or scuffs
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