Diffuser Basics Ultrasonic Smart Aroma Humidifier Large Light Wood + 6 Pack 10ml Fragrance Kit

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Item Description:
  • Relax body and mind with our essential oil diffuser
  • Attractive wood grain design adds to any space
  • USB powered – perfect for home or office
  • LED lighting changes colors to add to your relaxation
  • Replaceable filters keep machine fresh
  • Life can be too short to stress over the small things - take back your own little slice of Zen with our compact and relaxing Ultrasonic Intelligent Aroma Humidifier. The perfect space saving solution for your home or office, this 3.7 x 5.9 inch diffuser allows you disperse essential oils into the air that help to impact your mood and health.

    Set up is quick and easy – simply unscrew the top half of the unit to reveal the water basin and fill with water. We recommend removing the cotton filter and soaking in water until it is fully saturated – generally, this process is completed once the filter sinks to the bottom. Reinstall the filter and your diffuser is ready to go once you plug the provided power cable into a USB source.

    Easily prolong diffuser efficiency and cleanliness

    Cotton filters are an ideal component for diffusers in that they absorb and filter any unwanted particulates found in water. Where other diffusers clog or lose effectiveness over time, our diffuser can remain in top working condition simply by replacing a filter.

    Water travels through the cotton wick and into the MHZ atomization chip, which sprays pure water mist without the white powder residue found with other diffusing products. This chip is specially treated and is resistant against corrosion, acid, and alkali. Additionally, the MHZ atomization chip can handle all PH levels found in water.

    Add your favorite essential or natural oil once the diffuser is working and dispersing visible vapor. Your area will quickly fill with your favorite aromas, soothing you and your friends or coworkers into a relaxing state of mind. Available in multiple wood finishes and shapes.

    Product Specifications

    Product Size: 3.7 x 5.9 in.

    Product Weight: 4.6 oz.

    Adaptor: DC 5V | USB Cable

    Cable Length: 39.3 in.

    Power: < 3 Watts

    Water Capacity: 130 ml (4.4 fl oz.)


    Relax, invigorate, and cleanse with our assortment of Fragrance Oils. Each oil offers something different in how it can benefit you:

    Mint – a strong and fresh mint scent that revitalizes, invigorates, and cools

    Tea Tree – A purifying, cleansing, and renewing feeling that features a potent aroma that’s spicy and warm

    Lavender – A strong aroma with woody and camphor notes. Our lavender promotes the easing of stress and good moods

    Bergamot – a soft citrus and floral aroma that soothes and rejuvenates

    Lemon – a fresh lemon scent that brings cheer, uplifts, and refreshes

    Rosemary – woody balsamic undertones with minty fresh herbaceous scent

    1 Diffuser with Installed Cotton Wick
    1 USB Cable
    1 Instruction Manual
    1 Spare Cotton Wick

    Diffuser Basics 6 Pack 10ml Fragrance Oils
    Deco Gear 12 Pack Diffuser Wicks
    This Kit Includes:

    Ultrasonic Intelligent Aroma Humidifier Large Light Wood
    Diffuser Basics Ultrasonic Intelligent Aroma Humidifier Large Light Wood
    Our Price: $24.99

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    6 Pack 10mL Fragrance Oils
    Diffuser Basics 6 Pack 10mL Fragrance Oils
    Our Price: $10.95

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    12 Pack Diffuser Wicks
    Deco Gear 12 Pack Diffuser Wicks
    Our Price: $4.99

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