Deco Home At Home Workout Bundle, Exercise Step Machine and Personal Trampoline Rebounder

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Item Description:
  • A fun workout perfect for any home and skill level
  • Tone your core and lower body while saving your joints
  • Foldable, easy to store 24-spring fitness rebounder
  • Enjoy high-efficiency cardio workouts and FUN
  • Low impact workout for the home
  • The Deco Home Exercise Step Machine brings efficient and fun workouts to your home without the bulk of larger machines. Become healthier and fit with this cardio workout that also focuses on developing core and lower muscles, including those found in glutes, thighs, calves, and ankles.

    The biggest benefit of a stepper machine is its low-impact workout capability and hydraulic-guided pedals. Where the heavy impact of running is felt with every plodding step, this machine offers a chance for beginner fitness enthusiasts to ease into a new lifestyle. If you suffer from joint pain, this step machine is a fantastic way to get a cardio workout as well.

    For more advanced users, this machine is excellent for warming up before a big workout, as part of your circuit training, or as a post-workout cooldown. Without taking up too much space, it's also an easy-to-store solution, perfect for your home, apartment, or dorm.

    Whatever your purpose, this step machine is packed with features. A handy LCD screen monitors and tracks your workout time, calories, step count, and a cycling mode to see all the info. Handlebars help to provide balance for those new to stepping cardio and non-slip pedals provide sure footing. Go as hard or as light as you need!

    Each stepper machine features adjustment for the handlebars, allowing users to cater to their specific height and for the machine to be used by multiple people. Rubber footpads at the base of the unit provide stability for the whole unit and won’t mark up your floors. Heavy-duty steel construction gives you a solid feeling and supports up to 220 pounds.


    What can the Deco Home Exercise Step Machine do for you?

    - Exercise your core while strengthening your legs simultaneously

    - Strengthen the heart and lungs with daily workouts

    - Increase circulatory system capabilities and cardio

    - Helps to build muscle and tone your body

    - Cut down on fat and work towards a healthier you 

    - Increase stamina and rid yourself of fatigue



    The LCD screen requires 1 AA battery (not included)

    The maximum supported weight is 220 lbs

    The Deco Home 48-inch Fitness Trampoline is the ideal at-home workout equipment for both beginners and advanced athletes. Whether you’re looking to save space in a tight apartment or just want something fun to do while you’re watching TV, this fitness rebounder will get you jumping in no time!

    Utilizing 24 high-strength tension springs, a tight jumping platform 48 inches in diameter propels you upwards. With each jump, users will expend energy at their own desired pace and height. Tone leg muscles and improve cardio.

    If you’re just getting into exercising, this is the perfect introductory piece of equipment. Set up is simple and there are no complicated movements. Just jump your way to a healthier you. Low-impact landings provide an alternative to high impact workouts such as running.

    This trampoline also comes with adjustable handlebars to help you balance and stay in control. Around the edge is a cover layer to protect you from landing on the springs.  Each leg features a non-slip footing that also prevents from scratching hardwood floors. When you’re done this trampoline folds up compactly to slide under a couch, bed, or into a closet.

    Built with quality components, jump confidently, and safely. Perfect to use indoors at home or bring with you to the gym. Bring it with you outdoors in your backyard, on your deck, or at the park. For advanced users, this is a great warmup device or used as part of a training circuit. This at-home fitness trampoline supports up to 250 lb.

    DGSTEPPER Step Machine
    DGJUMP Exercise Trampoline
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    This Kit Includes:

    Exercise Step Machine w/ Stability Handle Bars, Non-Slip Pedals, and LCD Display
    Deco Home Exercise Step Machine w/ Stability Handle Bars, Non-Slip Pedals, and LCD Display
    Our Price: $84.99

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    48-inch Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Trampoline Rebounder with Adjustable Handle Bar
    Deco Home 48-inch Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Trampoline Rebounder with Adjustable Handle Bar
    Our Price: $99.99

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