Deco Pet Parent Super Set w/ Folding Dog Cat Crate Orthopedic Bed Deshedding Glove & Bowl

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Item Description:
Bundle contains:
  • Folding Metal Dog/Cat/Pet Crate
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pet Kennel Crate Cover
  • Kennel Pad Dog & Cat Crate Bed
  • Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove
  • Plush Orthopedic Cuddle Bed
  • Veterinary-Recommended Stainless Steel Food/Water Bowl
  • Having a Ruff time keeping track of the added expenses of pet parenting? Deco Pet's Super Set Bundle combines carefully sourced essentials using only the finest quality control offering security and reassurance that your faithful companion will feel right at home. When it comes to keeping your pets happy and well cared for, Deco Pet has you covered.

    Deco Pet's Folding Single Door Metal Pet Crate is constructed to be strong and durable while providing your pet with safety, security, and comfort. The swing-out front door is easy to open, close, and securely lock. Included are plastic base pans that sit on the bottom for easy cleanup. A divider panel is included as well, allowing your crate to grow as your pup grows. Assembly is simple, with no tools needed. It even conveniently folds and carries with adjustable handles, making travel and transport a breeze. And with a protective, black electro-coat finish, this crate is made to last. Measures approximately 27x19.5x23 inches (LxWxH)

    Deco Pet's Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover creates a secure sanctuary for pets both indoors and outdoors. This crate cover is made of water-resistant nylon canvas and features rollup doors which gives easy access to handles or to create a window for your pet. Installation is as easy as placing the cover over your crate and using the attached touch fastener corners to get a secure fit. Keep your pets protected from the elements with the Indoor/Outdoor Create Cover. 

    Deco Pet's Bolstered Plush Orthopedic Cuddle Pet Bed is the ultimate spot to snuggle in any time of day, giving your smaller pet plenty of room to settle in for a cozy slumber. Measuring 6” high and 18” wide, the Cuddle Pet Bed is cushioned on the inside with a fluffy polyester fiber filling that provides maximum comfort for an afternoon nap, bedtime, or just lounging when it’s time to watch their humans. Lined with cuddly cloud sherpa fabric, your pet will be surrounded by complete comfort. The cozy stuffed edges and deep sides also make a perfect headrest and tranquil place to nestle in, offering security and reassurance for when you’re away.  It's machine washable so it’s easy to keep clean and fresh. It's pure white design can find a home in nearly any décor, especially minimalist type spaces.

    Deco Pet's Crate Bed Pad makes your pet's crate, carrier, kennel, favorite spot, or home away from home even cozier. This quilted fleece bed features ultra-soft Sherpa material and a foam pad on the bottom for extra cushioning. As your pet curls up and nestles into the perfect position, they can rest their head on the thick, comfy bolster filled with polyester fiber for added support. Whether you’re traveling or simply crate training, your faithful companion will feel right at home with this snug and cozy mat. It also makes a quick easy bed on its own and a safe spot for your pet when you’re on the go. For easy cleaning throw it in the washer and dryer.

    Deco Pet’s Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove is the perfect way to keep your furry family member’s coat looking clean and healthy. Great for both cats and dogs, the pet grooming glove features a solid construction that combines a rubber palm and a mesh backing for improved airflow to your hand. Detangle long hair or remove unwanted excess from short fur – no matter the length, your pet will love the soothing feeling and you’ll love their newly groomed coat. Brushing with wire or metal brushes can be more time consuming and painful. Our glove features rubber teeth that have rounded smooth ends. These teeth, combined with the naturally occurring static generated by simply combing your pet, grab commonly found loose hair, dirt, and dander. Every swipe not only removes excess hair and brushes the coat, your pet will love the feeling and quality time as well. Whether your pet has long hair, short fur, or not much hair at all, give your pet the grooming and bonding experience they deserve with our effective and easy to use Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove – it’ll feel less like a chore and more like playtime for you and your pet.

    Deco Pet’s Dual Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowl is the perfect solution for both you and your pet. Have a messy eater? Want to help prevent infection from bacteria build-up found in cheaper plastic bowls? Are you tired of cleaning your floors after every drink of water? When it comes to keeping your pets happy and your floors clean, Deco Pet has you covered. Ideal for small to medium sized pets, each set comes with two removable bacteria resistant 40 fl. oz stainless steel bowls, making for easy cleanup. Additionally, a molded silicone catch-all mat with raised outer edge surrounds each bowl so excess water splashes and food don’t make it to your floor. With two bowls, you can feed your furry friend both food and water or feed two at once when using both bowls for food.

    Bundle contains:
    Folding Metal Dog/Cat/Pet Crate- 27x19.5x23 inches (LxWxH)
    Indoor/Outdoor Pet Kennel Crate Cover
    Kennel Pad Dog & Cat Crate Bed
    Plush Orthopedic Bolstered Cuddle Bed
    Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove
    Stainless Steel Dual Food/Water Bowl
    This Kit Includes:

    Indoor/Outdoor Pet Kennel Crate Cover
    Deco Pet Indoor/Outdoor Pet Kennel Crate Cover
    Our Price: $17.99

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    Kennel Pad Dog & Cat Crate Bed
    Deco Pet Kennel Pad Dog & Cat Crate Bed
    Our Price: $24.99

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    Plush, Bolstered, Cuddle Pet Orthopedic Bed
    Deco Pet Plush, Bolstered, Cuddle Pet Orthopedic Bed
    Our Price: $25.99

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    Folding Metal Dog/Cat/Pet Crate
    Deco Pet Folding Metal Dog/Cat/Pet Crate
    Our Price: $29.99

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    Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove
    Deco Pet Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove
    Our Price: $9.99

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    Dual Stainless Steel Food/Water Bowls for Pets
    Deco Pet Dual Stainless Steel Food/Water Bowls for Pets
    Our Price: $24.95

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