Mackie M-Caster Live Portable Streaming Mixer Bundle with EleMent Carbon USB Microphone

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Item Description:
  • Connect directly to a smartphone
  • Connect mics, headsets, and more
  • Both send and receive audio
  • Pristine quality, ultra compact design
  • Mackie Manufacturer Warranty
  • The M-Caster Live is the ultimate portable audio solution for streaming on mobile devices. Plug in your mic, sweeten your sound with ContourFX and StreamFX, then stream in minutes. With ContourFX, your voice will reach new heights with studio-quality sound-shaping and enhancements. And with StreamFX, you can add fun voice changing effects. M-Caster Live is also packed with features like dedicated headset and media player inputs, USB connectivity, and user-selectable RGB lighting that looks amazing in any streaming setup. On the go? Just plug in an external USB battery and you have an incredible mobile streaming platform. From streaming to podcasting, get pristine audio just about anywhere with M-Caster Live. Your followers will thank you. 

    Product Features:

    Stream a little stream

    M-Caster was designed to make it easy to get great audio on your smartphone for live streaming and content creation. Want to use your phone to go live but not a fan of the built-in mic? Ultra-compact and ultra-capable, M-Caster packs all the tone shaping and connectivity you need without making things complicated.

    Content creators, we got you

    M-Caster was created with content creators at the top of the list. Every feature from easy tone shaping and effects to plug-and-play operation and ultra-compact size, makes M-Caster the audio solution you’ve been looking for. And with its sleek looks and RGB lighting, you’ll want it proudly displayed on camera for your next stream or video.

    No expertise required

    Sure, reading a thousand posts in forums on how to sound good on stream can be fun, but you don’t have time for that. Let M-Caster do the heavy lifting for you. Plug in, turn a few knobs to dial in your sound, and you’re good to go.

    Big sound, little mixer

    At the heart of a M-Caster is some serious sound-shaping horsepower. Choose between an array of different ContourFX Presets that can add anything from thunderous depth to sparkly angelic tones to your voice with the turn of a single knob. Dial it in just right with the ContourFX control on each channel. Try each profile preset and find your signature sound.

    Choose your mood lighting

    Everyone knows that slick RGB lighting is what really makes your computer run faster (not really), so we made sure that M-Caster provides that extra LED-fueled oomph that you require. All along the bottom is an LED strip with 7 gorgeous colors to choose from.

    The finishing touches

    Want to add a little audio flair to your stream? How about punching up your vocals to get the hype train really moving? M-Caster makes it easy with fun StreamFX voice changing effects that you can activate at the turn of a knob. 

    Size matters (Live Only)

    And in this case, the smaller the better. M-Caster Live’s ultra-compact design makes it insanely easy to take with you anywhere and capture pristine audio for your streams. Being powered via USB means you can plug in a USB small backup battery and use M-Caster for hours on the go.

    You fancy with that DLSR

    Everyone that uses a DSLR camera for their video knows that on the audio side of things, they aren’t the most versatile. That’s no problem for you and your M-Caster of course because its output can be configured to work beautifully with the mic input on your DSLR

    USB yourself

    Just plug in with the included USB cable, tweak a couple software settings, and boom you’ve got that M-Caster sweetness direct into your computer. Easily integrate a phone caller into your stream by utilizing the Phone input and automatic Mix Minus will make sure the caller only hears you and not themselves.

    Accusonus™ Creator Suite ERA Bundle 3-month subscription included 

    Utilize powerful audio repair tools like Noise Remover, Mouth De-Clicker, Reverb Remover, and more. Use the voice changer to add fun effects to your content. Access high-quality, royalty-free sound effects and background music with SFX and Music Cellar.

    Product Specifications:

    Product Type Portable Audio Mixer
    SKU 2053280-00
    XLR Port 1
    AUX Ports 4
    Warranty Mackie Manufacturer Warranty

    The EleMent Series Carbon Premium USB Condenser Microphone delivers professional studio quality and versatility for content creators, gamers, musicians, and beyond. Featuring 5 selectable polar patterns, Carbon can be optimized for vocals, rooms, stereo, two person interviews, and more. Onboard controls for gain, mute, and headphone volume make it easy to dial in your sound and control your monitoring. Get recording fast with included Pro Tools | First and Waveform professional software. Also, the included stand makes it easy to capture great recordings anywhere. Get out there and be heard with the Carbon Premium Condenser Microphone.

    Main Features:

    Professional Quality

    - Crystal clear vocals, instruments, and beyond will take your recordings to the next level

    - Legendary Onyx mic preamp circuitry provides crystal clear sound and ultra-low noise

    5 selectable polar patterns

    - Stereo - Cardioid

    - Bi-directional (Figure 8)

    - Super-cardioid

    - Omni

    USB-C Connectivity

    - Onboard USB interface plugs directly into your computer for fast, easy recording

    - Class compliant connection, no driver needed

    Onboard Headphone Monitoring

    - Headphone output with independent volume control offers a convenient monitoring solution

    Onboard Gain Control and Mute

    - Optimize the microphone's output to your computer and/or DAW

    - Mute button allows you to switch off the mic while still hearing your computer's output

    Rugged construction

    - Built-like-a-tank reliability ensure consistent performance for years to come

    Your new content creation go-to

    - Engineered for recording music, podcasts, live streams, and online content creation

    Included Software

    - Pro Tools | First and Waveform OEM professional software and plugin packages included

    - The Musician Collection for ProTools | First includes 23 plugins like BBD Delay, Eleven Lite, 304E EQ, and 304C Compressor

    - The DAW Essentials Bundle for Waveform OEM includes 16 powerful plugins like Equaliser, Compressor, Reverber8, and Limiter

    Sample rate

    16-Bit / 48kHz

    Included accessories

    - Mic stand

    - USB-C cable


    Product Specifications:


    Form Factor
    Desktop / Stand/Boom Mount

    Sound Field
    Mono, Stereo


    0.6" / 14 mm

    Polar Pattern
    Cardioid, Figure-8, Omnidirectional, Supercardioid

    Pattern Selection

    Side Address



    High-Pass Filter

    Tone Adjustment

    Gain Adjustment

    On-Board Controls
    Gain, Headphone Volume, Polar Pattern, Mic Mute



    Frequency Range
    20 Hz to 20 kHz

    -37 dB at 1 kHz

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    100 dB


    Output Connectors (Digital)
    1 x USB Type-C

    Headphone Connector
    1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm

    Wireless Connectivity

    Digital Audio

    A/D Conversion

    Sample Rate
    48 kHz

    Digital Signal Processing


    Bus Power



    Tabletop (Included)


    H: 11.3 x W: 3.8" / H: 287 x W: 96.5 mm

    2 lb / 0.9 kg

    Packaging Info

    Package Weight
    3.35 lb

    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
    11.7 x 8.8 x 5.2"

    Tascam Closed-Back Professional Headphones (Black) - TH-02-B

    TASCAM's new TH-02 closed-back, stylish headphone delivers a sound you have to hear to believe, and at a low price you can't ignore. TASCAM spent over a year comparing technologies, designs and methods to provide you with an amazing $100 dollar headphone for less than a third of the cost.

    The sensitivity and frequency response of the TH-02 deliver clear balanced sound to fit all of your favorite tunes, regardless of genre or application. These high-powered headphones produce pristine highs, clear mid-range, and rich low end where most other headphones leave you yearning for more.

    TASCAM understands that just as important as the sound of ones headphones is a clean modern design and comfort.
    Featuring plush cushioned ear cuffs and a padded headband; TH-02 can be put to work for hours of comfortable use. Both left and right ear-cuffs offer full 90 degree rotation making TH-02 flexible to wear when listening to your favorite albums, tracking for hours or performing all night. Not to mention, you're going to look good wearing them. The folding design of the TH-02 allows them to compactly fit wherever they need to go.

    TASCAM's TH-02 headphones can easily be a part of your everyday accessories but also fit into your recording or performing workflow. Don't just hear with any pair of headphones; truly listen to the details of your music and media while enjoying comfort and flexibility. With the TH-02 headphone, TASCAM (as always) has delivered first-class quality, style and design at a price everyone can appreciate. Pick one up today and find out for yourself.

    Product Details

    • Foldable Design for Easy Compact Transport
    • Tightly-Stitched, Padded Headband and Ear Pads for Stylish Comfort
    • Closed-Back Dynamic Design with Clean Sound, Rich Bass Response and Crisp Highs
    • Snap-on 1/8" (3.5mm) to 1/4" (6.3mm) Adapter
    • Driver Diameter: 50mm
    • Impedance: 32 Ohms
    • Sensitivity: 98 dB +/- 3dB
    • Frequency Response: 18 Hz - 22 kHz
    • Max Input Power: 600 mW
    • Cable Length: 9.8ft (3m) when fully extended

    10ft XLR Male to XLR Female 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) [Microphone and Interconnect]

    Balanced audio cables utilize impedance balanced lines that reduce EM and RF noise and extend the effective range of the cable run. Additionally, unlike standard unbalanced RCA interconnects that utilizes their braid as a signal return, balanced cables have a separate braided shield to provide additional resistance to interference without modulating the interference into the signal. This prevents ground loop issues.

    Our XLR male to female cables continue our tradition of bringing the highest quality cables at the best prices. These cables feature thick, heavy gauge wires, gold plated connectors and sturdy connector housings.

    Product Specifications:

    • 16AWG Stranded Copper Wire Conduits
    • 97.5 percent Shielded Balanced Connections
    • Gold Plated Connectors
    • Metallic Graphite Colored Connector Housings
    • Molded Strain Relief Boots
    Mackie M-Caster Live Portable Streaming Mixer - Black (2053280-00)
    1x USB Cable
    1x 1/8" TRS / Aux Cable
    1x 1/8" TRRS Cable (for smartphones)
    1x Power Supply
    Accusonus Creator Suite ERA Bundle 3-month subscription
    Mackie Manufacturer Warranty

    Mackie CARBON Condenser Microphone (EM-CARBON)
    Mic stand
    USB-C cable
    Tascam TH-02 Studio Headphones (Black)
    1/8" to 1/4" Adapter
    Limited 1-Year Warranty
    Deco Gear XLR 10' Male to XLR Female 16AWG Gold Plated Cable


    Pro Tools | First and Waveform OEM professional software and plugin packages included
    The Musician Collection for ProTools | First includes 23 plugins like BBD Delay, Eleven Lite, 304E EQ, and 304C Compressor
    The DAW Essentials Bundle for Waveform OEM includes 16 powerful plugins like Equaliser, Compressor, Reverber8, and Limiter
    This Kit Includes:

    M-Caster Live Portable Streaming Mixer - Black (2053280-00)
    Mackie M-Caster Live Portable Streaming Mixer - Black (2053280-00)
    Our Price: $229.99

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    EleMent Series Carbon USB Condenser Microphone (EM-CARBON)
    Mackie EleMent Series Carbon USB Condenser Microphone (EM-CARBON)
    Our Price: $149.00

    See details
    TH-02 Closed-Back Professional Headphones (Black) - TH02
    Tascam TH-02 Closed-Back Professional Headphones (Black) - TH02
    Our Price: $29.99

    See details
    XLR 10' Male to XLR Female 16AWG Gold Plated Cable
    Deco Gear XLR 10' Male to XLR Female 16AWG Gold Plated Cable
    Our Price: $19.99

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