Moza AirCross 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Kit with Deco Gear Photo Bundle

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Item Description:
  • Bundle includes Deco Gear Backpack, Corel Suite, LED Light, Shotgun Mic and USB Type-C Cable
  • 12 hours of battery life and only 1.5 hours charging time
  • Multiple shooting modes
  • Easy setup: auto-tuning, three-axis lock design
  • Bundle includes Deco Gear Photo Camera Sling Backpack, Corel Photo Video Suite PaintShop Pro with VideoStudio 2019, Rechargeable LED Light, Mini Condenser Shotgun Microphone and 3FT USB Type-C Cable


    Lightweight yet Powerful
    The magnesium-alloy integrated technology allows MOZA AirCross 2 to provide robust performance at just 950g (2 lbs) and can achieve seamless cinematic shots with one hand. Featuring a superior motor with a 3.2kg (7 lbs) payload capacity, the MOZA AirCross 2 is capable of supporting most mirrorless and DSLR cameras on the market.

    Better Compatibility
    Featuring a larger camera mounting space, the MOZA AirCross 2 is compatible with a wide range of cameras and lens. The advanced software technology allows you to set up the roll arm of MOZA AirCross 2 at either side, allowing the camera to be mounted from the left or right side, which helps to change the center of gravity of the bearing and making balancing easier.

    MOZA Spark Power Supply System 2.0
    The 3000mAh high-capacity battery provides the MOZA AirCross 2 with up to 12 hours of battery life and it can be fully charged in only 1.5 hours with an 18W fast charger. The battery features its own USB charging interface and can be charged by the external power supply. Simple and convenient, it can be utilized anytime, anywhere. Three Multi-CAN outputs with a 7.8V power supply can supply power to cameras and other accessories.

    Inception Mode 3.0
    The improved Inception Mode 3.0 now features automatic rotatio, speed adjustment, and angle control. It is no loonger necessary to mnaually control the joystick during shooting.

    FPV Mode
    Triple press the left button to enter FPV mode, achieving full-range 360 degrees synchronous movement.

    Sport Gear Mode
    With the Sport Gear Mode, you can capture action sports and fast movement with ease.

    Mimic Motion Control
    By using a smartphone, you can control the movement of MOZA AirCross 2 through the device with the internal somatosensory switch, so each axis can be independently controlled to mimic the movement from your phone. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the gimbal movement, allowing more control and precision for each shot.

    Object Tracking
    Mount the smartphone above the camera, coordinate with App to make the view of the smartphone consistent with that of the camera, and select the target on the phone's App interface for object tracking. Making a one long take is now possible at your fingertips.

    Advanced Shooting Modes
    MOZA AirCross 2 features all the same creative capturing functions of MOZA gimbals, allowing you to unleash your full creativity.

    Intuitive Control Panel
    With the smart wheel, you can easily control two follow focus system as well as enable to, via camera cable, to control the camera's follow focus (E-Focus). In Addition, you can quickly switch and control each individual axis (pan, tilt, roll) for precision movement by simply moving the smart wheel. The OLED screen provides an intuitive, bright, display of the gimbal status and camera parameters. Complete control over every detail has never been easier!

    Easy Setup with Intelligent Features

    The intuitive AI calculation system can efficiently calculate the optimal parameters for your camera setup. Say goodbye to annoying vibrations!

    Balance Check 2.0
    MOZA AirCross 2 comes with the newly upgraded Balance Check V2.0, providing OLED Screen with feedback of the balance state of each axis and allows for quick corrections.

    Profile Settings
    Three sets of user data can be saved on the AirCross 2. You can save individual profiles for commonly used cameras, so you do not need to reconfigure your setup each time.

    Three-axis Lock Design
    Three-axis lock design makes a difference and saves you time. The latch on each axis allows for custom balancing configurations. Video creators on the go can now easily carry MOZA AirCross 2 without worrying about reconfiguring their setup.

    Mountable to Anything
    The MOZA AirCross 2 includes one 1/4' and two 3/8' screw holes that allows you to mount accessories freely while the three Multi-CAN ports allow setup of dual follow focus system or other equipment to achieve customized control.

    Vertical Mode Supported
    The L bracket makes it easier to switch the camera between horizontal and vertical mode.

    Sleek Design
    The sleek design of the MOZA AirCross 2 brings your imagination to life. Take command of your gimbal, follow your target, and give your imagination the freedom it deserves. Feel the force of the MOZA AirCross 2.

    MOZA AirCross 2 supports dual follow focusing system, synchronizing both zoom and focus, making it easy to shoot dolly zoom-like videos.

    Product Specifications:

    Gimbal Weight

    Batteries excluded: 950g

    Batteries included: 1.05kg


    Minimum: 300g

    Maximum: 3.2kg


    Storage dimension: 230*330*90

    Extended dimension: 240*170*390

    Camera Tray Dimension (mm)

    Tilt to release center: 125

    Roll to release center: 120

    Release center to tilt top: 75

    Working Current:(mA)200


    Battery life (H): 12

    Mechanical Endpoint Range (degrees)

    Pan axis: 360 degrees continuous rotation

    Roll axis: 360 degrees continuous rotation

    Tilt axis: 360 degrees continuous rotation

    Controlled Endpoint Range (degrees)

    Tilt axis: 360 degrees continuous rotation

    Roll axis: smart wheel and joystick: +/-45degrees ; FPV: 360 degrees 

    Pan axis: 360 degrees continuous rotation

    Operation Temperature (degrees)

    Lowest: 0

    Highest: 50


    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE

    2.4G: 2.4G (2440MHZ)

    Camera control port: Mini USB 10Pin * 1

    USB: USB-C

    Accessory expansion port: 3.5mm 4Pin Multi-CAN port*3

    Input Power

    Model: M2S30QB

    Type: 18650-2S Li-ion

    Capacity: 3000mAh, 21.6Wh

    Voltage: 7.2V

    Charging Time: 1.5 hours

    Quick Charge: Support

    Quick Charge voltage(V): 5V 2A, 9V 2A (Max)

    Photo Camera Sling Backpack for Cameras & Accessories Fits 15-inch Laptops

    Product Features

    Comfortable Design
    The sling backpack design allows for quick rotation from the back to the front of your body, giving you easy and fast access to your gear

    High Quality Interior
    Padded adjustable dividers, mesh pockets for smaller accessories, tripod/monopod holder and quick access bottom side doors

    This lightweight and durable travel bag is designed for optimal on-the-go use! With multiple dynamic compartments you'll be able to fit your camera, accessories, and other personal belongings in one safe and convenient place! Holds DSLR cameras with a standard zoom lens and allows you to fit extra lenses or flash units


    • Designed for the Traveler
    • Multiple Functional Storage compartments
    • Choose between left sling, right sling, or both
    • Padded laptop compartment (up to 15.4-inches)
    • Fits its one DSLR camera with attached lens, plus several other lenses, flash, and numerous accessories
    • Customize adjustable inserts
    • Rain Cover included

    Compatible with all major camera brands/models such as Nikon D850, D7500, D7200, D7100, D7000, D500, D5600, D5500, D5300, D5200, D5100, D3400, D3300, D3200, D3100, D810A, D810, D800/D800E, D750, D700, D610, D600, D90, D5, Canon EOS Rebel SL2, T7i, T7, 77D, 80D, 70D, 760D, 700D, 5D Mark IV, 6D Mark II, 7D Mark II, 6D, T6i, T6, T5i, T5, XT, EOS-1DX Mark II, Fujifilm X-T2, FGX 50s, Sony Alpha a7, a7II/a7 II, a7S, a7SII,a7S II, a7RII,a7R II, a7RIII,a7R III, Olympus, OmD Series and more!

    Corel Photo Video Suite PainShop Pro with VideoStudio 2019 (Digital Download)

    Combine the power of photo editing with the fun of movie making to create stunning visuals and entertaining videos. This expansive bundle featuring PaintShop Pro 2019 and VideoStudio SE2019 delivers all the tools you need to create striking photos, captivating movies and compelling design projects—all subscription-free.

    Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 is a photo editing, image management, and graphic design software. You can customize the user interface to suit your personal editing needs, as well as performance boosts for faster processing and easier access to tools and features. Individual tools have been optimized for greater control, including the addition of composition guides for the Crop tool, a show overlay function with the Clone tool, and an updated Text tool for more creative text placement. Additionally, materials and brush galleries have been expanded for a richer range of adjustments and effects you can apply to your photos.

    Performance Enhancements:

    • Faster Crop tool performance takes greater advantage of the computer's GPU for 5x more responsive cropping, rotating, and positioning.
    • One-Step Photo Fix has been improved for faster processing times and the ability to automatically apply several corrections to an image at once.
    • Improved support for 4K content and higher resolution monitors means user interface text will appear larger when necessary for easier navigation.
    • Updated compatibility for the latest WinTab-aware graphics tablets as well as Windows Ink for more editing flexibility and control.
    • Autosave has been enhanced for fewer interruptions, a more overall subtle experience, and the ability to control the frequency of autosaving.

    Simplified User Experience:
    Seamless content and plug-in migration from previous versions lets you easily carry over your settings, plug-ins, brush tips, color palettes, gradients, patterns, textures, and effects via the Import Content from Previous Versions menu option.

    Some of the most often used enhancement features can now be used in conjunction with the Crop tool, including Instant Effects, One-Step Photo Fix, and Depth of Field options, to quicken your editing workflow.

    Enhanced Creativity:
    Pic-to-Painting presets make use of Deep Neural Networks to analyze individual images and convert them into digital artworks with the ability to select from a variety of creative presets that mimic well-known painting styles.

    Photographs taken from 360° cameras can be edited, straightened with rotation, made to appear level, and you can easily remove and replace the tripod in the image using Magic Fill to produce unique planet-like effects.

    New brushes, color palettes, gradients, patterns, and picture tubes have been added to the 2019 edition for even greater creativity.

    Photo Editing

    • Using PaintShop Pro's Camera RAW Lab, you have complete processing control over your raw files, including the ability to see before and after views and work with a large preview option.
    • Multiple exposures of the same scene can be blended using HDR tools for extending the apparent dynamic range and gaining greater shadow and highlight detail.
    • Lens Correction tools can be automatically or manually applied to correct distortions, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations introduced by many lenses.
    • Scripts allow you to automate repetitive tasks for a faster, more efficient workflow.

    Quick Fixes:

    • Makeover tools help to eliminate red-eye, blemishes, and unwanted lines, as well as smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth, and even-out skin tones.
    • Batch Processing lets you apply the same adjustment to several files at once.
    • One Step Photo Fix is a single-click method to automatically apply corrections and Smart Photo Fix lets you apply automatic adjustments with one click, too, but with the ability to fine-tune the suggested settings.
    • Crop photos using the range of new compositional guides and also re-orient crooked photos or straighten perspectives.

    Creative Effects:

    • Instant, Preset Effect can be quickly applied and have been organized into style categories, such as Artistic, Film Styles, Black & White, and Landscape, for easy access.
    • Retro Lab helps to achieve desirable vintage-looking photos by applying color and contrast effects to mimic a lo-fi retro look.
    • A Graduated Filter tool lets you quickly and easily add unique color gradient effects.
    • The Depth of Field tool lets you apply bokeh effects to mimic the subject isolating look of a shallow depth of field image.

    Retouch and Restore:

    • Several Selection Tools are available to quickly and easily select various subjects for adjusting, retouching, or copying elements of an image.
    • Content-aware editing tools, like Magic Move and Magic Fill, automatically fill-in empty areas of the image once an object has been moved or removed. Object Remover and Clone Brush can also be used to get rid of undesirable imperfections.
    • The Fade Correction tool helps to restore the color and contrast from faded photos while a Scratch Remover tool can be used to repair cracks or marks from scans of old prints or negatives.
    • A Red Eye tool lets you quickly remove unsightly red-eye effects and replace it with a natural-looking dark gray color.

    Graphic Design

    • A variety of Drawing and Painting tools let you apply a range of illustration effects to your images. Besides the 30 new brushes, you can also import your favorite Adobe Photoshop brushes. Additionally, vector illustration tools also allow you to draw with preset shapes and pens.
    • Layers allow you to work in a non-destructive manner and create more complicated photo compositions.
    • Text can be added to any image using a range of typography tools, along with the ability to adjust fonts, size, style, alignment, leading, kerning, and apply effects to creatively adjust the look of your text.

    Share Your Photos

    • Integrated social media sharing allows you to post your photos and designs directly to Facebook, SmugMug, Flickr, and Google+ accounts from within PaintShop Pro.
    • Facial recognition technology helps to identify and tag individuals in your photos for easier photo management.
    • Using location tags, you can map your photos to places on a map and share them online.

    Professional photo editing with a complete set of professional image editing tools for photo adjustment and composition. Enjoy powerful, layer-based editing capabilities

    RAW editing

    HDR tools

    len correction


    RAW editing

    Enjoy complete control over your RAW images with PaintShop Pro Camera RAW LAB, including before and after views, and a large preview option.

    HDR tools

    Combine multiple exposures of the same scene to create a single, stunning, HDR photo with intense visual contrast

    Lens Correction

    Apply Lens Corrections tools automatically to correct the distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations that are commonly introduced by most camera lenses.


    Creative graphic design whether you’re creating collages, designing banners and graphics, or adding creative touches to photo projects, PaintShop Pro is packed with creative tools for creative people.

    drawing and painting tools


    text tools


    Drawing and Painting Tools

    Paint even more possibilities with new built-in brushes, or import brushes to bring your digital designs to life. Draw with vector illustration tools, and use new color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes to take your designs to the next level.

    Layers and masks

    Layers and masks are essential for advanced image editing and graphic design. Use non-destructive layers to create composites with ease. Create masks to hide or show parts of a layer, fade between layers, and to create special effects with precision.

    Text tools

    Text tools add text to images to create interesting projects, like a meme or a picture quote. Adjust fonts, size, style, alignment, leading and kerning, with a complete set of typography tools.


    Welcome to Corel VideoStudio, the surprisingly creative video-editing software that lets you produce impressive video projects, regardless of your skill level. Corel VideoStudio provides a complete set of tools for capturing, editing and sharing your video, slideshow, and multimedia projects.

    Key Features:

    • Video editing shortcuts
    • Streamlined Timeline editing
    • Lens Correction tools
    • 360 deg. Video editing
    • Stop motion animation
    • Chapter and cue points
    • Speed and performance
    • Formats and support
    • Tutorials and learning materials

    Easy and intuitive
    Perfect for all skill levels; learn as you edit and create impressive videos right from the start.

    Uniquely creative
    Choose from 1,500+ filters and effects, enjoy multi-camera editing, play with speed, and more!

    Award winning
    VideoStudio is widely recognized for being easy to use and packed with fun features.

    Supports popular formats
    Edit HD, 4K, and even 360 videos for great-looking movies in virtually any format.

    Flexible and fun
    Start with templates or edit on the Timeline and combine photos, videos, and audio on multiple tracks.

    Morph Transitions
    Transform a single image, shape, or sequence and make cuts or transitions between scenes and merge video so that there is no discernable beginning or end.

    Multi-Camera Video Editor
    Tell your story from multiple angles. Easily combine, sync, and edit footage from multiple cameras and select the angle you want to show as your video plays. Combine up to 4 camera angles with VideoStudio Pro and up to 6 angles with VideoStudio Ultimate.

    ENHANCED Stop Motion Animation
    Plug in your camera and create a stop motion animation, frame by frame. Now with expanded support for Canon and Nikon cameras, auto capture settings, and new grid tools to help make it easy to make controlled motions.

    Track Transparency
    Easily adjust the opacity of your tracks directly in the timeline to show multiple clips at once. Create custom fade in, fade out, or superimposed effects. The creative possibilities are unlimited with this fun effect.

    Pan and Zoom
    Zoom in on the action, or pan across a scene with new controls. Apply visual pan and zoom effects to your video across custom motion paths with easy-to-use controls.

    Filters & Effects 
    Get the right look with hundreds of drag-and-drop effects, animated titles, and transitions. Create picture-in-picture effects, overlays, and more video effects and filters!

    Motion Tracking
    Track an object and add moving text, graphics, or blur faces, logos or license plates in your video with accurate Motion Tracking tools.

    Green Screen/Chroma Key
    Adjust how overlay objects blend with the background with the Green Screen effect. Use a video mask, set transparent color, and easily swap out backgrounds and add fun effects.

    SLR Photo and Video Rechargeable LED Light

    Product Features:

    • 36 powerful LEDs produce bright, even lighting
    • Built-in diffuser provides even lighting to eliminate harsh shadows
    • Unique interlocking design provides the capability to stack and create a multi-unit array of lights
    • Connects to the hot shoe mount on most digital cameras and video cameras
    • Aluminum straight bracket included
    • Up to 2 hours of constant recording with the 2 included lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
    • Universal 110/220V AC battery charger with EU plug
    • Includes Sony AIS hot shoe adapter
    • Designed for: Digital SLR & Video Cameras

    Product Specifications:

    Illumination: 180 Lux
    Illumination angle: 65 degrees
    Illumination range: 25 feet
    Color temp: 5600k
    Power: 4W 3.7V DC
    Net weight: 65g

    Deco Gear Universal Mini Condenser Shotgun Microphone for Digital Cameras and Camcorders

    Deco Gear offers you the ability to record professional broadcast quality audio with nearly any audio or video recording device. Use the hot/cold locking shoe mount while recording videos using your camera or other handheld video recording device.

    The uni-directional electret condenser microphone records directly in stereo, giving your videos a quality sound that built-in device microphones lack. Cut down on wind noise and other undesirable audio effects with the detachable foam windscreen.

    Includes hot/cold shoe mount with locking knob, built in cable with 3.5mm stereo mini plug, foam windscreen, and aluminum hot shoe bracket. Compatible with DSLR cameras, video cameras, or other video equipment with hot/cold shoe mounts.


    Directional pattern: Unidirectional
    Range width pickup pattern: 90 or 120 degree
    Frequency Range: 30Hz-20,000 Hz
    Sensitivity: -40dB (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1KHZ)
    Signal to noise ratio: 76dB (1 KHZ at 1 PA)
    Output impedance: 200 ohms
    Weight: 45g (not including battery)
    Power requirement: (1) 3V CR2 lithium-ion battery (included)
    Battery life: approximately 800 hours at room temperature


    Deco Gear 3FT Braided Type-C Charge & Sync USB Cable

    Product Features:

    • Nylon fiber braided fast charging USB Type-C Cable
    • Quickly sync your data, photos and music with your laptop, tablet or mobile device.
    • Transfer speeds up to 480Mbps (2.4A)
    AirCross 2 Gimbal
    Quick Release Plate
    Lens support
    Lens support screw
    Manfrotto Quick Release Plate
    Follow focus install pipe
    Carrying Case
    Cable storage bag
    USB Type-C cable
    Camera control cable
    1/4" screw
    3/8" screw
    Multi-language user manual Warning card
    iFocus-M Motor
    Multi-CAN Cable
    Lens Gear Ring
    Aircross 2 Phone Holder
    Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate

    Deco Gear Photo/SLR/Laptop Sling Backpack
    Includes Rain Cover
    Corel Paint Shop Pro 2019
    VideoStudio SE 2019
    SLR Photo and Video Rechargeable LED Light
    Deco Gear Condenser microphone with built in 3.5mm cable
    Deco Gear 3FT USB Type-C Cable
    This Kit Includes:

    6FT Braided Type-C Charge & Sync USB Cable | Transfer Speeds Up to 480Mbps
    Deco Essentials 6FT Braided Type-C Charge & Sync USB Cable | Transfer Speeds Up to 480Mbps
    Our Price: $14.99

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    AirCross 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Professional Kit - (ACGN03)
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    Universal Mini Condenser Shotgun Microphone for Digital Cameras (UM-MIC100)
    Ultimaxx Universal Mini Condenser Shotgun Microphone for Digital Cameras (UM-MIC100)
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    Drone / Camera Sling Backpack for Cameras & Accessories Fits 15-inch Laptops
    Deco Gear Drone / Camera Sling Backpack for Cameras & Accessories Fits 15-inch Laptops
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    Photo Video Suite PaintShop Pro with VideoStudio (Digital Download)
    Corel Photo Video Suite PaintShop Pro with VideoStudio (Digital Download)
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    SLR Photo and Video Rechargeable LED Light
    General Brand SLR Photo and Video Rechargeable LED Light
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