Panasonic HC-X920K 3MOS Ultrafine Wi-Fi HD Camcorder 32GB Bundle

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Includes camcorder, memory card, carrying case, filter kit, battery, card reader, battery charger, mini tripod, full sized tripod, LCD screen protectors, and micro fiber cloth


  • Amazing 3MOS BSI Ultrafine HD Video Quality
  • Bright Leica F1.5 12X Optics
  • Remote WiFi mobile device tether plus Ustream sharing
  • Two way remote home monitor networking

The WiFi-enabled X920 3MOS BSI Pro HD video camcorder offers the utmost in shooting flexibility. Enjoy professional grade HD video you can share from anywhere. Discover its bright LEICA F1.5 12x optic system with a manual focus ring and electronic viewfinder for professional control in an easy to use design. When you're on the go, Shoot & Share lets you connect via WiFi using the Panasonic Image Connect App. Use it for remote shooting, easy share, instant transfer and remote viewing. You can even stream events live on Ustream as they are being recorded in Full HD resolution. At home, enjoy easy WiFi connections with save & playback, cloud sync, wireless TV playback, auto transfer and wireless print.

Achieves a new level of high-sensitivity image quality

Amazing 3MOS BSI Ultrafine HD Video Quality

New 3MOS System Pro
The New 3MOS System Pro is comprised of the F1.5 LEICA Dicomar Lens, the 3MOS BSI Sensor, and Crystal Engine Pro II. In addition
to excellent color reproduction and high-resolution images that the 3MOS system is known for, the new 3MOS System Pro delivers beautiful enhanced image quality, particularly in images shot in dimly lit situations.

3MOS BSI Sensor
The X920 Series uses the BSI (Back Side Illumination) Sensor to enhance the three MOS sensors for excellent shooting performance
even in low lighting situations. Pixel Shift Technology, which was years in the making, provides an incredible number of effective pixels for moving pictures - equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD. This technology renders ultrafine images with excellent color reproduction and superb detail.

29.8mm Wide-Angle, Intelligent 25x Zoom with 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S.+
The wide shooting range from 29.8mm wide-angle to an Intelligent 25x zoom expands your photographic creativity. HYBRID O.I.S. +
uses 5-Axis correction to thoroughly suppress blurring letting you capture crisp, clear images with reduced blur in almost every shooting situation.

Level Shot Function
In addition to the 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. +, the X920 Series is also equipped with Level Shot Function that automatically detects and
corrects tilting in your images. The X920 delivers more stable videos even when recording from the hip or shooting from a higher angle where you can't line up the horizon yourself.
- Level Shot Function OFF: Images are often tilted without realizing it.
- Level Shot Function ON: An acceleration sensor detects the tilt and automatically levels the scene.

Bright Leica F1.5 12X Optics
LEICA Dicomar Lens
The large-diameter F1.5 lens is mounted with a Nano Surface Coating applied to the lens surface. These advanced lens systems
suppress ghosts and flaring when shooting moving pictures, and let you record bright images with very little noise even in dark places.

Crystal Engine Pro ll
The X920 Series features an ultra-high speed Crystal Engine Pro II. By using this engine to perform high-speed processing of the large
number of pixels that are obtained with pixel shift technology - approximately equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD - superb Full-HD image quality is achieved even in detailed image parts.

1080 TV Lines Horizontal Resolution
Horizontal resolution of 1080 TV lines make it possible to shoot high-resolution Full-HD with phenomenal image quality, even in small
detailed areas.

20.4-Megapixel Still Picture Recording
In high resolution, extremely beautiful and detailed 20.4-megapixel still pictures are delivered.

Remote WiFi Mobile Device Tether Plus Ustream Sharing
Panasonic Image App
The power of sharing and convenience is in your hands with the free Panasonic Image App for iOS/Android smartphones/tablets.

Real Time Broadcasting with Full-HD Recording
Built-in WiFi enables Real Time Broadcasting of important events via Ustream, while recording images in Full-HD. You can deliver live
images to people with Internet access around the world during recording. There is also a function to send an e-mail to notify the start of broadcasting to preregistered e-mail addresses.

Remote Shooting
By using the dedicated Panasonic Image App, you can remotely check audio recording, zoom IN/OUT and shutter ON/OFF, while
viewing the live image on a smartphone or tablet.

Highlight Playback and Easy Share
You can enjoy Highlight Playback from a smartphone or tablet right after shooting, and favorite scenes can be shared on SNS with a
simple drag and drop operation.

Two-Way Remote Home Monitor Networking
Home Monitoring
When you are away from home, you can monitor and record what is going on there with high-quality live video using your smartphone
or tablet.

Wireless TV Playback
An Access Point at home can be used to transfer data wirelessly to a TV or a tablet in the living room, kitchen or other room in the
house where images can be played back on a large-screen TV.

Shooting Functions
Assist Functions for Professional Shooting
Manual Ring
The Manual Ring gives you easy, fingertip control over the iris, focus, zoom and exposure settings. You'll find using the ring is a much
more intuitive, comfortable, user-friendly process than accessing a menu screen.

Electronic View Finder (EVF)
This extendable 263,424-dot equivalent viewfinder is easy to use and convenient for focusing and other adjustments. The EVF makes
it easy to see your shooting scene in bright sunlight that may be difficult to see on the LCD.

Level Gauge
The X920 Series comes with a Level Gauge that visibly assists you to shoot straight, level scenes with horizontal and vertical gauge
lines. This function helps correct even slight tilting that is difficult to see with the naked eye.

Creative Control
The X920 Series features four filter effects - Miniature Effect, 8mm Movie, Silent Movie and Time Lapse Recording - to further
enhance your creativity. The filter results can be viewed on the LCD while shooting. Easily create impressive videos that match the look and feel of your shooting location or your mood.

5.1-Ch Surround Sound System
The X920 Series is equipped with multiple electret condenser microphones. These help capture the sound source and distance
accurately to get a more 3-dimensional effect. The result is a more realistic sound space that compliments the true-to-life HD images.

Wind Noise Canceller
The Wind Noise Canceller automatically detects and suppresses only wind noise, giving you natural sounds with lifelike ambience.

iA (Intelligent Auto) / iA Plus
In the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode, the camera does all the work, leaving you free to compose your shot and capture the moment. This
powerful function senses the shooting conditions and automatically adjusts the settings and activates the proper functions to deliver optimal results. In addition, the iA Plus Mode enables you to adjust exposure compensation and white balance by simply touching the button on the LCD.

iA Plus
Easily customize settings without releasing iA mode.

Brightness Control
You can adjust the exposure compensation accurately and easily.

Color Control
You can adjust the white balance from warm red to cool blue.

FULL HD 3D Recording with 3D Conversion Lens
By simply mounting the VW-CLT2 3D Conversion Lens, you can record FULL HD 3D images with the MVC (Multiview Video Coding)
recording system of the AVCHD 3D format. Right-eye and left-eye images are both recorded and played in Full-HD quality, using the Frame Sequential Method to produce FULL HD 3D images. This brings all the lifelike ambience of the actual scene right into your living room.

Operation and Usability
3.5-inch Wide LCD
The X920 Series features a 1,152,000-dot 8.8-cm / 3.5-inch wide LCD that allows intuitive fingertip touch-operation. When shooting,
you can use Touch Shutter by simply touching your fingertip on the screen. For playback, you can change thumbnail pages by sliding your fingertip across the screen. The result is smooth, intuitive operation without taking your eyes off the action on LCD screen.

Intuitive Touch Operation
Touch Shutter
You can touch the subject on the LCD screen to instantly focus on it and take a still picture.

Touch for Playback
You can flip through thumbnail pages and display one of the thumbnail scenes.

Variety of Interfaces
There's a mic input terminal and a headphone jack on the side of the camcorder. You can plug in an external mic or headphones (both
optional) if desired. Optional accessories can be attached here to increase shooting versatility.

Other Functions
- O.I.S. Lock
- iA Mode
- On-Screen Assist
- Focus Assist
- Pre-Rec Function
- AGS (Auto Ground-Directional Standby)
- Color Night Rec/Color Night View
- Scene Mode
- Advanced Highlight Playback
- Face Highlight, Highlight and Time Frame Index
- HD Writer
- 2D to 3D Conversion
- Easy Editing 3D Images


- Image Sensor: 1/2.3" BSI MOS Sensor x 3
- Total Pixels 38.28 megapixels (12.76 megapixels x 3 )
- Effective Pixels: Motion Image 8.49 megapixels (2.83 megapixels x 3) [16:9], Still Image 8.49 megapixels (2.83 megapixels x 3)
[16:9] / 7.62 megapixels (2.54 megapixels x 3) [3:2] / 6.78 megapixels (2.26 megapixels x 3) [4:3]

- F Value: F1.5 (WIDE) / F2.8 (TELE)
- Optical Zoom: 12x
- Focal Length: 2.84 - 34.1 mm
- 35 mm Film Camera Equivalent: Motion Image: 29.8 - 399.2 mm [16:9], Still Image: 29.8 - 399.2 mm [16:9] / 33.1 - 397.1 mm [3:2]
/ 36.0 - 431.7 mm [4:3]
- Filter Diameter: 49 mm
- Lens Brand: Leica Dicomar Lens

- Standard Illumination: 1400 lx
- Minimum Illumination: 1.6 lx (Scene Mode Low Light 1/30), 1 lx (Color Night Rec.)
- Focus: Auto / Manual
- Zoom: Intelligent Zoom OFF 12 x, Intelligent Zoom ON 25 x
- Digital Zoom: 40 x / 700 x (The maximum value of zoom magnification)
- White Balance: Auto / Indoor1 / Indoor2 / Sunny / Cloudy / White set
- Shutter Speed: Motion Image [60p / 60i] / Auto Slow Shutter ON : 1/30 - 1/8000 / Auto Slow Shutter OFF : 1/60 - 1/8000 / [30p]
/ Auto Slow Shutter ON : 1/30 - 1/8000 / Auto Slow Shutter OFF : 1/60 - 1/8000, Still Image: 1/2 - 1/2000, (Video Flash ON : 1/2 - 1/500)
- Iris: Auto / Manual
- Image Stabilizer: HYBRID O.I.S.+ with Active Mode, O.I.S. Lock, Level Shot Function
- Creative Control: Miniature Effect, Silent Movie, 8mm Movie, Time Lapse Rec

- Recording Media: SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
- Recording Format: [AVCHD] AVCHD 3D / Progressive / [iFrame] MP4
- Compression Method: [2D] MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 / [3D] MPEG-4 MVC/H.264
- Recording/ Playback Mode: 1080/60p (28Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080) / PH (24Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080) / HA (17Mbps / VBR),
(1920 x 1080) / HG (13Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080) / HE (5Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080) / iFrame (28Mbps / VBR), (960 x 540) / AVCHD 3D (28Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080) / SbS (17Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080)
- Thumbnail Display: 20 thumbnails/page, 9 thumbnails/page, 1 thumbnail/page
- Audio Recording System: 1080/60p, PH, HA, HG, HE: Dolby Digital (5.1ch / 2ch) / iFrame: AAC (2ch)
- Microphone: 5.1ch Surround, Zoom, Focus and Stereo Microphone
- Speaker: Dynamic type

Still Image
- Recording Format: JPEG (DCF/Exif2.2), MPO
- Recording Image Size: Still Image: [16:9] 20.4 megapixels (6016 x 3384), 9.4 megapixels (4096 x 2304), 2.1 megapixels (1920 x
1080) / [3:2] 16 megapixels (4896 x 3264), 8.0 megapixels (3456 x 2304), 2.0 megapixels (1728 x 1152) / [4:3] 15.1 megapixels (4480 x 3360), 5.8 megapixels (2784 x 2088), 0.3 megapixels (640 x 480) / [3D] 2.1 megapixles (1920 x 1080) [16:9], Simultaneous Recording: [16:9] 20.4 megapixels (6016 x 3384), 9.4 megapixels (4096 x 2304), 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080) / [3D] 2.1 megapixles (1920 x 1080)
- Flash: Yes

- Power Supply: 7.2V (Battery) / 9.3V (AC Adaptor)
- Power Consumption: Max. 9.3W (Recording) / Max. 10.3W (Charging)
- Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 67 x 72 x 150 mm (2.64 x 2.83 x 5.90 inch)
- Weight (w/o Battery and SD Card): Approx. 417g (0.919 lb)
- LCD Monitor: 3.5" Wide LCD monitor (1,152,000 dots)
- Viewfinder: Yes
- Manual Ring: Yes
- HDMI: Yes (mini)
- Microphones (stereo mini): Yes
- Headphone (stereo mini): Yes
- USB: 2.0 Hi-Speed
- AV Multi: Yes
- Accessory Shoe: Yes (cold)
- On-Screen Display Language: English, French, Spanish

- Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
- Frequency: 2.4GHz band

Standard Accessories
- AC Adaptor
- AC Cable
- DC Cable Included AC adaptor
- Rechargeable Battery Pack (1,250 mAh)
- HDMI Cable (mini)
- AV Cable
- Shoe adaptor
- Lens Hood
- USB Cable
- Bandled Software HD Writer AE 5.0

3D Shooting Mode
- Conversion Lens: VW-CLT2
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 73 x 59 x 82 mm (2.87 x 2.32 x 3.23 inch)
- Weight: 189 g (0.408 lb)
- F Value: F2.0
- Focal Length: 1.64 mm
- 35 mm Film Camera Equivalent: 36 mm
- Stereo Base: 18.3 mm
- Minimum Shooting Distance: 1.2 m
- Minimum Illumination: 12 lx (1/30, Low Light, Scene Mode)

Bundle includes:
HC-X920K 3MOS Ultrafine 12X Optics Wi-Fi Full HD Camcorder
32GB SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
Compact Deluxe Gadget Bag
49mm UV, Polarizer, and FLD Deluxe Filter Kit
Battery Pack
Hi-Speed SD USB 2.0 Card Reader
AC/DC Battery Charger
5" Flexible Mini Table-top Tripod
57" Full Size Tripod
3pc. LCD Screen Protectors
Micro Fiber Cloth

Camcorder includes:
AC Adaptor
AC Cable
DC Cable Included AC Adaptor
Rechargeable Battery Pack (VW-VBN130)
Battery Charger
Mini HDMI Cable
AV Cable
Shoe Adaptor
Lens Hood
USB Cable
Software HD Writer AE 5.0
This Kit Includes:

32GB SDHC High Speed Memory Card
Extreme Speed 32GB SDHC High Speed Memory Card
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Flexible Mini Table-top Tripod
General Brand Flexible Mini Table-top Tripod
Our Price: $14.99

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TR50 50" Tripod
Deco Photo TR50 50" Tripod
Our Price: $29.95

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Camera Bag for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras - Large
Deco Photo Camera Bag for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras - Large
Our Price: $39.99

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HC-X920K 3MOS Ultrafine 12X Optics Wi-Fi Full HD Camcorder
Panasonic HC-X920K 3MOS Ultrafine 12X Optics Wi-Fi Full HD Camcorder
Our Price: $947.00

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Memory Card Reader, Card Wallet, Cleaning Kit and More
General Brand Memory Card Reader, Card Wallet, Cleaning Kit and More
Our Price: $6.95

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49mm UV, Polarizer & FLD Deluxe Filter Kit (Set of 3 + Carrying Case) FK3-49
Vivitar 49mm UV, Polarizer & FLD Deluxe Filter Kit (Set of 3 + Carrying Case) FK3-49
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Battery Pack for Panasonic VW-VBN130
Vidpro Battery Pack for Panasonic VW-VBN130
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AC/DC Rapid battery charger for Panasonic VBN 130-260
Vivitar AC/DC Rapid battery charger for Panasonic VBN 130-260
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